Those who are talking to make steemit a better platform they self doing blind up-votes for higher curation, shit is going on in here and @ned is acting like a celebrity

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Everyone is talking about making steemit a better platform, except me i know steemit cannot become best social platform there are many reasons behind it.

Today while seeing trending list there is no blog below reputation 60 on trending list, do they all are idiots or above 60 reputations are genius.

see these post in trending and self judge how many are worth of it, people are doing up-votes on reputed person due to higher curation reward, man please be loyal and up-vote some good less reputed authors.

Screenshot (118).png
Screenshot (119).png
Screenshot (120).png
Screenshot (121).png
Screenshot (122).png

And now see what @ned is doing

Screenshot (123).png

@ned do something or you just created it for making money don't act like a celebrity join the comunity and make it better, else it just become only a money makig platform, man do something come here and lets make steemit better again...!!!


@Ned has over half a million Steem. If @Ned would get into conflicts here. It would be required every time in the future. I don't think that that's what we want here. Neither would Ned want to play policemen for the rest of his life.

I am not saying he came and investigate and take action, instead make some modifications in the platform so every hard working original authors can get same values as others

Congrats dear @thepeople! at least you got some good number of up votes here.
I agree you on it because I'm also working here for 1 month & I have to use up bots for visibility but it couldn't help me to get some appropriate attention for my original content. I'm still trying to do my work but lets see how far can i go with it :)

Thank you I havent expected this much vote it shows people are there who were suffering from same problem.
People are doing blind upvotes on higher reputed authors for more curation rewards this causes lack of attaintion on less reputed original hard working authors, but no one will do anything for that so it's upto us to keep pushing and keep writing good posts until we become reputed over 60.
Thankyou for visiting my blog.

You're welcome dear, I also want that administrators should brought some major good changes to this platform.

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