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RE: Those who are talking to make steemit a better platform they self doing blind up-votes for higher curation, shit is going on in here and @ned is acting like a celebrity

in #steem4 years ago

Congrats dear @thepeople! at least you got some good number of up votes here.
I agree you on it because I'm also working here for 1 month & I have to use up bots for visibility but it couldn't help me to get some appropriate attention for my original content. I'm still trying to do my work but lets see how far can i go with it :)


Thank you I havent expected this much vote it shows people are there who were suffering from same problem.
People are doing blind upvotes on higher reputed authors for more curation rewards this causes lack of attaintion on less reputed original hard working authors, but no one will do anything for that so it's upto us to keep pushing and keep writing good posts until we become reputed over 60.
Thankyou for visiting my blog.

You're welcome dear, I also want that administrators should brought some major good changes to this platform.

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