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Here is a very interesting project that is being developed on the Steem blockchain. This is already slated to have a SMT created token when that protocol is released in the first quarter of next year.

The project is called DLUX (@dlux-io). This stands for Decentralized Limitless User eXperiences.


This is an AR/VR platform which is designed to tap into humanity's consciousness. It is a move towards freedom and away from the scarcity model the elites put us under.

dlux has taken this concept pioneered by Steem and has provided free ways to virtually interact with others, share ideas, and trade. By distributing all information, it is robustly uncensorable. Additionally, our AR platform allows us to integrate this attention machine directly to the physical world. We can find solutions to our problems, cures for our ailments, with attention on our less fortunate and infrastructure.

What are currently seen as monetary rewards will push the price of needs toward zero for all, changing the local rent economy to our global own economy. Allocating the attention of individuals to individuals while incentivizing participation. Focusing on human connections. We can model the traditional hierarchies of ability and talent and these communities will rapidly educate people in their ability to achieve and experience their dreams.

Utilizing AR also reduces the requirements for additional computer terminals and monitors. Decluttering our landfills and recycling platforms. Decentralized Limitless User eXperiences is exactly that. A completely voluntary way to interact with humanity on a conscious level, free even from the limits of the physical... your mind is the only barrier

The entire premise here is looking towards a decentralized post-capitalism. Many believe that we are heading towards a day where physical objects are driven down in price to the point of being near zero. This will be aided by advancements in VR/AR, 3D printing, and, yes, blockchain. VR holds great promise in this area since things can be erected with no materials used.

In a world like this, many feel that knowledge is the true resource. Yet, most of our system is based around patents, copyrights, and proprietary knowledge. This causes more scarcity as opposed to abundance.

DLUX takes the idea of knowledge being shared freely and looks to create a platform around it.

The answer to this is voluntarily participating in contributing knowledge and content to the public domain or the incentivization of it. Participating in this economy for as many goods and services as can be made available. A social economy generating real value. We are learning to network amongst ourselves, collapsing traditional hierarchies into horizontal trustless structures.


This is providing content creators with some basic tools to generate a Virtual Reality LUX. Essentially, it is moving us from blogging and video creation to immersive experience content. This is one of the technological fields that is set to explode over the next 5 years.

Here is the site to create a LUX.!/cheerful-suggestion?

It looks to be a simply step-by-step process. (Note: I have not utilized this).

This is a rather unique project. They are staging what they call an ICO which appears to really be just a donation campaign. I did not see anywhere that they are using ERC20 or anything of that nature to create a token and then converting it over. The DLUX will first appear, it seems, using the SMT protocol. Donating enables one to get a certain about of DLUX for each STEEM given.

They also provide a social consciousness in their their use cases. We see people have the ability for doing socially conscious things like education, trimming trees, and ridesharing. They also have ways that people can either support or be supported through activities done using VR.

There is a full write up of what they are doing including their coin allocation.

I must say I am impressed. Virtual Reality is one of the technologies I follow and believe it will be explosive around 2021. Just like 2018 saw blockchain enter the spotlight, a little over 2 years will see that for VR. Having a platform that allows content creators to start designing in that medium is of great help.

It will be curious to see how their platform grows as VR technology improves. This is another industry, even thought it was around for decades, that is still considered in the infancy stage.

There are a number of resources I suggest everyone check out.

Here is a slide show that really helps to explain things in great detail.

Their white paper:


Informational website:

This is another project on this blockchain that could have big implications. Since it is a blockchain that focuses upon content creation, it only makes sense to have the ability to create AR/VR content.

And best of all is that it is part of the same ecosystem. This only further enhances the value of the Steem blockchain.

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Pictures from the articles linked and their website.

This is for informational purposes and not to be considered financial advice.


"Many believe that we are heading towards a day where physical objects are driven down in price to the point of being near zero. This will be aided by advancements in VR/AR, 3D printing, and, yes, blockchain."

I feel like everytime I read one of your posts and I want to comment, I need to mention one of your sentences, because you take the words out of my mouth, it´s crazy...

@dlux-io has the right idea and I intend to support them!

All I can say is that this is not far away from happening, maybe not so extreme, but it will be "the reality".

That struck a chord with me on a couple of different levels. To start, yes I agree, maybe not to that scale but that is what is in store for us, probably in the near future. We are seeing a growth in technology that is converging which will make it possible.

I like what he said towards the end there about it being about so much more. This is what the realm is for me. It started as cryptocurrency and grew. Now I understand it is an entire movement.

Exactly, technology has been growing exponentially, and it is supposed to keep going, which means that our parents might not recognize the world in some decades. (especially older parents who are quite distant from the current technology).

This movement towards the future will mold the future. I used to believe that "we make our own future", and in this case it completely applies...

So many buzzwords. AR, VR, Blockchain!

This is a wonderful write up, thank you for considering the scope of the project. Let me see if I can clarify anything.

I did not see anywhere that they are using ERC20 or anything of that nature to create a token and then converting it over. The DLUX will first appear, it seems, using the SMT protocol.

This is correct. Distribution is most important for a fair platform. We were considering a burn, but Steem allows collection and community driven allocation, so that's what we set up. The donations will be matched with which block the donation was made in and tokens manually allocated at SMT launch. You can see this calculator live at (sign on to track tokens).

The above calculator also demonstrates the ability to transact steem. While dlux, the steem front-end, can certainly advance... the users/creators are already limited only by their imagination and the hardware of their end-users for posted experiences.

From what little I understand, it seems like DLUX is a VR software that will render web pages into 3D perspective.

But what about the hardware?

Quickly to clarify: dlux is a steem front end that allows files stored on IPFS to be aware of their own referring data. This allows for things like accounts, wallet API, and p2p voice chat without coding these things all from a serverless, static, text file. Aframe is a javascript library that does the rendering. is a great place to start learning about how dynamic this framework is... so dynamic that it can run on nearly any modern internet device. The hardest part of this is probably optimizing the input system for each device... as mobile users have different control schemes than desktop and head mounted display users. Aframe does not need to be the only supported framework... limitless means the creator can decide what programs to develop to sign and share on steem.

I am not sure about that. Perhaps that is a better question for @disregardfiat.

Great write-up. Plus, @disregardfiat is a good guy in general folks give this project some love!

When your time in Steem Speak earns you a reputation as a good guy... Am I even in the right place. lol

Thanks @steemitqa

I also answer platform questions at dlux's discord channel

Pretty awesome..

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