Introducing: The STEEM "Shilling" Contest - 150 STEEM in prizes!!

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I am running a contest to incentive us all to go out "shill" STEEM. The "formal" definition of shill can be found here (wikipedia), but for the purposes of this contest - it is basically anyone who does promoting to get out the "good word" on STEEM.


  • The purpose of this contest is to try and get all of us to promote STEEM.
  • We want to tell people why STEEM (the currency) and Steem (the blockchain) are awesome.
  • The target audience is the cryptocurrency world/community and potential investors.
  • The contest preference is to promote shilling of the blockchain and currency over the blogging platform (although promoting the blogging platform is still allowed).

Contest Rules:

  • You must be level 40 reputation or above to participate.
  • In the comments below, make your "proposal" for how you plan to shill STEEM.
  • After you have completed your shilling task, report back with some sort of proof/results.
  • I will review all of the results and pick the "winners".
  • The winners will be selected based on my subjective feedback of what I think is "best", although I will take upvotes and comments from other community members into consideration.
  • Proposals can be made up until the time of the post closing.
  • Proof/results can be submitted for an additional 24 hours after the post closing.
  • The winners will be declared and paid within 48 hours of this post closing.
  • Whatever shilling you do must be honest/truthful.


  • First place will get 75 STEEM.
  • Second place will get 40 STEEM.
  • Third place will get 20 STEEM.
  • 15 honorable mentions will get 1 STEEM (each).

Here are some resources to use for your shilling:

  • Steem Bluepaper:
  • Steem has paid out over $20,000,000 in rewards to users since June 2016.
  • Daily transactions and blockchain utilization statistics:
  • Steem has zero transaction fees.
  • Steem transactions confirm in three seconds.
  • Steem is an open source blockchain protocol that any developer can leverage to build social applications that reward users in cryptocurrency.
  • Steem content is stored in the immutable ledger of the blockchain.
  • Be creative, these are just suggestions.

Happy Shilling Everyone!!


Ok, this is my shilling proposal 😉. I plan on joining several cryptocurrency/bitcoin groups on Facebook, to be able to connect with several thousands of people who are already investing in cryptocurrencies. People who are aware of the cryptocurrency world, but might not be aware of steemit. I plan on putting my graphic design skills to good use, to either make a catchy photo ad or GIF, share it throughout those groups, along with some basic info about steemit, hopefully intriguing them into taking a look at it for themselves!

I plan on doing it in a way that's informative and engaging, rather than in a way that is trolling. They won't even know they are being shilled!

My FB name is different from my name on here for privacy reasons (because we all know how secure Facebook is).. but my profile pic is the same. You will be able to tell it's me through my screenshots because of the time/date.

This is exciting!

Alrighty-- here is my RESULTS post! I plan on updating it again before the contest deadline with further results, but this is the post it is all in!

Ok my post is updated now, my shilling for this contest is complete :)

giphy (2).gif

This is the GIF I made. Will report back with results :)

And this one... yep, I'm going to have fun with this :D
giphy (1).gif

Awesome! Thanks!!

I'll jump in with what I'm up to, but I don't want a prize, am not really even actually making a valid entry, and I'm in no position to jump on your bandwagon and get in your spotlight, which would only be mostly for my own benefit anyway, with more prizes as some others have done...

But I am going on a world circumnavigation and flying out this Saturday, to five European, Middle Eastern and Asian countries as well as a couple of stops back here in the states, and I'll be constantly in my new steem t-shirts I made and will be wearing, with logo, the url of and my screenname on the front and back (chest small, back large) as I travel through a dozen airports and cross around the entire planet in a full circle easternly circumnavigation for 17 days.

I have previously posted and reiterate here, if ANY of you sees me wearing this shirt and greets me, mentioning your @ username to me will win you 5 SBD on the spot - or soon after, depending on cell/wi-fi to get on and make the transfer wherever we meet.

During that time I will be doing @YouAreHOPE Foundation mission work on the streets of Amsterdamn, Abu Dabhi, Kolkata, Hong Kong and Macau as opportunities arise, and I've cashed out a modest amount of donations from YouAreHOPE Foundation funds (about $80 USD) to provide food, or proper climate attire, such as shoes or a jacket, or so on, to various people I encounter who seem to be in dire need. Think homeless and a meal for them and so forth, seeking out places that serve the disadvantaged along the way like orphanages or charitable efforts in the various cities I visit and offering a small donation or purchasing some small items they may need like say, toothbrushes.

I'll be meeting with existing steemitizens during this trip in several of the countries and will ask them for local opportunities to do some good as well.

So my best hope for an investor shill is sitting next to a Richard Branson or an Elon Musk on one of my flights... but I'll be talking to those folks too, if they care to engage on the t-shirt or whatever post I'm composing on my laptop on the plane between locations.

Yeah, I don't know if there will be investor shill opps, but I expect to spend a lot of time talking to strangers and my t-shirts and my passion will pretty much lead to talking about steem with them all anyway.

It always does.

I really enjoy your mission. I haven't accumulated enough momentum quite yet, but I could see myself marketing in the way you are, but most importantly giving back. I have dreamed about giving power to the people of this world, educating accurate information, feeding children, fixing homes, and you're out there doing it man! I'm proud of you.

Keep Steeming you Hooligan, and don't lose that heart of yours.


Come visit us in the @YouAreHOPE Foundation discord - YAH is the worlds first Steem exclusive, Block chain transparent, community love and generosity fueled worldwide humanitarian aid foundation. We have done work in more than half a dozen countries already since I founded it in October 2017 here, touching hundreds and hundreds of lives in dozens of ways, in impoverished or destitute situations in economically distressed or natural/weather created emergency situations.

YOU can make a difference! It would shock you what we have accomplished with the power of the beautiful hearts here among us!

You Are HOPE!

Excited for the invite bud! Can't wait to interact with you.

