STEEM Word Cloud

in steem •  3 years ago

This STEEM word clouds represent most popular words used in top blogs in the trending category at this stage historic period formation of a new of social media platform based on blockchain:

Full size: STEEM Logo Word Cloud

Full size: STEEM World Map Word Cloud

Full size: STEEM Logo Circle Word Cloud

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Brilliant designs, I love it all.

Nice world cloud, can i use in my post?

Really cool stuff! Shows that the top rewarded discussions have been self-referential. Would you do one with the circle logo that filter out the Steem(it)-referencing topic tags? That way we could see a word cloud of the other topics, and hopefully it would be more diverse. It could be more useful for marketing.

Great stuff! It looks like everyone is straight on topic and isn't talking about the same old. Either I missed it, or I can't seem to find Bitcoin or Ethereum on there.

Glad to see Steem not being in the shadow!

These images are so cool, I love the tag sin the symbols, they really show what this crazy experiment is all about...sharing stories and creating community and building blockchain based rewards

wow ..... surprisingly a nice and surprising steam promo

The picture is fantastic @team, it takes a long time to create a picture full of incredible imagination. This is fantastic ...

wwoooow perfect

Looks pretty great, do you mind if I use it on my intro, I'll place a link back to your post my intro is here