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RE: Tokencard a good lottery ticket to invest in (Win Oct. 2nd)

in #steem5 years ago

TenX seems to be the only project has a working product, not to mention the new compliance officer they brought in from bitFlyer for their upcoming banking license.

Unless tokencard comes up with something functional in the next few months, I'm staying away from it.


I tend to agree with you and trust me 60% of my portfolio is in TenX I just saw a opportunity with token and decided to throw a few $100 at it to see if I was right. Terns out I am so far as token had a breakout after posting this article. My plan is to ride the pump till tomorrow then sell and make some nice profit. Then move that money back into TenX

That might be a wise trade. What do you think of OmiseGO? That one seem to be quite promising as well. I'm not sure if its a competitor to TenX as they seem to be more focused on mobile payments.

Personally I like it, however I refuse to get in atm I see WAY too much rise in price considering the age. I'll invest but i'm waiting on a OMG market correction. I invested in QTUM and BNB though once the China news hit and they hit all time lows the return has been over 100% on BNB alone

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