Tommy's Shop on Steemit.

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Tommy's Shop

This account is run by @thehive for a local shop "Tommy's Shop"in Ballyfermot, Dublin, Ireland. With any success of this venture, the shop owner is expected to take control over the account.

To begin this adventure into new area's to myself at least. A raffle will be held for a Steem Silver Round 2019 silver coin.


Silver quest raffle 1.png


Contact: @thehive in The Hive server or The Alliance server on Discord.
The Hive.
The Alliance.

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How's the raffle going to work?

People buy tickets, The SHop owner will hold the raffle.

We supply the coin. We aim to gain €40 back to purchase a new coin. A silver Round again from Ray Brockman.
that will come to $40 USD only a tiny profit on the raffle. Hopefully it brings a couple of new users to Steemit over time.

The other 10 will go to the shop owner and I am hopeful he will use it toward future joint raffles.

I think we dont gotta worry anymore about new people comming here once Justin has started to do his wakky marketing stratagys 🤣 But this is a physical shop getting a Steem account? and its selling silver rounds?! 😀😀😀

Yes. In this first instance it will be a Raffle. like a profitable advertisement. If Justin supported my overall wakky idea. Many things would take care of themselves. With greater ease over time. But that's a much deeper and longer convo.

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