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We still need four more projects that would like to come on Steem Tank, apart of DO hosted by Pennsif this Thursday 8 pm UTC on discord

To apply for Steem Tank email me: [email protected]

For the first episode, I am leaving the entry as open as possible. Do you have a non-profit idea/project that could help grow Steem? I want to hear about it!

Have a project that needs a little push to gain momentum? I want to hear about it!

From Non-profit to a full-fledged profitable business, if you think you can benefit from talking with me and spreading your idea to the community, send me an email today!


Dude if for some reason steem succeeds big time...we’ll probably owe you a statue or something.

Haha I agree! 💃 I believe steem will succeed, It takes time 😉

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Yup, I agree. Could someone design a blockchain town square where we could put up statues, plaques and other non-fungible landmarks ;-)

Would love to put SEVEN77 project with SteemTank

I’ll definitely get in touch after Building the foundation

Thanks a million Dan and @pennisf

Fab, I just sent you an email. I think I could benefit from talking with you, what an amazing opportunity :-)

Hi @paulag

Did you send email regarding your project @steemcommunity? Or do you work on something else as well?


I have an idea but I am no where , still thinking it out.

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You're really crushing all these projects!

Thanks a lot for your support to the whole community. Upvoted max! 😁

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I've pretty much copy-pasted my idea into the email I've sent to you. Idea: steembook

Why only 4 projects? I think the more apps and projects will be, the more engagements we'll have. Why not to start with simple step by step easy solutions for newbies, for example. It can attract people from other networks, if it will be simple and clear to understand basics.

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Because there's a limited amount of time for the show, so 4 projects fills in the time slot.

Non - profit sounding great 💪

@aid.venezuela is a pretty good non-profit!

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I wish everyone believes in steem like you do. I'll email you cause I know of several projects that needs a little push.

I have some projects in my mind and I will let you know by email.

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Mine is still at ground level and need to talk it through with you first. Putting the email together over the next few days. It could be something big or not I don't know.

Dear @cryptoandcoffee

Sounds interesting. If by any chance I could help (with some exposure) then please drop me an email as well.


Awesome! I'll come back to that if you guys do that again in a while. We have something in the making but it's far from being presentable.

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excellent initiative Hopefully, there is a good enough project that helps promote the steem platform with much more strength

Sounds like a promising venture!

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