Welcome to the family :)

I like with purpose from your Foundation. Be success

Great stuff, we will be at different airports at different time but I like your style. I will also be repping steem gear. Looking forward to promoting the awesomeness of Steem

May the four winds blow you safely home again my friend.

You too buddy

Hi @sircork i like your style! following you around the World 😊

Thanks, i hope to be able to post daily about the madcap adventures of Cork on the road!

I hope so too 😊 bon voyage

Hey Tim

My proposal is simple and I have already put my plan into action. I will just make sure to bump the steem ANN thread over bitcointalk daily with positive steemit news or answering FUD. Plenty of crypto-investors and people interested in cryptos there!

I explain everything in my latest post at

Here are my two first messages on the ann if you don't want to check my thread, I think they are right on the spot :D

Hopefully more will follow my example and the ann will become lively again :D


Hey @timcliff, how are you?
This is kind of a late entry, but it's a shilling of Steemit nonetheless! ;)
I noticed that you mentioned giving investors more priority was the main motive behind this contest, so that's exactly what I did!

In one of my blogs on another website, where my previous post gained 2900 (and counting) views and 8+ comments, I created a post that explained how people could earn easily from home with Steemit and also how Steem was an excellent crypto-currency for investors to invest in.
The post talked about:

  • Decentralization
  • Bitcoin
  • Fake news surrounding crypto-currency
  • Steem, Steem Power and Steem Dollars
  • Various media that Steem blockchain accepts
  • Advice to not plagiarize, instead to post quality, original content

...and a lot more!
I hope you'll like my post and efforts. :)
Thank you!

Link to the "shilling" -

Hello @timcliff,
Firstly, I would love to say very big thank you to you for this great opportunity you've given us to utilize well. Am an African, for many years now that I have grown up to know life, life has never been good enough in Africa, there are many yet to be considered but, what we have all day here is "corruption". Many Africans out there are really suffering, due to this my boss here on steemit @destinysaid, who is also an African and knows what problem we are facing. In other to make Africa a better place and to promote steemit, We created the community @Africaunchained! and with the support of @donkeypong and some great Africans, the community has been doing great and we still hope to get some great support from other whales like you @timcliff. The aim of the @africaunchained community is to make "STEEMIT" the office of many African. You can imagine a Phd holder still roaming about on the street seeking for jobs and yet our government is never doing something great about it. I personally, have been working on steemit for the past 6 months now and I have been able to finance myself into the university, getting into the university in my country, is like winning a world cup but nevertheless, I would try my possible best to make the best out of it by working towards the best grad. Not with that alone. I have also introduced some new friends from the university to steemit to make sure at the end of the day, Steem skyrocket and they also get to be financially buoyant. Below are few of the great steps taken by myself and my community @africaunchained.


These are the first five people I got introduced to steemit last week during our matriculation ceremony.

IMG-20180217-WA0064 (1).jpg

This is my boss @destinysaid giving a speech about steemit somewhere in Abuja in Nigeria, Africa.


Above is the painting I made, dedicating it to my community @aficaunchained.


Above is the graphics badge made by my boss @destinysaid, which he dedicated to the @africaunchained community.


Above is a friend of mine @kerry234, we are both working on promoting steemit and we developed the idea of making a shirt for steemit and our community @africaunchained.

After a month in the unversity, I had decided to create a group among my new friends in school and create the awareness and make them know what steemit is capable of, and what cryptocurrency as a whole is capable of. To make all this work fine and perfect, I had schedule some time after school lectures to teach and promote steemit on campus.


Above is the graphics badge I made for my steemit promotion on campus.

As you can see on the badge, I wrote steemit in unilag, I did that because the name of my school is "University of Lagos" and many people know it and call it "unilag" as the short form. Once again, I would love to say thank you to @timcliff for giving me this great opportunity here today and am also using this opportunity to let you know that we really need someone like you in @afriaunchined community to make live easy for Africans on steemit. Please reply this comment and make us know if we can have you as a pillar to rest on in our community. Thanks and have a nice day.

Please reply this comment and make us know if we can have you as a pillar to rest on in our community

I’m not sure what you are asking for. What role would I be playing? What would it entail?

I requested on behalf of my community @africaunchained to have you as a pillar in our community, am simply talking about having you as a godfather in our community and a whale who knows best than we do, you can always help us with anything you think you can and I promise you that we will forever be grateful. Thank you.

@timcliff, @tezzmax has said it all on behalf of us @africaunchained community and our leader @destinysaid.

If you don't mind sir, here is our discord channel, newly created and we would love to have you there with us sir. Thank you very much for your time and your act of selflessness.

@tezzmax has said it all, please the @africaunchained commuunity would be complete if we can get a very good backing up from you sir @timcliff

Yes sir @timcliff . Our community @africaunchained is not just a community but a family who need much support and any would be highly appreciated.

I'm not a whale, and I haven't yet been on steemit for that long, but I do think it's awesome you are using steemit to improve your community. I think that is a fantastic way to use the platform, which has lots of potential. :)

First off I want to thank you @timcliff for this incentive. I'm in full support of promoting steemit and I currently carried out a promotion myself on the Utopian. io platform.
I carried out my promotion on Facebook where I created named Utopian-io promotion page. I intended to kill two birds with one stone (promote both platforms) because any user who intends to join Utopian must also be a registered member of the steemit community. I created a paid ad in which I promoted the platform and directed the users to the link.

So I got to reach 5242 people with my budget and the post engagement was pretty good.
So I can say I successfully Shilled steem.☺
Here's the link

I have shilled your post with a resteem.

For the top three winners of this post I'll hit them with resteems from @aggroed, @lovejuice, and @minnowsupport if they direct message me a post about what they did to win delivered through PALnet Discord. Between those 3 accounts there's 30k followers so your shilling will earn some great visibility.

What a great idea! And yes, it is important to put some extra attention on STEEM, not just Steemit. We need to see STEEM appreciate for the platform to increasingly be attractive to new people. And popularity of the platform also grows demand for the coin. One grows the other.

