Hive Five!

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Quick announcement regarding @tipU and Hive :)


1. @tipU on STEEM

@tipU will continue to operate on STEEM as before, no changes are planned. Mainly because this provides me and other investors with funds that can be used to support Hive :) Also I believe that there is a certain group of users that are not fully aware what is happening and they're gonna need time to decide if they want to move to Hive - I would like to run @tipU for those too.

2. @tipU on Hive

In view of recent events (and most recent: Justin censoring steemit) I'm totally dedicated to run @tipU on Hive but this will take some time. I'm not a pro-dev and I'm gonna need 3rd party libraries (python) for Hive in order to run @tipU. I'm planning to create @tipU community on Hive to keep you guys informed. Also generally I'm planning to move my activity to Hive but as mentioned before, @tipU will continue to run also on STEEM.

3. TPUs

I don't know yet what guys from steem-engine are planning but I imagine that they will integrate their side-chain with Hive main chain. If this happens, when @tipU will be operational on Hive, TPU holders will receive profit shares on both chains :) so STEEM and Hive payouts for holding "one" type of TPU tokens. I'm not planning to create separate TPUs for Hive only.

See you in the Hive!


Resteemed, so I can remember to join @tipu communiy on HIVE.
Thanks @cardboard for your good intent to provide info to "sleeping" users! ;)

O.T.: I received this message just now: isn't it cool? ^_^


Hello, if I have TPU, when am I going to receive HIVE payouts also (in addition to STEEM payouts)?

Appreciate your continued support and interaction my friend... thank you!

!giphy Awesome

giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

Glad to have you on board!

May the force, erm TPUs be with you :)

Cool! Thanks for the effort!

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Very big for TPU.

@tipu what will happen to our SP on hold after this fork?

You can start power-down on Steem and trade $STEEM for $HIVE... at least, this is my simple project. ;)
Cheers & !BEER

Hey @nisiryan0522, here is a little bit of BEER from @amico for you. Enjoy it!

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Love it !! @tipu curate

Can't curate itself :p

Right.. ok. :)

Great to hear that, I will use @tipU in Hive as well ✌️

good one, to collect both, i will start on hive from Friday

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@tipu profit for 10000 SP

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