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As the events of the recent weeks unfolded, and it became inevitable that the two communities would merge, i began to think back on what I've experienced with Tron since 2018. It was all variable then, and when i first bought TRX at $.14, i thought for sure the Moon was my next stop! Of course...days later...Bitcoin crashed...and took everything else down with it. I got out of everything on the way down besides TRX. There was something about Justin Sun, and the way he was admired by Jack Ma in China...that spoke to me of someone who had earned great respect from one of the greatest businessmen of our i was in...TRX crashed, bounced, sputtered, fumbled and bumbled to pretty close to where it still sits today... $.02(ish). For some reason though, it didn't bother me. I had held on to something. Something with what i believed had possibility based on solely the fact that Justin Sun was at the helm. He was young, goofy, annoying, and always had a way of announcing an announcement that was simply an announcement of the next big announcement (!) ...but it worked. Tron began to build a community.
I followed Team Tronics in the beginning, migrated to IGG, and then discovered and was hooked. The team was always available to answer questions, and they were transparent with their goals and always focused on earning the community's trust. The SEED token is why i stay with Tron today. In SEED, Sesameseed developed something so unique as a way to compound voting rewards simply by holding SEED. Just Holding their token in your wallet, automatically earned you more of their token daily...not to mention, the PEGGED value. PEGGED to TRX (and now ONT and ONG and more to come), SEED is guaranteed to never fall below the value of TRX (or the other tokens it is PEGGED to). I'm sure many of you know of Sesameseed from the Splinterlands event with SEEDGerminator.
But i digress, it's nice to be back to where i began my journey into crypto. Looking forward to learning how STEEMit has evolved, and how the two communities can learn and grow together. See you soon! :)


I have been active on steem and playing splinterlands so I used the Sesameseed platform it worked well and I even voted for it for a while to earn some seed tokens. I only have a few but might start to vote for it again soon

Awesome! Splinterlands has an incredibly well done platform/game/community. I still regret selling my Gold Fiendish Harpy and other Gold Foils I had from the beta packs from SEEDGerminator...Sesameseed has been working on SPROUT lately which will allow SEED holders on the Tron blockchain to swap for SEED tokens on the ONT platform. Essentially creating a way to capitalize on the success of one chain or the other. They are currently looking at about 10 other chains to integrate the SEED token into.

It is the first time I heard about sesameseed, but I will dig into it, for sure.

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