STEEM Now Has A Healthcare Application

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Steemians are out to change the world.

Each day just keeps getting better and better on the STEEM blockchain.

Yesteday, we had another announcement of a SMT that is going to be on STEEM. This is an interesting one since it deals with healthcare and nutrition.

It is no secret that healthcare systems around the world leave a bit to be desired. The industry is controlled by major corporations that specialize in profits over healthcare. At the same time, prevention is not something that is stressed since there is no money in that. The industry prefers expensive, on-going treatment over cures or prevention.

We now have @Air-clinic bringing out the Aircoin. This is a token that is being created to reward individuals for engaging in preventative and educational behaviors regarding health. They introduced an Android application that contains a number of social media features.

The goal is to reward people for engaging in behavior that improves their health.

According to the introduction post, this application will operate using a Proof-Of-Health algorithm.

  • The first aspect to all this is posting one's health status. This is where token rewards can be earned. Each post, limited to one per day, will earn 10 Aircoins.

Our aim is to encourage every user to live healthy and talk about it through the app. It awakens a conscious awareness about our daily choices and how they affect our health.

There will also be upvotes from the @Air-clinic and @DHealth accounts.

  • The second aspect is that people can contribute original articles by medical content creators. This will earn the author 25 Aircoins along with 50% of the liquid post payout.

Aiming to be a true social network based around health, readers of the articles can earn 5 tokens a day and 2 tokens for comments.

Like any social media, you can post status updates, find and follow friends, private chat others, join groups, create groups, and lots of social activities.

  • There is a social VIP status for more active members. This will enable one to receive larger payouts for activities performed since this will only help to grow the application.

  • Talk with a doctor. This is a feature that is free to anyone with 100 or more tokens. Those with less will need to either buy some or get them on loan. Either way, insight from a trained professional is available. This could be a big step in starting the process of personalizing medicine.

  • Finally, there is a delegation program that pays Aircoins based upon SP delegated. This is becoming a normal yet worthwhile approach by many of these SMTs. It enhances the power of the account upvoting the posts put up by the members of its community.

Here is the introduction post that has more screen shots of the applications and further details of their program.

Here we see the Age of Abundance, once again, showing up on the STEEM blockchain. The idea that incentive is provided not only for healthy living, but also reading articles about how to be healthy tells it all. The attention economy is based around the idea that we will be paid for our time and where our eyeball go.

Like @actifit, this is an application that aims to alter one of the biggest problems in our world today, health. This is especially true in the Western countries where obesity from poor diet and a lack of exercise has really taken a toll. Coupled with an uncaring medical establishment that is centered around profits, we have a recipe for a lot of sick people.

It is uplifting to see the community initiatives into this area. All reports are that technology is really going to disrupt the medical industry and, perhaps, we are seeing a couple applications that will start the process.

I know I am sounding like a broken record but just wait until there are a couple hundred applications on the STEEM blockchain which Steemians can earn tokens. The handful that we see on here already are just starting the trend. There will be a lot more.

Steemians will benefit, from a token perspective, in two ways. We now have opportunities to earn the tokens that will be created using the SMT protocol. At the same time, these projects are going to require bandwidth for all their followers are doing on the blockchain. This is going to require STEEM. Hence, this will put upwards buying pressure on our native token.

Hopefully, you are now seeing the change that is coming before us. This is part of what crypto-economics will look like.

And we are all part of it.

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Images taken from the original introductory post.

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Anything that takes us away from this "Take this pill that will mask some of your symptoms and come back when you have more money" model is fine in my book.

Trust me, I'm a doctor.


So many things happening and such a fast rate. It is mind boggling for older and tech challenged people like me. I guess I just have to try my best to keep up.


It is mind-blowing for all of us. The pace is truly astounding.

But it is an opportunity for all of us to amass tokens. There will be some in the bunch that really helps to change lives.

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@taskmaster4450 you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!

Wow @taskmaster4450!
No! You don't sound like a broken record at all.
Everything you have said here is pure!
We really appreciate the shout-out to @Air-Clinic HEALTHCARE APP and AIRCOIN.
For those who may want to download straight ahead, here's the download link





How will you track any of this?

  • They eat healthy food.
  • Drink clean water.
  • Exercise daily.
  • Live in a clean sanitized environment.
  • Have a robust social life with friends and family.
  • Manage stress properly to avoid mental breakdowns.
  • Seek professional health advice as soon as required.

Wow thats amazing! It will encourage users to care for their health while earning tokens. I am the first one to use it from today :D

Really an innovative and a great aproach towards healthcare sector. I really apreciate buddy

This is really a great news for all of us. Healthcare industry is one of the biggest in the world and the need for it is increasing day by day. Apps like this are sure to be top hit in the future.

A paradise for hypochondriacs. Save 100 tokens and you can always complain to the doctor. Thanks for the news, but, to this project, I'm skeptical.

Hi, this sounds very cool. Is it a iOS app?i did not find it inn AppStore

Posted using Partiko iOS

This is a good one coming from air clinic. As an health worker myself, i understand the need for a decentralized health system in our world today. We need freedom of mind and body. thanks for the post @taskmaster4450

Will I get tokens when I use the @actifit app?