Steem Blast Day (WOW)

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Steem Blast day was amazing!! I am beyond impressed by the level of participation we received, as well as the amount of high quality promotional material for Steem that was produced as a result. Thank you to everyone who participated!!!

[Image credit @podanrj]

Evolution of the Idea

"Steem Blast Day" was an idea that was hatched about three weeks ago. It has quickly transformed from an idea being bounced around in a few private brainstorming conversations into one of the most successful marketing campaigns that our project has ever done.
^ That is not patting myself on the back - it is a testament to all of you!

The event really started to take shape when it was publicly announced two weeks ago. The announcement post received over 300 comments, including a TON of great ideas on how we could make the event a success.

One of the best ideas came from @edje - to create a Discord channel where we could all come together and organize. In my view, this is really one of the key things that happened to make the event a success. We have 200 people in our channel, all discussing ideas and ways to help.

From there, the campaign really started to organize and take off.

Success Stories

Yesterday there were thousands of people talking about Steem all over the internet. It was incredible! The individual impacts that all of these interactions had are countless and immeasurable, but there were certainly quite a few highlights:

We got the word out in many places with high visibility:

We had a ton of people engaging in conversations about Steem:

Many of the posts sparked great responses and discussions:

We ended up attracting attention from some big influencers:

"Apparently it worked - two big influencer accounts started to follow me after publishing the Tweet and so far it has been retweeted 12 times!"

^ @surfermarly

We got information about Steem to potential investors:

Right at the end of the day when all hope appeared lost (in my quest to find Steem investors) I received a call from a friend in the UK who recently visited me here in France where he received a few days of crypto training. He told me he has a rich cousin in South Africa looking to invest large quantities of the local currency into crypto.
Haha! He called the right guy at the right moment. I could not have been more prepared.

^ @samstonehill

... and TONS More

More highlights from the event can be found in this post from @surfermarly:
Talking Crypto And Augmenting Brains: Having A Literal Blast Supporting Steem With Tim Cliff, Promo-Steem & Oracle-D!

Thank You

For the past two weeks, there have been a ton of people working extremely hard on this project behind the scenes. The amount of work that everyone put in in order to make this a success was unbelievable!

I know I might forget some important people here (sorry in advance) but I want to give special thanks to several individuals who went above and beyond in making this event a success: @guiltyparties, @cryptocurator, @andrarchy, @podanrj, @techslut, @indigoocean, and @surfermarly.

Also thank you to @gnashster / @curie, @yabapmatt, and @utopian-io for sponsoring paid advertisements for the campaign.

And of course, thank you to everyone who participated in the blast!

Effect on STEEM Price

There are a lot of factors that go into the price, so it will be impossible to tell what (if anything) was a direct result of the event.

If you look at the below chart though, I'd say that the results so far have been very positive. The green arrow is the time that I posted my It's time to start paying attention to Steem article to kick of the event. Since that point, we have certainly been heading in the right direction :)

The main thing that I think looks really good though is the increase in volume (gray lines on the bottom) within the last 12 hours. There seems to be a significant increase in the amount of trading going on with STEEM (along with the increase in price) - which is typically a really good sign.

Plus, the interest that was generated in the project is likely something that will continue to pay dividends into the foreseeable future.

[image source]

Let's Keep the Momentum Going

Even though Steem Blast day was technically just a 'one day' event, talking about Steem to the outside world and trying to pitch STEEM as an investment is really something that we should be doing every day.

I hope that this event has helped people to see the positive impact this type of activity has, and encourages everyone to continue.

Another Blast?

We're not ready to announce any specific plans for a new blast day yet, but there is still a lot of excitement and motivation in the group to keep going.

I expect everyone in our Discord channel to keep up the marketing campaigns into the future. I'm also pretty sure that this first event is just us getting started ;)

What Now?

  • First of all, I would highly encourage everyone to continue talking about Steem as an investment to everyone in the "outside world" on a regular basis. Promoting Steem to potential investors and talking about how great Steem is should be an ongoing effort.
  • You can send interested parties to my medium article for more information about Steem, or send them to the same article on a Steem platform: It's time to start paying attention to Steem.
  • If you are looking for material to use when talking about Steem (graphics, talking points, etc.), there are tons of resources available in this post.
  • There have been a lot of Steem Tweets in the last 24 hours using #steem as the hashtag. I highly encourage everyone to like and retweet the good ones. Also, giving the medium article a "clap" (their version of upvote) if you are a member there will help increase visibility for the article.
  • If you are not part of the Steem Blast Discord channel, I highly encourage you to join up: There we will continue talking about ways to promote Steem to the outside world, and brainstorming ideas for future events.

