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in #steem5 years ago

Hello Steem Fam !

Today I won't talk about any tech or any stuff

Let's talk about results...

Yesterday (As Per IST)

At 1 Pm I had my results and as expected I got less marks so I am kinda depressed and also guilty as fuck ...

So I kind of wasted my mom dad's money on my education that's what I feel and I don't know what to do next as I am stuck....low marks in entrance as well as state exams

It was all my fault so I have to accept it and I have felt what it's like to hurt your parents well I am hurting them the 3rd time...

I am so much interested in technology and stuff that sometimes I think I wanna do something more and I drive myself to dig deep into things I like and study is not one of them.. I was learning python rather then learning gravity and organic chem 😂 spending my time on coding projects rather then college ones finding about crypto platforms rather then best books to learn 😂

In short I fucked myself...and I am of nowhere

What to do? Please motivate me or any ideas 😅🧐🧐

And also thanks for listening to me Steem is the platfrom I can express myself and I like it even more now

That's it I said what I wanted to 😂now you gimme some suggestions

Thanks Love y'all


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