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I just heard from @rishi556 about the @giftgiver service. This is to help new users who are struggling with the limited delegation they get from Steemit. You can just ask for an extra 15SP and you should get it if you meet the requirements. One of these is to not be on any voting bot blacklists.

So check out Givegiver if you cannot comment and vote as much as you would like to.


Another free delegation offer is from @paulag. You could get 50SP if you take her free course about Steem.

I am delegating to various small accounts, but I tend to be picky about who gets them.

If you can afford it then I encourage you to buy some Steem to power up. 15 Steem is only about $6 right now.

If you know of other such schemes to help newbies then please leave a comment.

Steem on!


I think that I'll be upping it to 20 SP this weekend(or once I get home today more accurately), so this should be of even more help.

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I started my account by leasing 100 delegated sp for 90 days with @blocktrades. They lease to anyone, so I could do it without a track record.

The cost fluctuates over there. Right now 100 sp for 90 days is a bit over 10 steem or 5.5 sbd. Cheap instant solution to the rc problem.

I think delegation works until at least 500 owed sp. Much more bang for the buck than dripping steem into sp, and better account curation rewards and presence.

I started this blog on Jan 1 and now it has 250 owned sp and 500 leased. I use @dlease now instead of blocktrades since it is much cheaper. I'm very happy with the results.

My main account is @fitinfun and so I had less learning curve than most do.

People should take advantage of the free delegations. I don't know what the return is on paid delegations, but it's great if it works for you

This is a great news and thanks a lot for a trail on my post. I really appreciate that. 😊

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Yeah keep it rocking! And rishi556 is coming up! Love watching all this growth!

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