And that's the main idea behind my shilling of STEEM. I have a couple of FB groups and a monthly mastermind community and have plans to promote Steemit to one of the groups and STEEM to the other group and mastermind next week, but ultimately I'm always promoting both.

To one group next Tues. night I'm doing a FB Live on Steemit blogging, and as part of that I'll explain how buying some STEEM will help them get faster traction on the platform by allowing them to power up. (I can share a clip from that.) On Monday I have a mastermind gathering where I'll be talking about STEEM coin (not recorded though, as part of my agreement with that group). Next week I'll also be sharing about STEEM with my small crypto group as a coin with a good values-based investing profile (it does good for the world as well as being profitable for investors). I can share a screenshot of that post.

Will getting these "proof of shilling" items by next Wed. 2/28 be soon enough for the contest entry?

Here is entry one, a video that I think will really start helping people see not only the value of STEEM but also the value of Steemit, and something of the upside potential of both, but in a way that isn't "on the nose" since the video is about a broader topic. I introduce the Coinbase/GDAX framework for choosing coins for the exchange, and compare STEEM to XRP as examples as I go.

Next week I have a training on Steemit I'm doing and likely also a post for a different community of mine. I should post it here like this, or someplace else?

You nailed it! Great job :) I would love to see more videos like this.

Okay, here is my final component of my entry. I did online presentations on STEEM or Steemit over the last couple days, with the final one last night. As mentioned previously, my agreement with the conscious crypto mastermind folks is that those aren't recorded, so can't share a clip from it. But I did excerpt about 3 mins. from last night's Steemit intro in which I discuss the importance of investing STEEM in the platform or even buying it as simply a solid coin investment. You can see it here:

I also plan at some point to do a review video on my YT channel on STEEM, but for a while I'm going to take a break from the subject and get back to blogging about spirit in nature and stories related to those topics.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Here's my latest entry in this series, an article for newbies (which I originally wrote as a guide for my folks in my training tonight) that includes the importance of investing in STEEM to increase success here on.

I'll have the final entry for you tomorrow after I have a chance to edit down the 1 hour training I'm doing tonight. (I presume you'd rather just get a clip of the portion where I go over STEEM, not the entire training!)

Thanks for doing this. You've really stimulated my creative juices. Fun.

Awesome. I'll come back to share those then. Thanks again for doing this.

Yes Tim! This is awesome. I have been thinking about how to bring more publicity to steem and doing more to get new users. I am actually in the middle of my shill currently.

What I have decided to do is get 1000 business cards and 1000 steemit stickers made. I have started handing out the business cards and putting up stickers randomly in public places. But wait there’s more.

The main purpose for the timing is I am currently in South Korea at the Winter Olympics and I have been handing out these cards and stickers to people I have met from all over the world. Since there are many many nations currently at the olympics, there is no better time than now to promote the platform. To add a little spice to it I have created a big cardboard banner for steem that I bring with me to sporting events, I cheer at the top of my lungs for my native country of Canada, trying to get on national tv, all while holding up my steem sign. There are so many different countries at the olympics and so many possible viewers on tv, so the timing is perfect. 4216B3A3-8454-4AFB-AD1A-10B0412B0D77.jpeg
The first photo is of the stickers that I have been putting everywhere and the second picture is of the business cards. I added a little Korean flair on the backside of the card. 가즈아 means let’s go, the popular phrase in the Korean crypto community.

Did you know reddit only ever paid $500 for marketing? It was spent on Stickers

This is more powerful than we realize

Also check my contributions out :D

I post these images on my Instagram to show people Steem is REAL, to entice them with Cash since there are SO many other Instagram users that use CASH on camera to get people to signup for bullshit, well I'm using that strategy to get people t signup for something REAL

And my instagram is at you can check for yourself, I ONLY use it to promote Steem and EOS now!

For it is only wit evidence of cold hard cash that most people will ever truly believe we are making real money :D

Im loving that black sportscar in the colage @aczka!

Thats awesome. I was thinking the same. These stickers, even if they dont have an immediate effect, they will grab the attention of people passing by. Just like mcdonalds, and starbucks, those logos are known by billions, we have to start somewhere. will check you out on instagram

I don't know if the word "shill" is derogatory, but I have usually heard it used that way.
Have to say @ackza already won this a long time ago ;-)
The ultimate Steemit shill... I'm not worthy, and I only have half the ideas he has.

What an amazing and positive way to tell the World about steemit @jasonshick
Wishing you infinite abundant blessings on your quest 😊

Thank you. If we all do our part to promote the coin and the blockchain we will all succeed.

as of now, im new to this platform and my knowledge is still limited about the community what im doing is to choose from my friends randomly to join in steemit,, the reason why is that i choose the closer one, (in terms of place) so that i can explain to them at the same time let them see how it works so that they could fully understand what im talking,,, but your idea is fabulous i know it will spread out easily and rapidly through out your place,,

Welcome aboard, the more the merrier. If you are new and still looking to find some awesome people to connect with and learn more about the platform, click the 3 bars at the top right of the page and then use those three links; Welcome, FAQ, Explore. Too many people rush in writing as many posts as they can in hopes of making money quickly, but that rarely works. Instead, learn more about the platform, read some other peoples content, comment, upvote it and get more familiar with everything. In the long run, you will be much better off.

thank you @jaysonshick,,, those people you mention taking shortcuts, im one of them, for i wasnt informed wel,, but since you taught me im bless and will do the things you've said,,,, thanks a lot

Yes your right, once enough people realise the power of steem through promotion eventualy conciousness will raise to a level that the hundred monkey effect will kick in. Steem on upwards into infinity.

Nice idea,.... but..... but.....
You must be a very brave man! (congratz with that), to do such thing in Korea (no matter it's South or North), last time American guy took down the propaganda advert from the hotel wall, he went to prison for many many years. Because he violated the local laws. And then in UK (where I live) quite few TV channels announced to holidaymakers: "before you go to visit any country in the world, make sure you check traditions / ethics / some laws", because they might be different than the home country's are.
Just wanted to give you a little hint dude.

