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We now have 5 REAL consensus witnesses in! If you ever were on the fence to powerup STEEM, and you really care about the future of this place, this is the time to powerup! Hell, I will give you FREE STEEM just to powerup!


Simply powerup some STEEM, post your proof below and receive an upvote. The larger the amount you powerup, the larger the vote you get, all the up to a 100% vote potentially.

Once you have poweredup, head on over to this post, vote for some witnesses and get a second upvote! https://steemit.com/steem/@theycallmedan/call-to-action-earn-upvotes-to-vote-for-witnesses



hehhehehe thanks, I had to do something :-)

You inspired me to do what I can ....


You can save your vote for someone else if you like.
I'm just here to support Steem Sovereignty.

Ok Dan! Thank you for prompting the Steem community to Power Up!

I just Powered Up 12,230 Steem between 3 of my Steem Accounts. @BeachReady @AdventureReady @Wil.Metcalfe (this one.)
Here's my post about my Power Up:

And here are all the proofs!



Everybody reading this comment! Now is the time to flex our Steem muscles!


I have powered up about 12K steem.

If you like do ....

I had to powerup all my Steem yesterday. I love Steem and its people. Every bit of steem helps!


I have powered up over 150k in the last 60 days over a few different account. I don’t want an upvote....give it to others.....I just wanted you to know I’m doing everything I can to help us along.

Powered up 10585 steem. No need to upvote, save it for more active users. I just want to help fight the good fight. Any crypto that I own came from Steemit over the years... I owe it.
Screen Shot 2020-03-04 at 1.37.55 AM.png

Just powered up some. Been doing all I could for the past 6 days. And got all my witness votes in

Vested 1,600 STEEM today in 5a19466fbe8e814c23ce0ba546365a5c512e3a8d, which will bolster the power of my witness votes.

Ok, I am not rich but I follow your call and will strengthen my account for our community.



It will take some time.


Fertig :-)))


Screenshot (699).png

Only about 865 STEEM powered up today, so far.

A good day for increasing my own effective SP: I had some delegations returned, sold some SBD and Tokens and Invested Fiat so I could power up 615 STEEM today. https://steemit.com/steem/@cryptocurator/powering-up-and-voting-witnesses


Powered up all my liquid Steem, it's not a lot but every bit makes a difference https://steemd.com/tx/737244e4fd38a5260b8f7fef4009edfc45b101ee

Just powered up 500 Steem, we are voting for the former top 30


I moved 1800 Steem back from Bittrex to power up. I'm not sure how to find the transaction to show the power up but this is bringing some Steem back from Bittrex (which I bought over there from some BTC and BAT).



I've done the most I can:

  1. Powerup 200
  2. Swap SBD and Powerup Everything Else
  3. Cancel Powerdown (Equal to powering up 612.427 STEEM)




Here I am new but I power up everything I get from recent posts.

This post was resteemed by @steemvote and received a 99.24% Upvote. Send 0.5 SBD or STEEM to @steemvote

BOOM! 1000 Steem powered UP!

Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 5.47.37 PM.png

Drop in the bucket? Maybe. Doing what I can though :-)
edit: also going through old alt-accounts sitting around and proxying them to vote for legit witnesses!

If that's a drop in the bucket then my mere 89 jusr a drop in the ocean. Jokes, good looks!

Haha. It's all relative. But no your 89 helps more than you might think given how many we have in the community... !engage 10

Here's a Powerup!

Although I hope a happy medium can be found.
Coin duplication via forks and/or investors losing
what they purchased both sound crappy to me.

1100 Steem powered up. I did witnesses vote already and this is another Action from my side to support my lovely family. Thanks Dan.

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You gottit man.

I powered up all I had (175 STEEM) on SPUD xi a couple days ago.


Just now, I powered up the rewards and converted SBD as well and am 100% powered up.


Topping up my witness votes (Which I already did a couple days ago as well) and will post there.


Thanks for doing this man.

Wrong Shitcoin 👌
Every penny counts guys, I recently did a large 600SP for SPUD from what I had left in BTC from rewards after building my STEEM witness. You better believe I would be pushing my voters to do the same 😎 sorry backups our top need the attention!
Been a regular habit these days 😉

Hey! Done few days ago for SPUD:
And now again with everything I have left:

Schermata 2020-03-06 alle 17.45.52.png

Schermata 2020-03-06 alle 17.46.15.png


Exchanged some BCH for Steem and Powered it up. Also took any liquid Steem from from my alts and powered them up too. Justin done F-ed up big time!!! Let’s Gooooooo


Powered up on Sunday for SPUD. Full amount came to 660.5 steem. In the image below you can see that is 575.07 liquid steem that was in my wallet and 85.45 of Steem power rewards.

Screenshot 240.png


I have Powered up all Steem I had (420.95). My support to my Community always. I ❤️steem

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I just powered up 170 STEEM

And my witnesses:



Here's one. More to come. It's essential to gather the available STEEM otherwise "someone else" will

Just did it, sold my eth and bought some more steem. Lets do it!!!

