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RE: STEEM Is In Our Hands: What Are We Going To Do With It????

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A really hopeful, inspiring and uplifting post. I hear you, but it takes some time to adjust to this platform and for some, it feels and looks too good to be true; people interacting, making comments and getting paid for them. They don't understand where the money is coming from and so they start to doubt. You see, we have been conditioned to be negative about life, and that's hardly surprising when you look at central bankers, globalists and elitists who have all reduced the world to financial and physical rubble. I'm long on this blockchain. It is going to achieve great things - not least, lifting the poorest in our society, out of poverty. At the other end of the scale though, we know the bankers and globalist mobster's won't give up without a fight. What happens when JP Morgan, George Soros or Facebook sends over some some 'Instawhales' to wreak havoc on this platform, sabotaging it for normal people? Once word gets out and people start abandoning mainstream social media, this could become a real problem. Imagine building up your reputation and following for 2 or 3 years, only to have someone with huge SP come in and downvote you, wiping you out and hiding all the posts they don't agree with? It's quite a cause for concern and my only worry on here.


I honestly think downvoting is an action of “force’ not power and should be eliminated. It’s one thing to withold your upvote, quite another to be able to erase someone elses vote or cause economic harm.

In it's current form yeah it's very chaotic and unchecked. Personally I think the flagging system needs a huge change to become legitimately powerful. I've written a lot about how we should have trials by jury here and start acting more like a mini-government.

Crypto is in the Wild West phase, things should sort themselves out in the years to come. I simply keep telling myself that Steem has only been around for two years. Where will it be in the next two years?

The longer they wait to buy in and become "insta whales" the more they are going to drive the price of Steem up. If someone tries to pump a billion dollars into Steem, it's going to increase the market cap way way higher than a billion dollars. Supply and demand. Plus, they still wouldn't have the most Steem. Millionaire whales that HODL and refuse to sell would become "billionaires" over night. Also, it wouldn't be hard to make a bot that simply canceled out another whale's downvote if you had the SP to back it up.

The whales on this site have honestly already been selected. This is a problem that EOS is trying to rectify by having a year long ICO period.

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