STEEM Is In Our Hands: What Are We Going To Do With It????

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@dan did a terrific job designing a blockchain that has all the attributes to put it at the front of the line. We have a system here with 3 second transaction times and zero fees. This is unheard of in this new industry and will set this blockchain (and the others @dan creates) apart from the rest. While other networks are figuring out how to scale to hundreds of transactions per second, @dan is working on making 1M transactions per second available.

It is no secret that @dan left a year ago. This is very common of inventors. Now STEEM is in our hands. The question is what do we do with it?

Since I joined in August, this blockchain made tremendous strides. Growth is better than I think most envisioned even though we still are operating with a manual approval process. The number of daily active users keeps climbing which is a wonderful thing. As we see more people entering the fold, the reward pool is designed in such a way that they can profit. Over time, as evidenced by the stats I keep posting pertaining to this, the distribution of MVest to each category keeps readjusting. Even with the limited number of signups due to the manual process, we are seeing the Red Fish and Minnows acquiring a bigger piece of the pie collectively.

Since we are now tasked with the progress of this blockchain, this brings up another fundamental question: why are you here?

Some are drawn in by the lure of money. This is no surprise since this is how we market this blockchain on YouTube and Facebook. Since it is what we tout, that is what we attract. This can lead to many departing in frustration at the lack of easy money.

Watching their behavior, we can see what they are here for.

There is a book that I came across a number of years ago titled "Power vs. Force". The central premise of the book is that there is a difference between power and force. One is natural, uplifting, and pure. It taps into consciousness further creating. On the other side is force which is negative, requires constant feeding, and based upon coercion. While force might be effective for a while, it will crumble when it meets true power.

Power just is. It stands on its own regardless of the number of people who support it.

Why do I bring this up?

Simply to illustrate how we need to tap into that which is powerful. I am here to help change the world via this blockchain. I believe that STEEM can help rid people of scarcity and move into the world of abundance which is so natural. Since most of us operate in an economic environment, one that is not tilted in our favor, I believe we need a new paradigm. STEEM is that paradigm.

Radically altering the fate of humanity by lifting it up is power. It contains the central essence of power...meaning. Whether one person or one hundred million support this idea, it is valid either way. And it has the ability to inspire, uplift, and motivate.

Contrast that with money. How often do we hear about someone who is driven by money and strives hard to make it in business only to reach the "midlife crisis"? Or worse, the pursuit of money meant long hours costing him his wife, a relationship with his kids, and his health. Suddenly, well off at 50 yet no knowledge of who his kids really are and suffering from all kinds of physical afflictions (usually requiring medications). Many wake up one day and ask "what was the point?".

STEEM has the potential to be a truly powerful blockchain. It can have a great deal more meaning that simply being a place for online social media. We are able to tap into something much bigger to improve the plight of millions around the world. Are you willing to do that?

This is not a short term venture. I feel we are in a wonderful position to truly profit over the next couple of years. If you are looking at your account today and feeling there is no hope, well that is what you will get. People need to understand interaction with others is the crucial aspect to this blockchain. Success depends upon other people. This is not a do-it-yourself program. It is only through helping others that we get the help we need.

"The way to get what you want is to help others get what they want."

That is a concept Zig Ziglar would promote to businesses and individuals he worked with. It seems to be the essence of what STEEM is all about.

It is also an idea that epitomizes power.

So are we acting from a place of power or are we in force mode?

The way to tell is simply look at how you feel and how others who read what is written feel. Consider the analogies that are used. What message do they convey? Is it positive and uplifting? Or does everyone involved feel worse off? This is something many Steemians are going to have to ask themselves.

I feel the biggest challenge with all this is the fact society promotes force as success. We see it in our leaders, governments, celebrities, and institutions. Countries wage wars; companies engage in campaigns to grab market share; employees step all over each other to get promoted. Terms like "driven", "hungry", and "go getter" are appreciatively used. We are led to believe these are good things.

The sad fact is these individuals are often abusing substances, their families, and themselves. Reach the target and another one is set. Again, force needs to keep being fed. Whether it is at the individual, company, or national level, it is always the same.

Steemians can reverse that trend. We can uplift humanity simply by supporting each other. There is no need to act like the rest of society does. We are in the world of abundance. STEEM has no top. No matter how much SP (and SBD) is issued on a daily basis, in terms of fiat, which all countries are using, there is no limit. STEEM can go to $5, $50, or $500.

Power can work miracles; something we see on here on a regular basis. There are people here who are paying their bills from the STEEM they earned. The financial fates of their families, something that was dire, is improved because of the action we take on here daily. Something that was in the mind of @dan just a few years ago is now providing some basic necessities for people. This is where the invisible becomes visible.

I feel a great deal of my success on here has come from the fact that I am truly committed to seeing STEEM become a game changer for humanity. We have the opportunity to introduce millions of people, including ourselves, to freedom. While society likes to give this lip service, the truth is almost none of us are familiar with this. Big Brother is always around. For the first time in our lives, we have a forum where we are free to do as we desire. The trouble with that is so are others which creates conflict when people behave in ways counter to how we think they should. Nevertheless, this is part of the learning curve humanity will have to go through.

If we continue to behave like we always have, we will get the same results. Many come onto this blockchain complaining about the ills of society and how they were treated in a world run by banksters. It is a world of war, conflict, and fear. Basically, it is abusive. The challenge is people repeat the same behavior on here. They lash out in self-justified ways using analogies that are commonplace in society. Of course, people profess to be loving and spiritual as they are rationalizing the most absurd behavior.

