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RE: "Decentralized" YouTube Alternatives on Steem? Nope, Not Yet | A Detailed Look at 3Speak and Dtube

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Ultimately it's all about users and usage. No matter how decentralized your solution is but the performance is poor like in dtube, no one is going to use it. There's no point to even make this startup. To overcriticized a new startup until you yourself try to startup one. You'll realise how hard it is to get decentralized solution on everything. Something simply doesn't work


Yep and not everything needs to be decentralized.. just back up storage so everyone doesn’t lose their content would be good imo.

Especially if the push is to onboard all the YouTubers who lost their content and are looking for an alternative. Sort of defeats the purpose.. no?

Well you got a point. But if they have a roadmap to later show that they will use a tested better decentralized solution on storage then it will be better i guess. It really depends on the commitment of the developer. But for a startup you really have to give them chance to grow first, hopefully when it matures it will switch to a more decentralized solution. But right now people are leaving due to user experience. Blockchain is not mature enough yet.

I gave a small downvote here, only because I don’t really like someone else coming in (the owner of 3speak) to upvote comments at 100% that essentially change the narrative of the comments section here.

Just wanted to explain, as it’s not personal.. just feels a bit over rewarded imo.

Well you have your own point of view and i have my own. It's decentralized after all no one should be silenced. no harsh feelings here.