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RE: How should Steemit Inc decentralize their stake?

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Good points. As others have pointed out, the site still needs a lot of work from a user perspective. Markdown is not mainstream; it is very difficult to find content; the very idea that Google is STILL used to search the site is mind-boggling.

I could list more, but I really believe that the UI needs work - and maybe not that much - to make it much more user-friendly.


As Steemit is more a Blog platform than a social one like Facebook, I'm surprised at the lack of organization with regards to topics. You would think the landing page would have say 5 or so main topic categories and then subcategories within. Plus where's the ability to follow certain topics, not just people? This is why posts get lost so eaasily and are hard to find with the current search method.

Is there a way to prevent people from gaming the system by upvoting just to participate in a pool? or post a one word comment just to register as actively participating? So much spam, cutting and pasting news articles and garbage to get through to find the good content. Certainly a good start but lot's of work ahead to improve the platform.

Following 'topics' isn't a part of the blockchain.
So you would have to either re-follow, every topic, every time u use another website. Or make changes to the block-chain protocol.

Spending money to make Steemit a functional modern site is hard to argue against. I think the word "beta" in the logo speaks for itself. Economically, Steem's not in beta anymore, and its primary front end shouldn't be either.

Yeah but $350m can rewrite the UI platform 20 times over.

Scaling down their holding shouldn't threaten development.

Yeah, definitely some priorities to work on. I'm hoping we get changes in a timely manner as adoption increases.

Development on has been very slow, but ongoing. Their focus seems to be much more on the Steem blockchain and SMTs than Steemit. I do hope they invest in more high quality developers to speed up the process as well as improve quality.

I think steemit has developed a lot but there are still certain areas where it can be improved.First of all as u already said it's very difficult to find content. Good content gets vanished after recent posts. And also there must be a separate application for steemit with no bugs.

See my comment below, Communities are incoming. It'll be a feature like subreddits, so content discoverability will improve significantly.

I saw your comment dear. But I think mid 2018 far away. Still a lot of time to go

It sure is a long time away, but it been a year or so since they first announced it, so you've got to learn to be patient for updates here in Steemit! :)

Yes, thank you sir. Appreciation

wow words that deeply touched my heart, an inspiration for me
Thanks @tomkirkham