(google: Otto Warmbier, for the full story about this student)

Thank you for the heads up, I appreciate your concern... BUT North Korea and South Korea are not the same place and laws are vastly different. South Korea (where the Olympics are) is a democratic country and is currently hosting over 100 nations as athletes from around the world are competing in different sporting events.

If I were to get arrested for promoting steem, perhaps with all the publicity that the platform and the coin receive, people will through together a fundraiser to help bail me out of prison. Jokes asides, I will try to abide by local laws

I mean if you did get arrested, then South Korea really doesn’t like Steem 😂.

South Korea shows on Google Trends as one of the most popular for steem! :D


The market in South Korea is huge. With promoting at the Olympics, I can get the Korean market and the global market. 2 birds, 1 stone

Remember, government and it's citizens don't always agree. I think South Korean people love steem and the potential of the blockchain

I meant that as a joke 😐.

You should get some stickers that say "존버를 반드시 승리합니다."

you are more than welcome to help the cause through donations and/or participation

Steem sets itself apart positively in blockchain technology. Towards transaction, its free and gets confirmed in seconds. That is really why Ned and his team looked and built this awesome platform steemit with steem blockchain. You can invest on steem with no fear atall and now its emerging one of the best Cryptocurrency ever.
I and my team shill one of the most effective meetup in my community, and target is get more people involved in this, get more bloggers and mostly investors.

I love steem and cute shilling!

This is a great contest. Thank you for doing this...

Hi Tim, happy to see this initiative. I am having a Steemit Bootcamp tonight, it is basically a meetup that i organized to get people to learn about steemit and steem blockchain.

i started actively educating people from borneo,malaysia about steem and steem blockchain since 6th january 2018 and now there is 186 people is actively on steemit from this region . We are still small in numbers but we are growing rapidly.

Tonight event is a little bit different as i have manage to encourage several friends to begin shilling than just being active as a user, so tonight be a practice round for them.

In addition , tonight meet up will be with traders and several crypto investors, so they are aware of steem, the power of steem , steem blockchain .

i will make a post about it and update you of what is happening . This is truly a wonderful contest. Thank you for creating it.

By the way, i manage to get @bitrocker2020 of Teammalaysia Witness to join us to assist us too, to cover technical question and for us to learn from him. Here is his post about tonight event.

Hehe, alright peps, I have a very Youtube channel and I believe video streaming is the best way to shill. Why? 2016 Cisco report stated 67% of all internet traffic is used for video streaming, and it is still rising, estimated to be 82% by 2020. Also most crypto enthusiast watch youtube for latest news and updates. If we want to target them, a Youtube channel is best, and so I did a fun vid on Youtube.

I wanted to do something I was passionate about yet have fun and address a real problem Steem has. I think one of the biggest put off for Steem/ Steemit platform is how confusing the 3 currencies can be. Most blockchain projects have 1 currency, some have 2, only we have 3 and people are often confused and reluctant to invest in something they don't understand which I totally can relate to. So I made a video explaining what Steem is by using a RPG analogy. ??? Doesnt make sense? It does actually, it is a simple model of how I see Steem currency and it is intuitive to the crypto community who has many gamers. It is also a new way to present/ explain Steem which has not been done before.

Join me on my channel at Cryptolite to see more. Alternatively, the Youtube channel is





Give it a shot! Sit back and enjoy watching! :D

Hey Tim.

These are some of the things I've done and I'm doing a lot more on these lines everyday. I hope this qualifies me as participant in your contest. Please feel free to check the posts for more details.

-Steemit Veni, Vidi, Vici! SteemFest 2016—Together, WE made it happen! Thank you Steemians!
-Successful #1 India Steemit Accelerator and Steem Cryptocurrency Meetup 2017!
-Press Coverage of #1 India Steemit Accelerator in Top Indian News Publications!
-Top Indian News Publication—TheQuint Features My Story as an Early Adopter to Bitcoin, Steemit & More!
-I Donated $1300+ Of My Income Earned On Steemit Last Month and This is My Mid-2017 Donation Update!
-Successful #2 India Steemit Accelerator and Steem Cryptocurrency Meetup 2017 at Robert Bosch India HQ!
-Contest #1—Win a Free Ticket to SteemFest 2017 at Lisbon!
-Contest #2—Win a Free Ticket to SteemFest 2017 at Lisbon!
-Steemit Veni, Vidi, Vici Lisbon! SteemFest² Was EPIC! Few Thoughts On Key People From The 2017 Edition!
-Steemit Mentioned In: How to File Tax Returns in India for Your Bitcoin Profits—My Latest Feature In TheQuint!
-India Steem Meetup #1 - We Start From Jaipur For The First Meetup of 2018!
-India Steem Meetup #2—An Incredible Meetup In Bangalore—IT Capital of India!
-India Steem Meetup #3—An AWESOME Meetup In Mangalore—The City Where It All Began!
-India Steem Meetup #4—An AWESOME Meetup In New Delhi—India's Capital and 40+ Attended!
-Presented Steem Blockchain, SMTs, Steemit & Other UIs at Blockchain Bangalore Meetup!
-Let's Watch This Fun Video From India Steem Meetup #1—Jaipur Edition!
-Let's Watch This Fun Video From India Steem Meetup #2—Bangalore Edition!

I've been engaged in a LOT of community oriented efforts from my early days here. There are more details in my witness campaign post here!

I'm already talking to a couple of VCs here about SMT and Steem blockchain in general. One of them is currently testing this platform as a user. I've also brought onboard a well known industry analyst. More on this as they materialise. Trying to do more of this but some issues exist such as INR->BTC->STEEM conversions and the approval system which is a major bottleneck. Lots more work lined up in the year to come to make things smoother for anyone in general who wants to invest in Steem from India.

Hey Tim, Someone read my post and recommended I comment over here about what I am working on.

