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Hi guys, how's it going. Few days ago the investor's section of @tipu website got a nice update, everything is working smooth so it's time to present the new features :)


Basic Idea

The update was intended to completely eliminate the need to send commands to @tipU via steemit wallet. Instead all the buttons allow the investor to manage his investment without need to send 0.001 STEEM to @tipU to make any changes.


If you're sending @tipU to send tips or subscriptions - you can now both send and withdraw the deposit directly from the website.

Investment Settings - Modify

From this section on top-left you can customize your payouts:

  • in which currency you want to receive payouts (STEEM, SBD, both)
  • how often you want to receive the payouts (every X hours)
  • how much of the profit you want to auto-reinvest
  • choose the auto-reinvest method (SBD and SEEM or @tipu Tokens)
Request Payout

The "next planned payout in..." section also has a "payout" button - clicking it will trigger instant payout.

Recent Upvotes Requests

This section presents how much STEEM and SBD, that come from upvote requests payments, was added to your profit. It's always payment x your share. I think it's a nice way to display the transparency and the fact that @tipU does not take any cut from the payments - all is distributed to the investors.

Recent Payouts

Here you can see detailed info about the recent payouts you have received from @tipU - thanks to this this data does not have to be send via memo with the transfers so there's less spam on the blockchain :)

Not it's time to update the investor's guide (the old one got pretty outdated) and also implement some tooltips on the website to quickly explain the features.

Thanks and if you have any questions, let me know in the comments!

Hi @cardboard - I've tried the investment setting and it says it's disabled... When will this function be fully operational?

Sadly, it's missed the following payment. Please assist to rectify.

Tipu Payment Missing.jpg

Can you tell me which investment setting? There's few :)

As for the following payment - you can't see those tokens in your wallet? Can you check at steem-engine.com ?

@cardboard, thank-you! I found the tokens at steem engine.

I've had a bit of trouble with re-investing normal steem which prompted the move to reinvest in tokens. Let me try again and let you know how it goes.

Keep up the great work!

Here is an example of where the setting is disabled as described in my earlier post. I will try one at 24 hours; which I previously did - also comes up as disabled...

settings 01.jpg

settings 02.jpg

Hm, seems normal. Did you try clicking the modify buttons?

Yes, I set it up using the modify buttons. The re-invest function isn't working (for me anyway).

How else can I invest normal STEEM with you?

Ah I see - yeah, the reinvest in SBD/STEEM is disabled for everyone, you can try reinvest in tokens :)

Is this a temporary or permanent feature?

I am looking to invest some SBD/STEEM to keep some of my funds liquid...

I probably won't be enabling it again - I prefer to use the SP to backup the tokens than give it for free to backup other's funds :)

i wanted to invest some of my steem.. can anyone tell me the process?

I just upgraded my little delegation: I love the way you work, @cardboard!

This is a great update. Looking forward to the continued progress.

I am adjusting some of my delegation this weekend and you are on the list to add to.

👍🏽 Great work, as always! 😍

I love this site! It's now my favorite site, besides Dlease.io, to go to for delegating SP. Thanks, @ tipu for the update... awesome site and project you've created.

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I just have the new dashboard a try and it’s very well done.

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I'm new with Tipu but you do a great job... The dashboard is very easy to use. Thanks.

Very nice, @tipu
A important question, please:

If I put in to reinvest and receive tipu tokens, what will be the tipu token quote that I will receive ???
For example, assuming the cheapest token tipu sales order is 1.20 steem. Will I receive the tipu token on this quote or is there a fixed quote?

Thank you

When reinvesting in tokens the price is set to 1 TPU = 1 STEEM so it's better than buying TPUs on steem-engine market :)

off course. Thank you a lot for help me!!!
Just 1 more question. It will be always 1tpu= 1 steem?

Probably not, soon 1 TPU will be backed by 1.1 SP. This is when I will probably increase the price to 1.1 STEEM.

Noticed that also. Why isn't the price for reinvesting always the actual backed amount of SP? Basically @tipU is donating money to reinvestments without the actual price.^^

It's not a huge difference yet, besides sharing is caring :P

Thank you for your work to make managing my investment easier!

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this is a absolute cool Tool 👍💪👌

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Hey, @tipu. I have questions for you. My questions is private. Can we contact the telegram or discord?
My Discord: https://discord.gg/7gbREDZ
My Telegram: https://t.me/orangesharks

Sure, will check out your discord later today :)

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