The time to lift up our behavior has come. We have the opportunity to change right before us. Are we treating others how we want to be treated? How are we doing with being polite and respectful of the views of others, even if we disagree with them? Are we attacking, slandering, and trolling in an effort to degrade another?

STEEM has been handed over to us.....what are we going to do with it???

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Reading a good article/post is just as rewarding as a received upvote! But he, this is were curationrewards come in as a bonus!!!

A really hopeful, inspiring and uplifting post. I hear you, but it takes some time to adjust to this platform and for some, it feels and looks too good to be true; people interacting, making comments and getting paid for them. They don't understand where the money is coming from and so they start to doubt. You see, we have been conditioned to be negative about life, and that's hardly surprising when you look at central bankers, globalists and elitists who have all reduced the world to financial and physical rubble. I'm long on this blockchain. It is going to achieve great things - not least, lifting the poorest in our society, out of poverty. At the other end of the scale though, we know the bankers and globalist mobster's won't give up without a fight. What happens when JP Morgan, George Soros or Facebook sends over some some 'Instawhales' to wreak havoc on this platform, sabotaging it for normal people? Once word gets out and people start abandoning mainstream social media, this could become a real problem. Imagine building up your reputation and following for 2 or 3 years, only to have someone with huge SP come in and downvote you, wiping you out and hiding all the posts they don't agree with? It's quite a cause for concern and my only worry on here.

I honestly think downvoting is an action of “force’ not power and should be eliminated. It’s one thing to withold your upvote, quite another to be able to erase someone elses vote or cause economic harm.

In it's current form yeah it's very chaotic and unchecked. Personally I think the flagging system needs a huge change to become legitimately powerful. I've written a lot about how we should have trials by jury here and start acting more like a mini-government.

Crypto is in the Wild West phase, things should sort themselves out in the years to come. I simply keep telling myself that Steem has only been around for two years. Where will it be in the next two years?

The longer they wait to buy in and become "insta whales" the more they are going to drive the price of Steem up. If someone tries to pump a billion dollars into Steem, it's going to increase the market cap way way higher than a billion dollars. Supply and demand. Plus, they still wouldn't have the most Steem. Millionaire whales that HODL and refuse to sell would become "billionaires" over night. Also, it wouldn't be hard to make a bot that simply canceled out another whale's downvote if you had the SP to back it up.

The whales on this site have honestly already been selected. This is a problem that EOS is trying to rectify by having a year long ICO period.

The importance of a vision to Steemit is a priority, for me, Steemit is all about empowering people. Steemians must know the direction they want to steer themselves.

This is true. However, it is quite hard to achieve, and requires much perseverance from a lot of people.

I'm in Steemit because I want to learn more, I want my views and opinions to be free and not censured. Steemit gives me the opportunity to be part of this great transitions from the centralized world, too the decentralized new world.

One thing that I think truly sets steemit apart is what you said about helping other succeed with make us successful. It was ingenious to like your SP to the upvote value. I feel that the more successful I am on Steemit the more I can help people. I remember when my vote went from 1 cent to 2 cents I felt such a great accomplishment. I now can give double to others. I think this mindset is what will help steemit be successful and what sets it apart from all others. It doesn't cost anything to transfer or use steem. You can organically obtain it by providing useful content to others. I think the future is very bright. We all just need to keep working hard and sharing our successes with others. Great post.

Yes, the SP increasing your VP is a key component in making this website and blockchain work extremely well. I think it really benefits us all.

I think, your key sentence "I feel the biggest challenge with all this is the fact society promotes force as success".
Am i right @taskmaster4450

That sentence was a key sentence to me too.

Awesome article! I find your articles to be the best ones in here. Keep up the good work.

"Or worse, the pursuit of money meant long hours costing him his wife, a relationship with his kids, and his health."

Ah, ah... in my case, health is all that remains, as I never married and won't be having any kids. Instead of growing up a family, I'm usually on a lone quest to see the world. And when I'm older...? Oh, well, I just have to get myself a robot to keep me safe... and warn the hospitals, in case something bad happens to me.

As for SteemIt. My quest in here is somewhat strange. I have been using Facebook and Google in a similar way... so I thought to myself, if I can do the same and be paid, that would be a lot better than what Facebook and Google are offering, which is selling my data to other companies so they can target me with their ads.

Only time will tell what this site will become... but I fear toxic people with too much money might feel like they have a green light in SteemIt to do whatever they please and ruin the experience for others.

The platform has been awesome to be a part of! I have never engaged in other social media platforms given their business models not being in my best interest. However, Steemit aligns with it as it puts me in a community interested in helping each other grow and improve. As the platform grows and continue to improve on technology, we will all benefit. Thanks for the insights!

2 great questions:
My aswers.

  1. Why am I here?
    Welll I do like the interaction with others. Discussions about topics like these. It broadens up my viewpoints and get more insights in how people from other sides from the world think about daily issues. Did I came for the money. Yes and no. I have to admit that this the key point about signing up. But no I would have stayed here if there wasn’t any money involved.
  2. What should we do with Steemit?
    Thats a difficult question to answers. From a technical point of view a more easier editor would be appreciated. From a philosofical point of view. Really no idea! I do like the fact the the biggest difference between facebook and twitter is that I don’t know the community here in real life.

How your thinking is very good and I think your writing experience is very good I would love to see your post....

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