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RE: Steem Outreach Initiative : Regional Leaders - first appointments (Canada, Philippines, Ireland, South Africa, Wales)

in #steem3 years ago

Hey @pennsif If there is a need for a German Leader (omg that sounds so wierd....) I would be open to join the team mate! Of course I got a lot of things on my plate but I am always open to change priorities of existing projects and give away some responsibilities on other things.

I am excited where this can lead!



Hi @tibfox, that would be great if you would like to get involved.

If you can make an application post that would be ideal...

I dunno why this guy downvoted this comment but nevermind... I need to say - I changed my mind on this @pennsif. After thinking a day about the responsibility this position will have I want to take back my offer/inquiry. But I will forward this to the German discord community and ask them if there is someone who wanna fill this empty seat.

Keep us updated, I am rly excited about this!


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