Witness Update - DragosRoua

in witness-category •  3 months ago

Technical and Economical

  • kept my witness node running smoothly with no missed blocks
  • tested the installation of 0.19.12, still replaying the blockchain, if everything goes well will switch to it sometimes between today and tomorrow
  • kept my SBD APR at 1%
  • kept my account registration fee at 0.2 STEEM, following a trend among many witnesses
  • kept the block size at 65,536


Vote for my witness with one click: Vote for @dragosroua witness

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Thanks for the update and the great post about Social Media platform economics

Good job you're doing here, without witness there be no steeming.

Pls can I know if my account is blacklisted? I ran into commenting on a guy blog and told him "What the fuck were you thinking " .... and I go bla bla bla on him" the next Thing they post was flagged by two high powered whales and am scared already.

The fault is all mine thought and I've told him am sorry, I was been sincere too much, he was talking about poverty
and making it sound as if it's something that can be enjoyed with contentment.

Am so sorry for writing that comment cos I went all out on him.

Please what can I do to be safe. Am scared of blacklisting and steemcleaner.


If you can post here, you're not blacklisted. Your reputation is still intact, so you're good.

Always on my witness vote list @dragosroua :)

Excellent work awesome update sbd doing great too :)

Voted you already and My best wishes are with you for your witness node,
What's your position in the witness list?

Haven't even used my witness votes yet. Rest assured you're among my top picks...if it matters

You are doing well as a witness , and you truly understand he the platform works. Keep up with your good work

I read the your post about Steemit Economics and its a marvellous one... So much information and knowledge in it.

So basically STEEM is alive and well...
How much does it cost to run a node?

Thanks for your update @dragosroua

Looking forward to see your witness node with your updates. Thanks also for the post related to the ecosystem


great updates sir dragosroua 😍😍

I find high quality article from you. Here is another unique post. You have done a supperior job. Thanks for sharing.

Amazing witness update . Great post to about social midea and economics . Thanks for your update @dragosroua