Powering Up everything I earn daily :)
Active steem user.
I don`t like having me steem just sitting around better to work for the community.


Going to Power up my last 129 liquid Steem....




And my Votes...




Just powered up its not much but this is all I have left in Liquid form.

These are a great idea, keep doing them!

Last one for now. Tomorrow I'm back in business.

I powered up my liquid steem.


Not that it's even remotely enough to make a difference (or even a noticable movement of air), but I'm powered up (all the STEEM I got) and voted.

just vote the witness and power up, thx


A little more...

I powered up all my liquid steem minutes ago, after reviewing all my witness votes, removing the disabled ones and placing all of them where they should be. It's so great to see all the community effort!


I powered up all of my liquid steem. I am working through the details of a new steem purchase.


Unfortunately, I powered up not long ago so I didn't have too much steem but just powered up everything I had!


Here's my little bit.

All my liquid got powered up around noon.


Here below is our evidence plus our 100% upvote for you to help in the fight!



Powered up what STEEM I had.

proof of powering up.jpg

Hi @theycallmedan this is my humble contribution.


Here my witness votes.


I'm sure the union will win! 💪

Powered up 205 Steem the other day ahead of the drama, originally so I could give a better upvote but it turned out to be a solid move so I could give the Witnesses more of a vote!



Had done part 2 last night and just powered up all my liquid steem aka 89.544 steem.

I assume I don't have to unvote and then vote again.



Withdrawals from Binance are suspended for STEEM as you can see...


My current steem is trapped in an order that no mater what cannot be cancelled.


Powered up a little i had liying around




Already power up, prove at here:


160 SP in two days, not much, but all what I could handle to this moment.


I really care for steem I have started power down few days ago but I stopped that and don’t have bunch of steem but it’s my contribution.



I powered up about 550 STEEM yesterday to add to my vote.

After some failed attempts i just somehow got the delegation of 111 steem done successfully and as there are few friends of mine i will be telling them as well to power up more steem and even i will be converting some of my btc to steem.

Powered up some Steem.

True call. I am not rich and my weight is small. Not even matured to a dolphin, although it will soon grow. But seas and oceans are made up of small drops. Let it be my straw :-)


Everything I have is powered up!


Need 3 more days to get another 1k from saveing.


I join in SPUDXI on March 1 initiate by @streetstyle and I power up 300 Steem from reward a month

Support SPUDXI, Just Power Up 300 Steem



The Steem blockchain is currently being attacked by a central authority in order to take control of the witnesses. If you are not managing your witness votes, please consider setting @berniesanders as your witness voting proxy by clicking here to help restore the decentralization of Steem.


I am powered up to the max and voting for the old top 20 witnesses. Only other SP I have is with dlease. I could cancel that lease but it would go into 5 day cool down, so no point at the moment.

Delegations do not impact your witness vote strength so no need to cancel the lease.

That's good to know.

same here

I started a change from SBD to STEEM at SteemPeak and I just noticed that it will take 4 days and I can't cancel it, well.. Is there any exchange that has STEEM enabled? I could try to ask for a considerable amount of money just to power up

In the middle of the process I noticed that Bittrex is blocked to Venezuelans.

I powered up all my Steem about a week ago and have had my proxy set to aggroed. Come on Steemians lets get our chain back!!! Every lil bit helps.

Done! All Votes from @photofeed / @worlcapture are in.

Thanks for the work you put into this, Dan. This gives me hope that all of our work wasn't for nothing.

This isn't over. Keep pushing! We need more witnesses back in the top 20 and more SP behind them!

Is that enough to stop Justin? And what are binance going to do now all their clients funds are locked in staking?

Now I understand the power of community. Steem community is real!

We all want the best for Steem blockchain which is why doing the right thing is necessary now.

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I am always powering up SP.

Well done we have a community working together that`s g great :)

Inspiring efforts Dan, thank you!

Power Up, so you can't Cash Out

Very, very smart

How can I make it? :)

Doing what I can to move more over to powerup even further, already pumped my account as much as I could over the last couple months, but finally used all my witness votes!! I was hovering around 3-7 for awhile.


is it justin sun - failure moon? any thoughts?

Shows how much Steemit is in the shitter, a 100% upvote from you isn't even attractive.

Here's my power down, @theycallmedan = 3.5 K STEEM!

I also wrote this post (POWER DOWN: Do it RIGHT NOW and hold your STEEMs!) to encourage more people to do the same.

that was fast 🔥🔥

epale estamos activos de #lujo

Congratulations @theycallmedan! You received a personal award!

Thank you for the witness votes you made to support your Steem community and for keeping the Steem blockchain decentralized

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I decided to power up all my earnings for a few days or ecen for a month to support steem ! I created a video about that in 3speak. I don't have money to buy steem, but I can power up all my earning from now !

Congratulations @theycallmedan! You received a personal award!

Look's like you do not like Justin. Did you really downvote him?

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I'm honestly not sure whether I want to power up or cut and run at this point.

Powered up everything we have.

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