Just in case you didn't notice!


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I know! The feeling is freaking awesome! I worked hard on it and I'm glad it will help a lot of Steemians and Steem in general.

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Well deserved Sir!

That should be enough for a bottle of wine or a bottle of your favorite liquor or a case of brew. :D

Maybe the Marketing Dept will take a look and APPROVE this to be added to the Home Page/Welcome Page/Quick Start Guide

I'll buy cases of mangoes with all those Steem or rather keep the Steem to later replant the whole earth with mangoes, the good one.

Thank you for the compliment on my article. I think it would need some reworking to make it there as an approved welcome page but for some reasons I don't think it will do. To many tangents if I can express it this way.

You don't seem the type of person to STOP trying.


P.S. Mangoes are delicious BTW

Congratulations! Your comment was nominated for the Comment of the Day #3 Contest and won second prize! You will now receive a 60% vote from me and my trail and after payout 30% of the Steem Dollars the post made!

That contest is a super nice idea @acidyo! You're clearly onto something and that you for the prize.

Nearly doubled in value since last nite now nearly $200 and 500 views too!

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