MetaSploit?Heard about it?

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Heyya Steem Fam

So Today's Let's Talk about Metasploit Attacks and Testing...

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What is Metasploit?

  • The Metasploit Project is an open sourceproject that provides a public resource for researching security vulnerabilities and developing code that allows a network administrator to break into his own network to identify security risks and document which vulnerabilities need to be addressed first.

What Can be done using Metasploit?

  • It is mainly Used for security and penetration purposes to test the security

  • Hackers also use it to do illegal things like stealing data and exploiting security and various other ways

  • People also use it to spy on others phone's (this is why it's so famous😂)

To fully understand it lets divide it into 3 parts

1.Pre - Attack Phase

Now, you can use metasploit to

  • Create a listener on a port.
  • Create a malicious apk file
  • Create a malicious file such as a pdf file
  • Create a malicious extension
  • Create a malicious exe file using msfvenom
  • Using msfvenom, you can also create malicious php file.
  • You can use auxiliaries in metasploit to do enumeration on the target.

2. Attack phase

Perform different activities based on the type of payload you have used for exploiting such as taking a screenshots.
Go for privilege escalation.

3. Post attack phase

You can again use those same auxiliary to find more information about the network or system once you are inside.
You can also use post phase modules to interact with registry and event log management to clean your tracks.

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Metasploit can be used for good as well as bad it depends how and who uses it and what are the intention's

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