The Age Of Abundance: Are You At The Point Of Knowing???

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A major characteristic of the new era we are entering is the shift from believing to knowing. For the past few thousands year, humans were taught to "believe". Whatever it was, faith or a belief would reap rewards.

This is not out of character with the last age. It was a time of belief. It moves us from the overt barbaric stage to one that is more "cultured". I use the word overt since I feel we still are a rather barbaric species capable of a great deal of destruction. Our evolution is such that we still need a lot of progression.

A great deal of what we experience is due to the fear that comes from a system of scarcity. As we transition into the next age, knowing is going to take over.

What is the difference between belief and knowing? I think all have that answer. When one has that, as Thomas Magnum used to say, "little voice" that tells us something, that is knowing. It is the deep felt connection to the infinite source that provides perfect answers. That is knowing. How often we are in contact with that varies from each person. However, it is something all of us experienced.

Many refer to manifestation or the Law of Attraction as a part of this concept. The challenge with this for most people is the results rarely match what they believe. It is one thing to "believe" in the Law of Attraction yet if you are not attracting what is desired, what is the value in that?

This often leads to people feeling worse about themselves. Since it is put forth so plainly, and is a simple concept to grasp, people feel like failures when they do not manifest what is intended. Or worse, they understand that this process is always at work, hence they attracted all the misery and failure. Talk about feeling like crap.

What few consider is the conflict that is in operation. We have the conscious, which tends to be of the mind, and the subconscious, which tends to be of everything else. When these are operating in opposite directions, problems arise.

We are all raised with scarcity being a core value. It is something that was handed to us. We did not actively choose it. Over the decades, repetition ingrained this at the subconscious level. It is no longer a choice for you to believe in or not. It is imprinted upon the subconscious so that it is a state of "knowing" at this point. All the belief and positive thinking in the world will do not good.

This is why the Age of Abundance is such a difficult concept for most of us to truly embrace. Reading an article or two about it will not counteract decades of conditioning by parents, teachers, co-workers, and life experiences. Just because my words ring true to one does not mean that anything will happen. There is still a great deal needed to reverse what is within one.

One of the biggest challenges is the programming is not a thing of the past. Everywhere we turn we see these ideas re-affirmed. The theme of scarcity is everywhere. Most of the people we interact with are fully immersed in it. Greed is one of the overwhelming motives out there. This is complete scarcity. The media espouses the idea with almost every report. Advertisers use scarcity and not enough to promote their products or services. Even the "do-gooders" are constantly touting scarcity by talking about conservation, resource management, and the plight of the who have less. The topic of sacrifice, something that is deemed noble, is based upon the idea of "not enough" and giving something up.

It is always for me to have more, you have less. Or more likely, since you have more , I have less (this is where most of us find ourselves).

The time is upon us to cast all this aside. The Age of Abundance is rapidly coming. This is not something I believe but know. It was written about thousands of years ago along with an approximate time frame for it happening. We are in that period now.

This is not a mental exercise although that is a starting point. It is a true understanding of the evolution of our species as we relate to the world around us. Technological progress is at the core of this shift. This is also something that was promised thousands of years ago. In addition to knowing, we are going to spend the next few millennia advancing ourselves through technology. We already saw the transition we made from the deep dark ages through inventions such as the printing press.

There was a time that information was scarce. Going back 1,000 years, few could read. Even if people could, there was no need for it since written information was extremely rare. People manually copied books. This changed with the printing press.

Fast forward to about 25 years ago. Information was still relatively scarce. Yes it was more plentiful than 1,000 years ago but was still a newspaper, nightly news, and perhaps a book or two from the library. Ye today, only a quarter century later, we have access to more information than we can consume in 10K lifetimes.

Is there anyone reading these words who needs to believe in abundant information? Do you need to be convinced of it or do you know it?

Do you believe in scarcity of video? Or do we have an abundance of that?
How about music? Is that scarce or abundant?
Ways to communicate?
How about people to interact and communicate with?

I think all on here know there is total abundance in those areas. There is no believing but a knowing. We know there it total abundance of information, communications, music, and video.

And what does all that cost? Nothing other than the monthly internet connection (unless one decides to pay for other services).