So a bit of background on me I am an entrapure and when coming to steemit noticed a large number of benefits after using steemit for the first two weeks. One was the simply amazing SEO that my pages recieved with a little research and keywording you can get your steemit pages ranking first page on google searches. But not only that the warm, friendly and supportive community we have all built here and I hope we continue to build here.

My project centers around lead capture and training for enraptures large and small about using steemit to further promote their companies products and services as well as gaining support for other innovative technologies they might be working on.

I just started the project today so I am not sure if its ready for review here for your contest but I do feel like I should get the core of it finished today and then continue to build and better it as time goes on.

I plan on promoting this funnel on paid type social media sites as well as entrepreneurial type sites such as, bloomberg and various other networks.

Post is here -

I wanted to target entrepreneurs simply because it is what I know best I also feel like these types of people are more open minded to see and understand what steemit has to offer for businesses and expanding exposure and supporting a healthy community. But not only that have the willingness to invest into steem and power it up as most entrepreneurs are risk takers and have the funds to do so.

Thanks for checking this out and it is simply amazing to see all the work everyone else is doing as well. It is because of people such as yourself and others who have commented their ideas and passion here that steemit will continue to grow and advance.

Hi Tim. here's my contribution to the steemitshoutout



I was invited by the editor to write an article of my choosing for and of course I chose to write about the steemit platform. It goes out to 35,000 visitors per day to a crypto focused community. The editor has since asked me to become a guest writer and I hope to find the time to write a regular feature. I created the header image for the article in Photoshop from one of my original photographs.

I have an idea to promote for my students on campus. what else do I teach the field of journalism. it is time for the prospective journalists for what year it is steemit and what are the benefits. steemit a smart platform for highly antiplagiated writers. I plan to start next Thursday. any suggestion?

@timcliff, I have gone through the rules,though my dimension might be a little bit off point, but here is a project (Coomunity development/sensitization)

I will develop and deliver a tailored steemit work-shop to engage, equip and inspire classified would be steemians, who will in turn teach others.
This is because teaching exercise will be held in a rural area this time around. And from my perspective the level of exposure to cryptocurency is quite low in a town in the outskirt of Ikotun (pako-bus stop) Lagos so don’t be surprised when you see that the atmosphere is not what you are used too, and it will require much explaining and practical exercise to meet their training needs.10% of the training will be based on personal experience while 90% will be based on blue-print.

The hallmark of steemit-centric trainees consist of steemians who are engaged and enthusiastic about providing the steemit community with intelligent contents, the ability of classified trainees to deliver consistent and high level of service has never been more important, So the training will be highly strategic as a mixture of two class (cypto knowledge awareness) are involved.


Newcomers will be equipped with proven techniques in building rapport with the steemit community,
Highlight the power of first impression on whales, dolphins, sharks, plankton’s and minnows alike,
How to convert Altcoins from one wallet to the other,
4 .promote great consistency in quality post and earnings,
The use of block trades
The steemit white paper,
Various tabs on steemit and their functionality,
Ownership mentality and target audience selection (the use of tags)
Measuring results
and more!!!!!!!!!
11.Most importantly this training is meant to equip the youth and give them financial empowerement,this is the major reason I picked a rural area,where you”ll find a lot of youths
impoverished,disgruntled and marginalized.

This is an awesome initiative by an awesome witness. I have been thinking to advertise in newspapers in my area, and hold regular meetings.

So far I have been able to bring some to this platform, @prabalmallick, @sanmi, @amanprem to name few active members. Need to bring more creative guys. Continuously discussing with people. Soon you will see someone who makes awesome crafts from almost anything.

I have been sharing all of my steemit stuff on my other social medias account where I have around 100K potential reach(as followers and fanbase)since joining steemit, does that count something?

First off I want to thank you @timcliff for this incentive. I'm in full support of promoting steemit and I currently carried out a promotion myself on the Utopian. io platform.
I carried out my promotion on Facebook where I created named Utopian-io promotion page. I intended to kill two birds with one stone (promote both platforms) because any user who intends to join steemit must also be a registered member of the steemit community. I created a paid ad in which I promoted the platform and directed the users to the link.

So I got to reach 5242 people with my budget and the post engagement was pretty good.
So I can say I successfully Shilled steem.☺
Here's the link

I'm in Chiang Mai in Thailand at the moment, where many people have heard about Bitcoin, but not as many are on Steemit yet, or don't take it as seriously.

I'm having many Steemit conversations here and post in Digital Nomad groups about it. I know at least one person has signed up to Steemit after our chat, and she's waiting for her account to get approved now. I'm not sure what her user name is and if I will see her again. I'm having lots of random conversations and just tell everyone to check it out :)

@jamique is definitely taking his account a little more seriously from now on, and he told me he was up until 4am, exploring Steemit after our chat :)

@nomadicsoul and I also had a "co-steeming" meetup yesterday and I shared lots of tips with her. She's a proper detective and highly motivated to succeed here, so she might actually know more about Steemit than me already :)

I don't know if I'll have any proof after the end of my Thailand trip, but I'm just going to continue what I do and tell everyone about it. For their benefit and for ours :)

Great intiative, @timcliff!

Aww what a sweet comment. I love how you share with everyone!

We always have meetings here in my community while we welcome the new Steemian and give them a tutorial how to post and others. This is the picture of the last meet-up IMG_20180218_192656.jpgIMG_20180218_192541.jpg

I will be making a video about steem in mandarin chinese. it will be about 1: explanation of how steem works, 2: the current cn community, and 3: walkthrough of set-up and basic use

then I will promote the video on chinese youtube "bilibili" similar to youtube ads promotions.

I will make a post on steem and link to this comment

Our Nepalese government has banned all cryptocurrencies on August 13, 2017. Nepal Rastra Bank, the central bank of Nepalwant to control every foreign currencies and it does not permit untraceable cryptocurrency and the main source of national revenue for government is from banking transaction.

