Reduce power down period to 1 week

in #steem2 years ago

I am starting to get excited about Steem again after the news that Justin and Vanderberg are leading development on Steemit going forward and consider to invest and power up again.

The only thing that holds me back doing so is the 3 month power down period. While locking down funds for that period might made sense 1,5 years ago, however I don’t believe it makes sense today. The 3 month power down period certainly didn’t prevent the price falling from 7 USD all the way down to 20 Cents so I can’t even tell why it needs to be that long and if it has any benefits.

Actually I assume the reason why Steemit doesn’t attract big investors is because of the 3 month lock period. Which investor want to commit to that timeframe in an environment like cryptocurrencies where things can change rapidly?

I would love if the 3 month power down period would be changed to 1 week. In that case I am certainly interested to start buying Steem and power it up again.

What do you think about it? Leave a comment.

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Hello @tarekadam, how are you ... yes, I agree with you if you power down so that it can be done quickly from 3 months to one week. This will certainly attract many investors. Why can power ups be done quickly while power down cannot.
But I hope u won't leave steemit, my friend. I saw you did power down. Have a nice day.

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this thing really need to happen it will allow more people to power up freely