Auditing My Witness: Let's do our duty [v5]

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5th report on my Witness list Audit.
This is one of the most important tasks we, as a good steemians, should do in a periodical manner.
In my case, I will try to do this process monthly.

For your information:

Witnesses are the block producers on the Steem blockchain and their role is beyond important. These are the people that literally write the blocks and keep the blockchain itself online.

Steem operates on Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) in which all users vote to determine these witnesses, much like an election. The distinction here is that this election happens moment to moment and your votes never expire.

Each account can vote for up to 30 witnesses, so, as you can understand, in a certain manner, it is our duty as well as our right as steemians to vote for witnesses which have contrasted solvency working as so, if we want to ensure the good stability and performance of the STEEM Blockchain.

I am still searching good witnesses to give my vote for. Currently, my Witness Votes have gone to only 25 witnesses.
The last witnesses for which I have voted for since last "Audit" are:

@roelandp and @swisswitness (@felander explained me how @swisswitness failed during some upgrades of the Steem Blockchain and I decided to give my vote to them again).

These accounts have demonstrated, at least for me, their solvency and their commitment with STEEM and the community.

But my intention is to take my responsibility as steemian to "audit" my witness list and to try to find or maintain good witnesses and, of course, discard those that I think are doing wrongly, bad or with low performance or community commitment.


Very easy, I am using this app. created by @deadwitnesses , you can check this post with the explanation on which information you can get there.

My "Acceptance" criteria will be:

  • How many days have past since this witness last wrote a block to the blockchain (PERFORMANCE)
  • Did the witness write a Post within a week?
  • Did the witness vote a Post within a week?
  • Is the signing key of the witness active? (If it is not, it means that this witness cannot produce any block)
NrWitnessLast Block (days ago)Last Post within a weekLast Vote within a weekSigning Key
8@fyrst-witness (posting/voting as @fyrstikken)0YESYESActive
21@swisswitness (posting/voting as @felander)0YESYESActive
  • As you can see, after 5 reports I think I managed to have a very consistent Witness List. All of them working well, being active and producing blocks in a regular base.
  • The only thing I don't like is that some of them didn't publish any post recently and IMO this is important. In particular, a regular report of the Witness Task is at least the minimum a witness have to post. Something like @dragosroua does, who is posting a simple Witness Update in a regular basis (you can read his last report here: Witness Update - DragosRoua.
  • Witness as @intelliwitness , @jesta , @pharesim or @riverhead don't look to be so active in the "information" field, I mean, posting.... while also @riverhead does not give any upvote to any post of the steem blockchain since long...Make use of the Available Voting Power is important for all of us...
  • On my last report I decided to remove my vote on @swisswitness but after interchanging some comments with @felander and understanding the problem they had I decided to keep my vote on them. @felander is a good steemian and I think he can do a lot for the community.


  • First task , I should make use of all my Witness Vote power so, I have to find good witnesses and vote for them.

  • I still have 5 witness votes available.

  • Second Task: Check closely @riverhead activity. If the "activity" in terms of posting and Upvoting of this witness keeps zero I will not have more remedy than unvote it and find a better one.

What about you? Which witnesses do you recommend to vote and why?

Steem on!


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Nice. Am still yet to give any of my Really need to update that list asap


We all should do it,

An app that would incorporate all your criteria could make the process a lot more fun.


Not bad idea!

Very interesting, thanks. upvoted !

Bigger isn't always better!!


Wow, you say many things but nothing...
What do you mean?