Keep telling the world how amazing Steem is!

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Good work, everyone!

However, it's important to remain objective. Let's not confuse correlation with causation. There's been a surge in cryptocurrency activity yesterday across the board, and some insane increases in volumes on Bithumb. Which has also led to speculation that people are gaming Bithumb with "fake volume". We have seen last month when Steem soared to $7-$9 on Bithumb, it came with a corresponding increase in volume on the other exchanges, and a slight price bump. Yesterday's occurrence is not anomalous to precedent.

I'm sure there has been some extra buys as a result of this campaign, but it has had no statistically significant impact on the price.

Of course, like I pointed out (and others) in my comment on the first announcement posts, these things are never going to lead to the massive price increases that'll take Steem to #20. So I'm not disappointed at all, in fact I'm satisfied at the outcome. For getting to #20, you need a much more focussed, co-ordinated, sustained campaign targeting influencers, crypto whales, manipulation groups and institutional investors. You need people working full time, every day.

My hope is this event has set a precedent, and top witnesses, and top stakeholders (including Steemit Inc) would now spend a good deal of effort into PR. I'll believe it when I see it, of course, because for two and a half years nothing has happened.

As an aside, major product or services launches by tech companies are accompanied by "tech days" where they invite all major influencers and brief them about everything, so they can review the product. I'd like to see a day at SteemFest devoted to this, and witnesses / stakeholders should contribute and fly down the most popular influencers (begin with crypto influencers) to talk about Steem, and get them to talk about Steem with their audience. Pretty much all of the top 20 coins have invested heavily in influencer outreach and thus succeeded at a result. They are not overvalued, and Steem is not undervalued, because they have earned their value.


Solid points @liberosist.

What I got from the recent conversations about the concept of @steemfest is that it's primarily meant to be a closed event for the already existing Steem community which is also why it's not called a conference but a fest.

Maybe the concept can be modified / worked up in the future the way that those influencers you mention would have a reason to join us. That would require a different concept and schedule with a different focus and structure, positioning Steem within the whole crypto market, opening panels for a more general discussion on crypto e.g.

Personally I think that this could be a great opportunity for Steem.

Tagging @roelandp if he wants to take part in the convo and add his point of view..:-)


I understand that SteemFest is an event primary for the users of Steem. That's why I only suggested having a "tech day" to go alongside, for the simple reason that many prominent users of Steem will be around. Of course, the ideal scenario would be a dedicated conference for investors and influencers, but I doubt that's feasible at this time. So, while everyone's already there, this seems like a low hanging fruit to me. I understand it's too late for this year, but at least, invite members of the press / influencers to attend as well. Anyone who sees the Steem community in action with their own eyes will finally see the value in the platform, and write / speak about it to their audience.

PS: As an addendum to the original comment, I don't see anyone taking credit for Steem Blast Day being responsible for the dump of -10% today. Just like yesterday was a regular day in the crypto world, so is today, and the event has had no significant impact in terms of the market.


I absolutely agree on the low hanging fruit as well as on the fact that the spirit one may perceive at Steemfest could be absolutely mind-blowing compared to what one is able to derive from plane numbers.

Maybe it's not an entire day scheduled but at least a panel or two where we invite others to get involved with Steem and its vision. Not sure if it's too late to consider something like that for 2018. With SMTs coming in Q1/2019 there'd be enough stories to talk about.

Invite the community not to sell steem for 2-3 months


We want to avoid anything that could be considered price manipulation (which that is).


Some coins only so hold the advanced positions of capitalization, for example Dogecoin

Don't forget - there's still time to promote and amplify all those social media posts through ads!


which ads you have in mind?


Any post link or content (like those mentioned in the post) can be promoted.


Hello @techslut, can you share the link of those ads? I would share it on my profile. :-))

It seems most of the Steem volume is coming from Bithumb that has a crazy high Steem price. Coinmarketcap is ignoring that price, but includes the volume. I wonder if this is distorting the figures. Anyway, I'm happy enough that the general price is up. I think Steem should be well inside the top 20 and not struggling to be in the top 40.


Yes, that's pretty much it, and it's not just Steem - all coins siloed on Bithumb with high prices (Ethos, Stratis etc) have seen similarly insane increases in volume. This is not without precedent, the same thing happened at the end of July. In fact, the volume increase there was far higher.

