Status quo or improvement?

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Finally back in Finland after what has seemed both longer than four daysdue to my energy levels, and much shorter due to how much work was crammed into all kinds of spaces.


I am at the Helsinki airport train station now and will have a couple hours more before getting home, but once on the train I will have a chanc to get the laptop out and write. At the moment, I am on the phone.


As I got off the flight, my client asked me to help him get on Steem after we spent last night over drinks and today before the flight talking all manner of things Steem related - indirectly.

It is pretty incredible how many things that are going on in the world today from social conditions, to supply chains, economy and governance can benefit from Steem and blockchain in some way. Protection if speech, immutability, transparency, censorship resistance, decentralised funding for innovation development and of course, ownership of community and content can all leverage various aspects of this blockchain.


As we talked about various aspects of life these daysi was thinking to myself how lucky and grateful I am to have stumbled upon the Steem opportunity. The things that I have participated in and learned here I have realized are far outside the norms of average thought, and the breadth and depth are barely scratched by even the above average.

While not everyone need spend their time learning about these things on Steem, there is a massive opportunity and the design of the system encourages self-directed learning. Very little is spoonfed on Steem and this means that a person's journey is dependent on the choices they make and the way they behave. Luck is involved too.

As said, I count myself lucky to have found Steem how and when I did and, I am lucky that I treated it the way I did. I am quite sure if that I had approached my content and engagement more like a traditional social media, I would have ended up in quite a different box.


While I am optimistic Steem will perform well long term, there is no such thing as guarantees of success. However, as there is so much convergence between the direction of global life and the potential for blockchain to be leveraged and integrate to support it, as I speak with people about it, I find myself developing an even more positive outlook for the future.

Whether Steem fulfils hopes and dreams is an unknown, but one thing that certain is that its ability to evolve into a useful and valuable ecosystem is highly dependent on us as a community and how we choose to participate here together. This in itself is quite an incredible opportunity as for most part and for most of us in the world today, there is not much we can do with the tools we have available.

However, Steem, blockchain and cryptocurrency provide us all a new set of tools to apply to some very old challenges. Learning to use them well will directly impact the outcomes of what they can accomplish together.

Do you Steem for the future, or Steem to maintain the status quo? New tools, new opportunity.

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I don't know how you manage to replicate this efficiency whether you're in a flight, on the bus or drinking but you hardly even make typographical mistakes not to talk of otherwise, how do you do this? Anyway I'm happy the way I tested steem despite prices and whatnot and I see it for the long-term.

I think the trick is, don't stop. =)

The price tested everyone and some people passed, some failed. There will be plenty more tests to come I am sure.

Definitely there will be more, but I'm envisaging steem in four years time and it's improvement not to mention we reckoning with uncertainties

What will be interesting to look at (whatever happens) is the discussions over time and how people spoke in relation to how they behaved.

Personally Im still quite believe in much more bright future of steemit. And definitely I like the engagement here much mich more than in facebook or instagram... pure bizzz there, no sponsorship - no reach.... whatever u do ;) So lets cross fingers...

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Yeah, the "organic" has gone from the centralized platform and there is very little hope to be seen there without having a professional team behind now. Hopefully, Steem can find a better way and I think that through ownership, it could happen.

Sooner or later most of us find that the status is not that Quo...and most of us do nothing about it. But, hey, here's an opportunity, so let's develop a future, Quo or not Quo.


What I think is going to happen is that people are going to start seeing behind the curtain of life and realize that the way they believed things were, was not the case at all. what do people do when they realize they have been lied to their entire lives?

There's that Locus of Control theory...about two kinds of people — those who think their lives change due to internal reasons and those who think life and the world are happening to them. So, same here. Some will act, err, improve and grow (with the possibility of quitting at any stage, even too early in some cases, alas). And some will watch. Or any mix of the two. Depending on who's got what on their minds and priorities, etc.

I...I am learning.

It depends what metrics you use - in terms of background 'building blocks' it's progressing - in terms of price, usage and visibilty it's regressing.

However it feels stagnant... or maybe that's consolidation.

I still need to figure out what metrics I should be using to judge steem's progress or lack of it!

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Have you noticed that there are a few more spam comments arriving on posts? I don't know if that is a good metric :D

I see the development of tools progressing as a more important metric at this time than usage. I do think that once there are the tools, the right conditions will attract the attention.

I hadn't notived the spam comments, dunno what that means!

Time will tell where Steem-s headed!

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I have noticed a few of these around the place lately.


I believe there is a bright future here, and it is getting better as more and more people start focusing on the opportunities and the technology... and less on this being some kind of "magic cash machine."

Let's just think back to another technology that changed lives: The personal computer. Whereas there were lots of people who made millions from the tech speculative bubble, what endured was the technology. The purpose of the PC wasn't to make us rich, but to enrich our lives. BIG difference, there.

Much as I hate to admit it, the stagnant price of Steem is probably good for us, because it weeds out those looking for "moon shots" and leaves behind those who are here for the duration... and, as time passes, the "get rich with Steem" sales pitch becomes less and less viable... and instead we have to pitch "look at all the things you can DO with Steem!"


We start attracting a whole different set of users who are here for the creative opportunity. And that's a good thing!


and instead we have to pitch "look at all the things you can DO with Steem!"

This is what I am hoping the SteemDAO will start doing as it develops more use cases that hopefully meet the demands of the masses. The low price has been great for Steem and for those ho have been looking longer and buying/earning more stake.

Good post and nice concept also.

Do you Steem for the future, or Steem to maintain the status quo? New tools, new opportunity.

I...don't actually know as I don't know what I'm doing at the best of times XD

I think the steem will be all right.

Everyone just randomly guesses what they think might be okay :)

Good post

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