hey @techslut, sorry for the late response. Yes, we really hope for it to be a gamechanger. However, we are also sure that in the long run, there has to be another system than voting-bots. But one step at a time. :)

Definitely! Being a minnow, I often times experience that kind of inner hesitation every time I submit an article. That feeling of to write or to not write is constantly playing in my mind because of fear of wasting my time and effort that nobody will be reading my post, let alone take the chance of up-voting it and waste their voting power on someone they don't know.

I haven't posted in a week before last night. And I've never posted more than 2-3 posts a day. If I don't have something of true value to submit - I just don't. Screw the payouts.

You have a valid point on that. We all have our own reason of joining the platform. For someone who strives to make at least a basic source of living out of writing stuff, it seems it's kind of necessity regardless of your current writing mood.

And I find it very difficult to have a justifiable return of effort if you don't have a massive amount of STEEM Power. Now I am beginning to incorporate some referral link on my posts in order to somehow justify what I am doing. #makesteemitgreatagain

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