Exclude Bithumb and yesterday's trading has had no statistically significant impact.


I think we have to be wary of getting excited over false signals. I still hope this blast has made many more people aware of steem

It was a good time. Tweeted in the morning and then sent out a whole array of direct communications. Noticed there were a lot of users on Twitter especially that were doing a kickass job and really going all out with it.

Awesome work, everyone! I think I managed to get a few people interested as well. I have no intent on stopping spreading the word!! I think another technical blast day is a great idea; just to motivate people to go up and beyond normal, but yes, of course we should ALWAYS be talking about Steem. I'm glad to be here for the long run no matter how it turns out, but let's hope it thrives :)

Thank you @timcliff for getting this initiative together and motivating people to go out and spread the word. This was such a great idea and I'm happy to do my little share. I'm still having trouble convincing a lot of people in my network but I think as time goes on and I keep persisting that will change. You're the man!

I was great having so many people to pool info with the last couple weeks. I was always promoting STEEM to people because I feel like I'm doing them a favor to tell them about it. But with everyone's help I became more effective at it, armed with more information.

Still have some big possibilities in the works. Onward and upward!

Well Done Tim - a very well worthwhile project and a real buzz to be involved. Thank you for you countless hours and directions. It absolutely raised the awareness of Steem and now we have more tools, collateral and a great combined collective awareness of what works/doesn't work. It will take time to assess. Hope you can get a bit of sleep now!
I'm hoping @eroche publishers some Twitter stats this week and shows a spike?
Also a shout out to @starkerz / @oracle-d - he was working all hours on Sunday in the UK - we should be able to draw some results from the detailed social media results shared through their portal over the next few days.

It might be interesting to do a "student blast" aimed for early October or so. Not for large investors, but university students are a really good market for spending a few hundred dollars on a new online activity, and getting a bunch of them here would move the needle.


Good idea

Thanks for the magic, Tim!
You're a great community builder and inspirator.

What a fantastic event that proved once more how powerful the Steem community can effectively be.

Let's bundle forces more often, cause apparently as a team we can accomplish really great things.

I thoroughly enjoyed doing this on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Talking about your favorite blockchain is bliss. I would like to extend this activity everyday with at least one tweet with the #STEEM tag. ;-) Let's make it big guys. Let's show everyone the power of Steemians! Wonderful initiative @timcliff.

Thank you Tim! Two days ago, I predicted that Steem would go up by a few cents. When I made the prediction, It was $0.99. It peaked at $1.05, and it's now at $1.02.

I agree with you. The best indicator, is the surge in volume. Just look at the huge volume rise at the bottom. This is proof, that you're efforts has reached a lot of investors. Even if the price drops by a few cents today, more people are aware of Steem, and this is going to be great for the long run.

I recommend that the Steem community create a new tag, and curation trail, for people who write posts about improving the price of Steem. If someone takes the time to think of good ideas, we should reward them. If someone makes a post explaining what they're doing to promote Steem on the internet, we should have a lucrative curation trail to reward them.


Keep telling the world how amazing Steem is!

Here's an example. @TimCliff

The Steemit Daily

Machine generated articles related to & from Steemit; shared automatically on Twitter!

Just so you know, you shouldn't be calling it the "Steemit Daily". Steemit, Inc. owns the rights to "Steemit" and they are not OK with other platforms using their brand name. It should be called "Steem Daily" or something along those lines.


Thank you for the heads up.
Will change the name.
Is Steem Daily or The Daily Steemian OK?


Both of those seem fine, assuming someone hasn't already taken/used them.


Is The Steemian OK?


Also seem fine, assuming someone hasn't already taken/used it.

Steem also enables a zero cost Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality platforms requiring no software downloads across any modern web device. :0

Lets blast steem to the moon!

I wasn't aware of the blast when it hapoened but I'll hit twitter and read up on the good stuff my steem peeps be tweeting

Great initiative and a top result! Thank you! :)

Hey @timcliff, beautiful work! The team is hoping to promote platforms like Steemit as a medium for free expression during International Peace Day on September 21st, 2018. We have a partnership with the United Nations to host peace events - including virtual events. We will be hosting some events on Steem centered around peace campaigns and social impact - and we're open to collaboration! It could be a good opportunity to promote the values of open media.


mail : todd @


Email in previous comment - feel free to reach out. :)

Cool! Currently STEEM has a great potential and a lot of active users!

