To Steem or not to Steem?

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I again reach out to my fellow community members. I am struggling with reasons to continue Steeming. It seems to me that most of the Steem community prefer HIVE. That is just my opinion on what is taking place. Please let me know your feelings opinions. I would love to hear everyone's opinions.


I've been exchanging my STEEM for HIVE, but I'm looking for a reason to keep some Steem Power. I've got a million reasons to leave Steem, but I'm looking for one good reason to stay. Please express your opinions to me in comments.

I've been a huge fan of Steem since I first heard of it. But now my favorite games are leaving the Steem blockchain, and I fear all my favorite Steemians may be leaving as well.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to hearing from you.


I am staying here @themightyvolcano simply because some of my friends chose to stay and not go to hive.

Thank you for sharing your opinion. That is a good reason to stay.

There is a nonzero chance that STEEM eventually gets pumped, which seems like a decent reason to at least hold some. There may not be a good reason to stay regarding any kind of community as that has mostly left, but the price of STEEM isn't dead yet, when it probably should be, and that to me means there is some plan to push it higher at some point.

Thank you for sharing your opinion. I will keep my eye out for the next pump.

No guarantees it happens, but why would you support the price for months? What could be the reason?

The only logical thing to me is because you plan on pumping it at some point significantly higher.

That could be me being hopeful but that makes the most sense to me...

@themightyvolcano Hi there, its nice that you want to know other's opinions on why they want to keep steeming. For me and @steemingcurators we see this as a way for people to earn more crypto and supplement their income, especially to those who rely on steem/hive to put food on their table. I'm fortunate that I'm not in that category, I am in the category where I want my crypto money still survive in the long run, and how I predict that? Looking at the leadership, the behavior of the people with the highest stake on steem/hive, how they treat people with low SP/HP do they still have humanity in their heart or enslave to the code is the law? I also in the camp of I'm wherever camp that make me money, not in the camp I dislike Justin Sun because he is a scammer/belong to China CCP government/racist, I think they are resent of him because they holding TRX bag from 2017 crypto crash, or simply said, prejudice. My other reasons to stay is I have faith and hope that the new leadership and community on steem will be moving forward with a better solution and practice for everyone that have steem best interest in heart and most important still have the sense of humanity, not enslave themselves to the code is the law. Hoping for you to stay and enjoy the community here that might have the same interest/ideologies as yours. I see that you're into weeds, so why don't hang out with these weed folks here
Keep steeming, steem on!

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