The Situation With InfoWars Shows How D.Tube, DLive And STEEM Is Needed: Decentralization!!!

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It matters none what anyone thinks about InfoWars or the host, Alex Jones. What is taking place to this channel shows the importance of what we are creating on the STEEM blockchain.

Many of the STEEM promoters tout the idea of riches from posting content on the STEEM applications. I made my point clear on numerous occasions as to why I feel this is not a smart route to take.

The biggest offering that the STEEM blockchain has is decentralization.

What is taking place on the major social media sites is nothing more than censorship.

In a 24 hour period of time, according to an article on Marketwatch, Apple (ITunes), Google (YouTube), Facebook, and Spotify all banned or took down content that InfoWars created. The default "violation of the TOS" was the reason given.

The problem with this entire situation is that it reeks of censorship. There is no doubt Jones is a brash and combative figure. His show is a political version of Jerry Springer. While many in the alternative media gobble up what Jones has to say, he ultimately is a small player on the entire media landscape.

That said, he has a right to voice what he says. A lot of what he states can be deemed offensive and hateful. But, then again, offensive is a relative term. There is a ton of stuff on FoxNews, MSNBC, CNN, and what comes out of Congress (let alone the President) that I find offensive. Should these institutions be shut down (hopefully in time, blockchain goes a long way to doing that). Hell, I find the existence of Zuckerberg and his power to be offensive.

As a Steemian, the message that we need to spread to people who are being censored or displaced by the mainstream media is that they have a voice on STEEM. Anything posted on the blockchain is there forever. It cannot be altered or changed without near impossible effort. No government entity can come in and issue something to have it removed.

Applications like @dtube, @dlive, and all the different STEEM interfaces are taking on greater importance. It is obvious the big tech companies are adhering to someone's agenda. They are trying to influence things in a manner that suits them. They are engaged in a total abuse of power and the masses are completely unaware of what is taking place.

One does not have to agree or even like Alex Jones to applaud his right to say something. Freedom of Speech is the protecting the right of even the most vile among us to say what he or she desires. Stopping someone who has an opinion we might not like is a dangerous game. There could come a time where your viewpoint is not in favor and the establishment wants to shut you down.


Jones' YouTube channel contained more than 2M followers. That is more than 2M people who were displaced by Google. These are people who like a particular point of view that is banned by the social media giants.

This is where applications on STEEM can offer a big advantage. The fact that the blockchain is decentralized (applications are centralized that is why have multiple access points is so important) gives the voiceless a voice. Even if an application gets a take down notice, the information on the blockchain cannot be removed.

The situation with these companies is only going to get worse. As their power grows, they are becoming more corrupt. It is long rumored that thes entities feed information to the governments of the world anyway. Now, it appears they are being used to silence some outspoken critics.

Once the sign up process is automated, here is a prime example how hundreds of thousands of users can be onboarded to the STEEM blockchain in a quick period of time. This is how our numbers can grow. A few entities that are silenced by the tech giants could bring their followers to STEEM. Ones that have millions of followers are sure to find a place here.

Perhaps Facebook and YouTube might end up being the best advertising for the STEEM blockchain simply by their tyrannical actions.

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I think we badly need those communities, hivemind...

I feel sometimes very lonely on steemit, nowhere to fit in...

With Hiveminds I hope I could find some people with the same mind wiring as I have...

What's more — regardless of what you may think of Alex Jones and his message — those two million followers were mostly actual followers, not just "number inflation bots." That's a significant voice.

I totally agree, though. Approaching Steemit (and other front ends) purely as a "money grab" completely misses the point. A sense of permanent record, and no censorship.

I sincerely hope HF.20's onboarding mechanism does what it was intended to do. There are other large YouTubers here, but they only managed to bring over a few hundred followers... because in this "instant gratification world," who's going to wait around five days for their account to be approved?


we should get in contact with him to join dtube. Don't like the guy but he has the right to speak...

On @dtube you are silenced through technology. A video I posted half a year ago is not accessible anymore. So how does this decentralization work, you need an ipfs node, and if its gone, the videos disappear eventually?

Protecting people's freedom of speech, even when you disagree with them, is a sign of a mature and healthy society. When there is a lack of an ongoing healthy dialogue, oppressors gain power.

I had never thought of the Steem platforms in that way. It makes total sense to me and makes me appreciate being a part of Steemit! Thanks for opening my eyes!

Steemit is a great social network because it allows you to create free content and without any type of limitations. All those people where in other media their space has been silenced must join our network and immerse themselves in the wonderful world of Steemit.

That's right, Steemit is a decentralized blockchain where we can publish the content we want, without being silenced, eliminated or censored.

Excellent article. I really liked it. Thank you for doing STEEM - better. Good luck to you and Love.

Отличная статья. Мне очень понравилось. Спасибо, что делаете STEEM – лучше. Удачи Вам и Любви

The number one reason I came here from Facebook was because the blockchain was open source, decentralized and distributed. As a result, I could not be censored like I was on Facebook. I did that 10 months ago. Glad to see that people are starting to see just how bad it is getting with the monolithic, corporate, centralized, closed, big brother platforms that seems to appeal to the sheep sites. Nice post @taskmaster4450. I saw what happened and my first thought was 'what did anybody expect?' Fairness, openness and freedom? pfftttt what a joke.

"This is how our numbers can grow"

No kidding! I think Alex Jones' conspiracy theories about 911 and Sandy Hook are a load of crap, but Facebook, Apple and Youtube all muzzling the guy at once feels like a hugely powerful and concerted act of censorship.

They are, of course, entitled to do this, since noone has the right to use a corporation's channels, except on their say so. He is free to publish whatever he likes on his own website.

But what a HUGE opportunity for the Steem eco-system this is. Everybody knows Alex Jones because the guys mouth is so big he got in the ear of just about everybody on earth.

"Censorship resistance" just became THE major USP for Steem, equal even to "the tokenization of content."

Go Steem! :)

The one possible drawback to decentralization and censorship resistance is what happens when the kiddie porn slime balls show up?


I think, there is enough hackers to catch the criminals, and deliver to the police. If they want, of course. The exchanges can close their, and connected accounts. We have tools for handle this, only need the will.

Freedom need responsible and will for acting.

Long live Steem!

I dont like infowars, because i think, he is a little "loud". Its not a wrong thing, but different tastes :)
But i hate the censorship.

"The functionaries of every government have propensities to command at will the liberty and property of their constituents. There is no safe deposit for these but with the people themselves, nor can they be safe with them without information. Where the press is free, and every man able to read, all is safe." --Thomas Jefferson to Charles Yancey, 1816.