Keep this good work going Tim. Those people must be praised who are working hard to make Steem platform a big success. I hope your efforts will provide great result in very short time.

this is great! i saw your original post a few weeks ago and didnt realize anything came of it, i got 3 new people to join this past weekend! trick is to keep em
here!! woot

Steem on!

Eagle Spirit

This is so beautiful @timcliff. You guys really deserve much commendation.

Excellent job! On a holiday weekend, I wasn't around much, but I hope to participate in future events.

I'd love to see the site traffic for Steemit today and the amount of account sign ups for today, did we fair better than an average day :) I talk about Steemit all the time, m friends are sick of it, but that's their problem not mine! I've managed to recruit 4 users so far and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

Great moment to enjoy and learn a lot of things with others :)

This is very wonderful and helpful idea,great work,wonderful promoting the steemit,and alot of active users,thanks for sharing,

Well done Tim! :)

Nice job to everyone 👏👏 . I was think to do an initiative one day one graphics promo steem 😁

Beri aku 10 kata, akan kujadikan sebuah grafis eh eh eh eh

I think you did a phenomenal job, Tim. It was a "blast" to interview you, as usual. I don't know how I never thought to drop the link to the interview in your discord channel!!! Next time...

I'm so happy to hear all the success stories. That's awesome.

Great occasion on steem blast. carry on the new peoject and build up. it will be more effective for us as a new member in steemit. thanks a lot @timcliff

If you look at the below chart though, I'd say that the results so far have been very positive.

Should we be blaming you for today’s price action then?


hehe, yeah. all my fault :(

Nice initiative. Great job done for promote steem blockchain.

them volumes look nice ! the problem will be keeping the momentum

Great work, and thanks to @timcliff and everyone else!

In case you plan anything like a second blast, I'd suggest to go for promoting Steem to potential new users rather than investors (maybe it would make sense to do that after hard fork 20). I think this would have a bigger long-term impact on the price of Steem than "just" promoting it as an investment.

Anyway, keep up the awesome work!

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Great work on this Tim!

I met this blockchain, through one of my students. Since I started in this world, I have been learning little by little, I still do not know many things and sometimes I think I do not know anything, but what I can add to this writing, is that in the youth this is an interesting project. All in some way. We look for work, to have rewards, because if you could organize virtual classes where students can let all their ideas flow and also be rewarded, we would be talking about a considerable growth of this platform.

Invest in education, as you learn from cryptocurrencies and manage new economies. Maybe, what I share today does not make much sense or is a vague idea, but I think that in youth and in their impetus to learn there is a great opportunity. I hope, to have been able to understand, my English is little. But I did not want to stop sharing.

Good vibes.

I'm glad be participant on Steemblass Campaign. Congratulations for a best reach up @timcliff.

I share to some media cosial, I prefer Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter so. Hopefully more investement come and join on STEEM.

Hey Tim,

  • Let's make this a monthly thing
  • effect is probably not going to be measureable in short run but we all know it helps the cause.
  • Is it possible to crowd-source funds for a billboard somewhere ? in general for paid advertising?

I support paid advertising, and we did some as part of this campaign. IMO billboards are not cost effective though. (Steem has done a few in the past btw.)


The general idea is lets send a post to trending and use the funds for paid adverts...

Billboards are mostly prestige adverts ...i get that..

Excelente este evento. Sería muy bueno que se hiciera costumbre que el primer Lunes de cada mes se haga un explosión. Disfruté mucho de ver como avanzaba esto, a pesar que me enteré hace unos pocos días. Esto no debe parar. Estuve todo el día pendiente de la publicación de reporte.

Por otro lado, felicitaciones a ti por tu capacidad de liderazgo y organización. Y a todo el equipo que trabajó directamente contigo. Además con esto me doy cuenta de que la comunidad de Steemit y la que cree en Steem vale la pena, es muy unida. (no me imagino a usuarios de Facebook o Twitter trabajando con tanto empeño y amor por esas redes, jeje)

Abrazos desde Maracay, Venezuela.

Thanks to everyone putting this on! It was a good time had by all!


Thanks to everyone
Putting this on! It was a
Good time had by all!

                 - steemitqa

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Kind of getting sick of the haiku bot. But, if anyone's comments are worth a haiku, it's yours!

Well done this is awsome and good work@timclif thank you for motivatio. Great result.u will see on tweeter lets blast our steem guyes.awsome work . I am supporting all of you.

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incredible work!

Love it!!

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Brilliant idea more promotion the better.