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RE: Tommy's Shop on Steemit.

in #steem2 years ago

People buy tickets, The SHop owner will hold the raffle.

We supply the coin. We aim to gain €40 back to purchase a new coin. A silver Round again from Ray Brockman.
that will come to $40 USD only a tiny profit on the raffle. Hopefully it brings a couple of new users to Steemit over time.

The other 10 will go to the shop owner and I am hopeful he will use it toward future joint raffles.


I think we dont gotta worry anymore about new people comming here once Justin has started to do his wakky marketing stratagys 🤣 But this is a physical shop getting a Steem account? and its selling silver rounds?! 😀😀😀

Yes. In this first instance it will be a Raffle. like a profitable advertisement. If Justin supported my overall wakky idea. Many things would take care of themselves. With greater ease over time. But that's a much deeper and longer convo.

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