Steemit has been something I have enjoyed since December 2017, and I have been a major fan of the blockchain STEEM. I am gonna teach my friends and other people about cryptocurrency and blockchain tachnology. I will be preparing a booklets on this. As it is purely illegal, I will be organizing workshop and seminars on steemit secretly along with my other friends who are on this platform. Encouraging the youths, then I can successfully build steemit community from my country🙂

Excellent project @timcliff. I am a members of steemitachievers which maybe 500 more members around the world, and this coming July I would love to go on vacation in the Philippines and meeting some others members and promoting STEEM I wish this could be successful because I was trying to grow our groups.sadly we are a litte newbies in here but growing community to the STEEM world will be an honored with us.I want to promote Steem this is what i am planning when I going to vacation to the Philippines now |I was printing Steem Logos. I was happy helping other people even I am newbies. hoping someday we will like you or other big brother in here. Steem is the future of our new generation in cryptocurrency . wishing you all the best @timcliff.hep hep hooooorrrraaaay
Here is our t-shirt design of members
I wearing it to clear that steem is a great change to this new generation.

Hey @timcliff, if we make a video is that cool? i had some ideas floating around in my head this morning of a proposal that i would make. if that fits for the contest, i'll go ahead and make it! then share my proposal and the link to the video here? let me know if that fits within the guidelines. thanks :)


if videos are cool. Here's my SHILLING PROPOSAL
I will make a video geared toward my social media networks, which include people I have met online and many I know in real life. in it, i'll invoke our trust bond by establishing credibility then share some stats on steem, share how it has changed my life and the story of how it entered my life and how i'm all in and can't imagine life without it!

For quick investment gains, the big investors are the place to start, but if we want to join investment gains (a bit slower though), loyalty and dedication which translates to good community development, then we should take steemit to those people who are yet to learn about crypto currency.

We show it to them, and open their eyes to the opportunities in it, and the non monetary value of the community.

We meet them at this point and they grow in the community. This way steemit will be part of third success story, and it will be marketed each time they share their stories.

We all know storytelling moves the world.

A special focus should be on these individuals. I am one of them, and I am still writing my story, so I know what I'm talking about.

I'm not sure if this really counts as shilling but it could potentially and vastly increase the numbers but also improve the reputation of the steemit community and revolutionize the academic world if it was to take off the way I dream about it:

I am drawing lots of illustrations for eSteem application like this one:

Have a lot of them and planning to create a project at Behance where I have 223k followers with that illustrations and story about Steem inviting professional artists, illustrators, designers, photographers from there.

I'm planning to take steemit to my church living faith kubwa, Abuja. My church has three services on Sunday the least in attendance is over 3000 and in my church we have a department called job for all, where they try to tackle unemployment by providing job, skills to her unemployed members.

My proposal is to take steemit to them, introduce them to it and seek their aid in promoting steemit by hosting a free seminar on steemit, this is not like regular meet ups as I have come to realize meetups are basically attended by people on steemit, this is an invasion "Steemit Invasion" where at least 1000 youths will be signed up in the platform. Unfortunately I can't show you proof before this post pays out as plans and arrangements are still being put in place to make it a success. My proposed period for the invasion is in second week of March.

This is how I'm going to make my own impact:

since we are from a background that know less, or rather have less knowledge and interest towards crypocurrency(Enugu, Nigeria), we steemians in this locality have formed a forum where we can come together and embark on some captivating projects for the sole goal of getting the attention of the locality/community in question, which we know very well, that will first of all impact knowledge of crypto currency and blockchain network. By getting them to the knowledge of crypot currency market and platforms, I believe they will fall in love with this innovation by the testimonies of individuals that have invested in it especially we steemians. By then, an avenue we created will automatically channel their focus on steem currency and steemit platform which is already our identity and brand by say our outfits(steemit t-shirts, cap, emblems etc).
We can achieve this by embarking on projects like community services(street sanitation), empowernment of the younger ones via educational activities like quiz competitions, campus invassions, meet ups etc. Our main focus on this will be youths especially which are the pillars of any community innovations. As we grow, we can also engage others through social media by creating a steemit related forums through which we can build steady interaction with many to promote steem blockchain and steemit. We wil encourage them to create steemit account to engage and also to invest in Steem currency. I believe this is the kind of thing the local community/settlement we inhabit in this part of the world nigeria needs. It should serve as a foundation and fundamental bases to our promotion of this steem crypto currency and steemit plartform.

Our previous meet ups of this sort did a tremendous enlightening to the youths of our community. And we are planning on doing more. Below is the links of meetups we have embarked on recently.

enugu steemit meet up on 9th February 2018


Tim I love this idea so much I will resteem this post soon and sent you 200 more Steem to add to the contest payouts from @budgets.

Will you consider giving the honorable mentions 10 Steem each from the extra because that will help more people participating get a valuable reward? If so the prizes might be look like:

75 Steem for first prize
50 Steem for second
25 Steem for third
20 honorable mentions at 10 Steem each

Total prizes: 350 Steem > $1,000 USD

@jerrybanfield - thank you very much! I will gladly use it as you see fit.

One thing - I am actually a little bit disappointed in the results so far. I wanted it to be about pitching Steem to investors and too many people took it as recruit more bloggers. Bloggers aren't bad to recruit, but there are already a lot of efforts being done for that - and I wanted this to have more of an investment focus. I am thinking of doing a second round of this in about two weeks, with a more defined contest that better defines the criteria of shilling Steem to investors.

If you want - I can wait until I do the next round and then have your contribution be a part of the second contest when I post it. (You would get more exposure that way too.) Or, if you would prefer, I use it for this contest - I am totally fine with either way. (just let me know)

I greatly appreciate the contribution. It really means a lot. We should chat more often - I haven't really talked to you much since SteemFest. Are you on discord or

I am disappointed with the results, there is excellent work here, I would like to know what you mean with investors? and excuse me if I don't understand using a translator.

