STEEM As A Microcosm Of The World: Self Focused Versus Community Focused

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We live in a world that teaches us "what about me"?

This is especially true in the western nations. The scarcity model we operate under coupled with the media machine gives us each an exaggerated sense of self-importance. Television ads tell us "we deserve it".

It is a me me me world.

The focus upon self means we overlook the bigger picture. Our sense of community is rapidly diminishing. We live in houses that are gated from the outside world. We enter our homes, closes the doors, and shut out the world.

Our careers are a constant tug-o-war between us trying to get as much as we can and a corporation that tries to give us as little as it can. Organizations discuss ethics but pay it no mind. It is a dog-eat-dog world after all. Corporations exist to maximize profits, even if this means abusing customers. Anything goes.

It has gotten so bad that we even see instances where there is competition within marriages. One partner gets upset if the other gets more of the attention from the child. The proverbial "seeing green" with envy happens.

Of course, in a scarcity world, green is the main color. I guess it isn't a coincidence that color symbolizes both money and envy. When someone has something we do not, instead of being happy for them, we are jealous. We feel bad that we do not have it. Hence, we either have a hole within ourselves or wish the other ill-will (or both). Rarely are we happy for another person.

We lost our connection to the biggest ecosystem we belong to: the planetary orb we call Earth. There are hundreds of billions, maybe trillions, living beings on this planet. Yet we could care less. The global community means nothing to us. Cut down the rain forest to grow soybeans to feed animals...I want my steak dammit. Why should I care about the different species who are losing their home? They are not human after all.

Neither is the homeless guy on the street corner since he is shown the same concern as those native species in the rain forest. I wish the cops would remove him...why doesn't he get a job anyway?

STEEM is a microcosm of our world at large. How many come on here looking to contribute? People complain about the rewards they are receiving because they simply want to take. Someone posts an article and is upset it didn't get $100 in payouts. The STEEM White Paper even talks about SP signifying contribution to the platform. The logic is that the more one contributes, the more he or she will have.

What difference does this make anyway? It is all about me. As long as I get all I can, then all is well.

Community is a word we like to through around. It makes us feel good to con ourselves into believing we are that way. The truth is, because of the system we are in, few of us are able to truly embrace that viewpoint. There are a few cultures that have it at the core. The Amish in the United States is one group that comes to mind. Certain religious or spiritual disciplines are genuine in their practice and concern for others. Sadly, most is for show.

It is only the smallest amount of people in the world, or on STEEM, who ask themselves "is this good for the community?". The most common question, even if not consciously asked looks like this: is this good for me?

Obviously, there needs to be a degree of pragmatism. They tell us that if a plane is going down, to put the air mask on yourself first. One cannot help another without breathing oneself. That said, we take it much further. Not only do we put our mask on, we want to take the one from the person's next to us; if one is good, two is better. Who cares if that means the other person dies?

The "Butterfly Effect" is an interesting experiment to investigate. It was also a good movie. It is really fascinating to see how much impact our words and actions can have. How often do we consider this? Due to our selfishness, very rarely.

Mind-control is a real thing and every single one of us on here is a product of that. I am convinced of this. We live in a society that has taken great pains to program us in a manner it wants. Through the educational system, political leaders, religious ideologies, movies and T.V. shows, and advertising, we sucked up the messages they were delivering. Even those closest to us were a part of the process since their job was to pass the programming on.

I wrote an article the other day about the Age of Abundance which mentioned how fear is the weapon used against us. When we are so self-focused, we can only have fear. That is all part of the conditioning. We never feel like we have enough. A rainy day is always something we are looking towards. Of course, since we can only depend upon ourselves, that instills fear.

Being community focus enables us to be connected to what is around us. We are not alone at that point. Instead of asking what is in this for me, ask is this contributing? What can I give to this situation?

@stan likes to say "do no harm to Bitshares". How about we adopt a policy of do no harm to STEEM? I think most everyone one here wants to see this ecosystem grow into something special. There is a great deal of potential with what was accomplished so far. With some of the projects in the works, this can become one of the top blockchains.

Of course, to arrive at that is going to take community. The question is are we so self absorbed that we care only about ourselves and what we are getting out of it. Do we have green each time we come onto the site at seeing the amount of SP the orcas and whales have? Do we post how unfair everything is on here?

Do one's activities add to the ecosystem? Is that being community focused or self focused?

A great deal of the problem, on here, and the world at large, is we are trained for short-term thinking. We live in an instant gratification world. Public corporations only think in 90 day cycles. This quarter is all that matters. Decisions are made with that mindset even if it harms the company a couple years down the road. We see this mindset in all aspect of our lives.

Perhaps STEEM is a great place for us to start changing this. If we ask ourselves "is this good for the STEEM ecosystem", then we might start to do that in other areas of our lives. As I said, we never know the impact our words or our actions could have. One person developing an application on here that is wildly successful could enrich all of us. That is the power of a community.

And it is a way of thinking that is completely counter to how we were conditioned.

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definitely find a lot of truth in your words and i agree. i've started to think too that we are the ones who shape the platform to be what it is. how we talk about it and act ripples out (yes like butterfly effect). we can inspire or complain. etc. definitely choosing long term community building.

Community first ... we all gain prosperity through the common good and resources. Greed is the killer.

Hola, estoy de acuerdo contigo, tenemos un poder en nuestras manos que no estamos utilizando apropiadamente y con el cual se pueden cambiar muchas cosas.

Quizás STEEM es un gran lugar para nosotros para comenzar a cambiar esto. Si nos preguntamos "¿esto es bueno para el ecosistema STEEM?", Entonces podríamos comenzar a hacer eso en otras áreas de nuestras vidas. Como dije, nunca sabemos el impacto que nuestras palabras o nuestras acciones podrían tener. Una persona que desarrolle una aplicación aquí que sea tremendamente exitosa podría enriquecernos a todos. Ese es el poder de una comunidad.

We Should Focus first of all Our Community, its great job i think.

I know you are aware that I post minnow tips and here is my latest.

Minnow Tips! Get Upvotes Now!
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I'm about to start promoting the heck out of it in fb groups for steemers, twitter and sending it to to a few people and posts to see if I can get more minnows to take part in these programs and get more larger fish to support them. We need more minnows to succeed and currently, they are not.

My real reason for being on social media at all is to help other people lose weight naturally like I did. I fight the short term thinking every day in that biz. "Get your bikini body in 3 weeks!" is what I fight at this time of year - every year. My story of a 4 year journey to good health is interesting to no one at this time.

But I am still thin 8 years after losing the weight and they are trying to get the bikini body once again.

I'm working on the theory that steem is more than a microcosm of the selfish society - it incentivises selfishness and amplifies it - it's a selfishness amplificationn subsystem by design.

However, there is a possibility of a dialectical shift to simething better.

It's human to look out for self first. That's not necessarily a bad thing.

It becomes bad where you look out first and only for yourself at the expense of others, or when you don't care who gets hurt as long as your own ego is caressed.

And this is where we must be careful, to always balance our interest with that of the group or community we belong.

As long as the community is protected, we would protected and safe too. But if the community collapses due to the greed of a few, then, everyone, including the few, in the long term, loses.

Fantastic article!

Being driven by individuals and free enterprise, you can certainly draw similarities between the north american market/economy and steemit.

I do like the notion of being the solution and not focusing on the problem myself and this is definitely a good place to exercise that. It would be nice to have more SP and influence but you are right, that is a longer term goal.