Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum Creator) Himself Tweeted about Our Project, EtherDelta.

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As I was strolling through Twitter, I saw something that made me ecstatic. Vitalik Buterin tweeted on his page regarding a reddit post on EtherDelta, a new decentralized exchange for Ether and Ethereum tokens.

After the downfall of the DAO not too long ago, it seems that the market for Ethereum has finally stabilized. It is time for dapp development to move forward. At our dapp studio, EtherBoost, we are advancing with full speed with the launch of EtherDelta. What separates EtherDelta from other exchange platforms is the fact that it is completely 100% decentralized. Unlike centralized exchanges that are getting hacked left and right like Bitfinex, decentralized exchanges like EtherDelta have no central control which makes funds more verifiable and safe.

Here is a link to the reddit page Mr. Vitalik Buterin was referring to. We would love for you guys, decentralized experts, in the Steem community to check out EtherDelta and send feedback our way. We will update more information about EtherDelta in the near future.

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  ·  3 years ago (edited)

I will definately take a look at this as I am a crypto currencie freak!

Thanks, the more attention we get the better :)

The day an exchange can say confidently they are safe from attack will be a big step forward for our crypto community. I dodge the Goxxing by a couple weeks, but took a big loss getting out of Cryptsy. It's demoralizing.

@jeeves can you find me some related posts?

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@jeeves thanks !

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