Investors are the ones who buy STEEM tokens. They do so because they are looking for a return on their investment (profit). If investors don’t buy STEEM, then the price of STEEM goes down, and there are less rewards for everyone.

Really what I wanted this content to promote is that investors should have an interest in buying STEEM.

It is always good to listen to advice, if you give me some information I will surely multiply it and create a campaign for all of us to invest in Steem, thank you for your attention.

Using it for the next contest sounds great to me!

You were kind enough to accept my friend request on discord where a direct message is the best way to reach me! I have been remembering what we talked about at Steemfest frequently!

I setup a new account a while ago. I just sent you a friend invite from my latest account.

Excellent I will keep a look out!

In case it doesn't show up, you can also msg me: TimCliff#9168

A while back I got 300 steemit membership cards printed out. Their designed with a scannable QR code for easy access to my profile. I try to keep around 5 cards on me at a time and I hand them out to people whenever I got out to a museum or somewhere to take pics for a Steemit post. Some folks usually ask me what am I taking pictures for.

The membership cards were programmed by @benj.friedrich - nice, that you ordered 300 of them! :-)

Another initiative. A precious idea again sir @timcliff. Being a Filipino hip-hop dancer, I'd love to introduce this platform to my brotherhood. Some of my team are waiting for their account confirmation, looking forward of working here with them, fighting for one goal.

I'm shilling steem through encouraging others by the achievements done by steemit. By the words of whales, I'll inspire the inspires as I am. Since i'm a newbie here, what I can contribute for now is to keep my fellow minnows motivated by aiming to be successful in this world.

Good morning sir,
I am very happy to be a part of this. I do have a facebook page for my offline minnow school here in steemit.

I believe the internet/social-media is the fastest way to reach a whole lot of people at the same time and with the same effort. I intend to sponsor paid ads on my facebook page and also disrupt some busy places with the good news about steemit and its blockchain.

That is what I intend to do to shill this awesome platform. Giving out the steemit website without any referral link or bonus is one big way to prove that the blockchain isn't in favour of a few persons. I will keep ringing it in people's ears that they only get as much as they put in.

Thanks @timcliff


Running in person meetups in Melbourne (especially at bars where we can interact with people and tell them about steem). We had our first meetup last month (see @kevinli's great video here). It was so good I spent the money to get us on to the actual site and we have our next one coming up this Sunday. We already have new recruits via the site since it recommends to people in other crypto groups. Via other @teamaustralia members we now have meetups going in most major cities in Australia.

The target audience is the cryptocurrency world/community and potential investors.
The contest preference is to promote shilling of the blockchain and currency over the blogging platform (although promoting the blogging platform is still allowed).

Yeah, not to sound like a debbie downer but not sure why you wouldn't include all three. The blogging platform is really the backbone of Steem.
It's bloodline so to speak. It's the competitive advantage Steem has over the other Crytpo Currencies.

It's the competitive advantage Steem has over the other Crytpo Currencies.

^ This is promoting Steem as a blockchain. Exactly what I am going for :)

Pitching it as what makes our blockchain special is different than going out and trying to recruit more bloggers. My goal is to make the contest about recruiting more investors.

I have done contests to recruit more bloggers before - and that is important too, just not the main purpose of this contest :)

Gotcha , Tim. Thank you for such a swift reply. Makes sense. After all big Investors can make a HUGE difference for Steemit. No question.

Maybe my Uncle's could be candidates. Very wealthy in their mid and late 70s. They could just buy steem and NOT worry about the platform or participating in it right? Just be investors ??

Great idea and will give a big boost to the Steemit community! Followed!


Most of the People in Nepal doesn't know about Crpytocurreny and Steem.Youths are just hanging out on Facebook and other social Networks.They just don't know about how cryptocurrency and specially Steem works.I will be creating a Steemit stickers and a booklet about how Steems works and how you can earn Real Money instead for wasting time on other Social Networks

yeah Go on Brother. @teamnepal can help with you

Simply. I will print out stickers and have them available to handout while i busk saxophone when the weather brightens up here in missouri. I enjoy talking with folks in between songs and i am sure to empower more than a few people with my encouragement. With the sax in hand promoting doesnt come across so forced or pressured.

Whats about a big fat steemit sticker glued in front of your sax instrument :D of the things that I been thinking about doing lately to help everyone uniquely promote Steem and to create some interesting and eye-catching graphics and put them on professional premade business cards which can be easily ordered and anonymously distributed anywhere in the world. The point of these isn't to promote our own accounts...but lead people to the platform based on their curiosity of the card. The website that I will be using to create the product has coupons and sales on a daily basis so it wouldn't be too expensive for most people to get started with 100 cards and place them around their local community to be found like an easter egg hunt. I have three interesting designs in mind...and will be working on them today and tomorrow. Since joining Steemit...every time that I see a busker I feel that they would be a great addition to the platform! They are hardworking and already of the free thinking mindset...rebelling against social norms and probably very willing to become part of a different economy. Instead of giving them money...I often wish that I could quietly give them an opportunity...which can be life changing and is a lot more valuable in the long run! I will come back here with the post and product links when I am finished. <3

I will see what I can do, this is something we should all be doing regardless of the rewards offered here.

My plan is to shill Steem and the Steemit platform through blog posting on two different blogs that I own. It's ironic I found this post today, because I've already done my first shill post just 8 hours ago. You can find it here:

Additionally I will be doing a series of posts aimed at recruiting writers to the Steemit platform. They will almost certainly be more focused on the platform and less technical in nature by design, but I will come back and give you links as I release each post, although it isn't likely I'll finish the entire series of posts before the deadline of this contest.

I've got 2 words


Steem logo would look great on that right rear quarter panel. ;)


Make it so ;)

Are you serious? That one is our B mod. We are putting a new body on our A mod right now. No it wont be pink. That is the protective covering.

That was why i joined here and was my very first post.

Will you be putting “STEEM” on the race car anywhere?

