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RE: Steem: VR/AR Is Coming Along With A SMT

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"Many believe that we are heading towards a day where physical objects are driven down in price to the point of being near zero. This will be aided by advancements in VR/AR, 3D printing, and, yes, blockchain."

I feel like everytime I read one of your posts and I want to comment, I need to mention one of your sentences, because you take the words out of my mouth, it´s crazy...

@dlux-io has the right idea and I intend to support them!

All I can say is that this is not far away from happening, maybe not so extreme, but it will be "the reality".


That struck a chord with me on a couple of different levels. To start, yes I agree, maybe not to that scale but that is what is in store for us, probably in the near future. We are seeing a growth in technology that is converging which will make it possible.

I like what he said towards the end there about it being about so much more. This is what the realm is for me. It started as cryptocurrency and grew. Now I understand it is an entire movement.

Exactly, technology has been growing exponentially, and it is supposed to keep going, which means that our parents might not recognize the world in some decades. (especially older parents who are quite distant from the current technology).

This movement towards the future will mold the future. I used to believe that "we make our own future", and in this case it completely applies...

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