Now we have the "Internet of Money". Do you think this will create abundance or more scarcity?

There is no reason to believe in scarcity anymore. The media is nothing more than an arm for the banksters. It is a machine that conditions us to believe something that is untrue.

Just like everyone who gets online has access to abundant information, the same is starting to hold true for money. Every second of the day, because of the inflation rate, my SP is growing. Since I am on here daily, I receive STEEM from the generosity of others. I also have my autovoter upvoting posts as part of a curation trail that automatically provides me with more STEEM. There are so many ways money is coming into my life.

As I look out into the future, I see so many things that people illustrate today as a problem yet will be laughable in a decade or two. Remember how much fear surrounded Y2K? While it was a legitimate concern since we did not know how our computer systems would react, today it is laughable. Technology is offering so many things that are going to make the problems of today simply a non-issue.

Everyone reading these words is going to have financial abundance. The scarcity game the banksters created is coming to an end. The paradigm shift that is taking place cannot be stopped. We see them spreading their FUD in an effort to keep people doubting. Do not forget, they have decades of conditioning within each of us that plays right into their hands. The slightest seed of uncertainty instantly activates the long held beliefs we have. Buying into their garbage is akin to being an adult yet still believing in Santa Claus. It is false but if it is all we knew, it would be our reality.

Scarcity is all most of us ever experienced. Many still have an issue with cryptocurrency because they are trying to figure out where the value comes from. It is made out of thin air so it can't be worth anything. The banksters laugh at this notion. They know very well that money is always created out of thin air. Hand your money to a bank and they loan it at 9 times the amount and earn interest on it. Where did that extra money come from? They generated it out of nothing.

Try to remember this concept the next time you are lured back into the thought of scarcity. Many mention how this is an abundant universe (which it is) yet still struggle with scarcity. We speak about abundance while coming from a place of scarcity. Letting go of that conditioning is difficult.

The truth is what we believe is a myth. Scarcity is something you believe in, not know. The abundance of the universe is known yet our belief system overrides it. Again, it is time to end that.

We are our own worst enemy. The opportunities are before us. This is why STEEM being the "blockchain of opportunity" resonates so deeply with me. It is the on-ramp for many to abundance.

I hope everyone else knows this too.

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For me the law of attraction is valid and I believe in it, because if you undertake your projects or goals with pessimism you will hardly achieve your objectives. Nothing like thinking and above all acting positively, always seeing the glass half full instead of seeing it half empty. It is hard to believe that we are living the age of abundance living in a country like Venezuela, where we come from living in abundance and progress in the communication area and now we are entering a stage of scarcity and difficulty in connecting to the internet. But not losing hope that better times will come.

I just started that thing. It seems very simple. Like a no brainer. Am i missing something!!? 😂

Nice!! Thx 😊

It is the first time I visited your blog and I was pleasantly impressed because I had not seen things that way. Yes, indeed the knowledge at this moment is so much that life will not reach us for everything there is to know, to read, to listen, to share. Yes, it is the age of abundance. I was also interested in the clarity with which I explained the conflict we have between conscious and subconscious, that is what makes me constantly sabotage. Greetings.

This is one of the best posts I have read on this platform. I was saying some of this just this morning. Synchrnicity at its best!! One love Steemers!!

His posts are pretty darn supporrive! Did you see the one earlier today on earning sbd by mining, it's super user friendly. You might want to check it out!!

K. Thanks. Wow. Lucky day!!

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please try to make a brief article its very difficult to go through leanthy articles

It's a very helpful post.

Upvoted & Resteem.

Thank you. that share your wisdom with us. I believe that the time of abundance has already come. Good luck to you and Love.

Спасибо. что делитесь с нами своей мудростью. Я верю, что время изобилия уже наступило. Удачи Вам и Любви.

this really resonated with me, I am really happy to have found you and started to read your empowering articles, I love how you talk about the difference between knowing and believing this is such an important topic.

One of the biggest challenges is the programming is not a thing of the past. Everywhere we turn we see these ideas re-affirmed. The theme of scarcity is everywhere. Most of the people we interact with are fully immersed in it.

and this. Thank you for this truth x

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