If you are a sponsor we will put what ever you want on it. I just text my father in law about putting the steem symbol (the 2 dark blue with a light blue in the middle) with on there. i will hear back from him in the morning. Or would yo like something else?

Sounds pretty cool :)

Mission complete sir. I hope this is to your satisfaction. Steem is officially on a race car.


That’s pretty awesome! Do you have any info on where it will be driven / seen?

i am going to pick the decal up tonight it is a 17 x 17 decal. have not seen it yet but it is suposed to read like this .
top reads
................................Sponsored by Steem
...................................... :steem logo:
bottom reads

Ok. It took me some time to convince him because he is lery of crypto currency, but if i can convince him i can convince anyone.

it may get rubbed on once in a while lol.

Is there any news on the decisions made for this contest?

My shilling proposal is to use my youtube channel to bring to bring on my viewers (230k subscribers) and more importantly, I'm using my connections to bring other youtubers on the platform. From there, they will help bring their own followers on the platform as well!

I've been fortunate enough to onboard @maddielymburner @chelsealifts @eriktheelectric @sammymarie @curtowenmusic who are all content creators. I'm working on Obese to Beast, Raw Alignment, Rawvana and many more 500k+ channels to come on to the channel.

I love steem and only want to see it grow! I will do whatever I can to make that happen :D

My team of bloggers are into mobile photography and community outreach. My plan of shilling steem will be through photography. I will encourage our local community of mobile photographers to join steemit and get something in return on their photos.

I will also spread awareness throughout my other social media channels.

that will be awesome.

I am pretty new to steemit, BUT I work for a technology company that created MediaCoin, and we will be working with hundreds of artists that I will be in personal contact with. I am going to be telling them to promote the use of cryptocurrency in general by first introducing each one to steemit, as well as recommending that they document their experience with the MediaCoin platform via a blog on steemit.
The primary purpose of this obviously will be to promote MediaCoin as well as the artist, BUT by making steemit the preferred social media platform for our artists to promote the use of crypto in general, I hope to add a lot of new users and posters to Steemit.
I know I don't qualify for anything, but I wanted to put my two cents in.

Hey thanks! Just trying to get more adoption of crypto in general. I am 27, and I feel like this is my generations "industrial revolution" so to speak. I love Steem though and cant wait for the day it becomes the new social media juggernaut! Not to sound too "pluggy" BUT....
Mediacoin's website is:

Interesting, I like this idea. I have a niche following off steem around my health advocacy work and I am in the process of trying to get them to convert to steem, If I know I am going to share a steem post with an online source I will post the below to entice them onto steem:

I think I will add some of your points above to it now.

My other plan is to bring other niche bloggers to steemit, winning the "Rookie of the Year" Award last year opened me up to a range of health advocates all using various blogs and social media platforms to get there stories heard.

I aim to do this by creating a series of posts showing how they can easily incorporate what they are already doing into steemit. For example: Did you know there is a plugin that allows direct sharing from your WordPress blog into steemit? etc. I had no clue that this was possible and I have been neglecting my blog a bit since joining the blockchain and getting swept away with cryptocurrency, so now I can autoshare those niche stories and hopefully bring new bloggers to the platform at the same time.

One last thing is I am part of which is always looking for people to interview and write stories about, I scan this daily to see where I could share a good crypto/steem story

Nope I lied, that's not the only thing. @teamaustralia just set up and I offered to be an interviewee if they needed a planktons point of view. :)

Well that's the plan, lol, wish me luck!
P.S. How long is your contest open as this is a short-mid term plan.

The contest will be open until the post payout closes, with 24 hours to submit 'results'. I'll update the post for clarification.

Thanks for replying so fast.

Promoting steem(it) and the steem blockchain is vitally important in terms of the overall success of the platform, as well as for the users and potential users (the audience of whom we are trying to reach by promoting our beloved steemit!) There are so, so many ways to do so, but my focus will be on promoting the steem blockchain by supporting projects that will ultimately help steemit grow in the long haul.

There are numerous projects currently in progress and in the works, but to mention a few that are worth a look are steemiteducation, minnowsupport, and steemstem

the steemiteducation and minnowsupport projects are all about bringing educational content regarding the steem blockchain to steemit absolutely free of charge! and also providing support to newbies who are new and looking to make an impact on the community being built upon each and everyday.

steemstem is a science, math, and technology based project that is looking to spread knowledge of important topics that we can all relate to in a real world sense. If we can collectively better understand how our world functions and revolves around these particular topics that are shaping the world in which we live in, then we will be more equipped to improve upon these things in moving forward!

Following and supporting projects like these will most definitely go a long way in improving the steem blockchain, as a whole. One can also delegate SP to these particular projects to also help make an impact.

A contest very interesting to follow Sir @timcliff, as any I've previously introduced steemit to my friends and relatives about this, and almost all of them already registering their accounts. The plan I will introduce this steemit to friends of my Office. And also a little bit of explaining to them how the steem has contributed well in the world Blockhain. Thank you for this helpful contest Sir @timcliff, very interesting and also useful.

Yes, continue to spread the word! the more people that know about steemit will make there way here, which will ultimately help to grow this platform in the grand scheme of things!! Keep it up my friend :-)

Yeah, it's fitting we introduce this platform to the other, because we could see his prospects ahead. To be honest as long as familiar with steemit, this is very helpful to me. And I want to share this happiness with others. By the way, thanks for the nice comments @conradsuperb. :)

It is my pleasure! and absolutely, there can be zero harm in letting ppl know about what is happening here, I want the happiness to spread like a wildfire!!

Hello @timcliff

This is a good concept to recruit investors than bloggers which would definitely impact positively on steem value and general ecosystem. I hope more people promote steem cryptocurrency this way. Thanks for the opportunity.

@eurogee, the founder of @euronation community & The Host, Show Us Your Witnesses Weekly Contest

Just wanted to provide a little evidence of my shilling effort. Will be making a full post soon, but here are some photos from my effort