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I got hardforked - and all I got is questions

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Will give it a go.

Ok so: @utopian-io

If they vote, they are voting at 24% ? so all the vote value readings on steemworld, steemnow are wrong? that is fair enough if that is the case.

mine for comparison:

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The RC Manabar is for posting, commenting, claiming rewards and voting for witnesses.

The Voting Manabar is for voting.

They forgave all the debt for the RC Manabar so everyone started at 100% (yours has depleted because you've been busily posting and commenting since the debt forgiveness).

The problem is, the voting manabar started at 0% yesterday and is slowly rising - you are just over 20% because it's been about 30 hours since the hardfork and you've probably done just a few votes.

If they'd reset everyone's voting manabar to 100% at the hardfork, they'd have had fewer complaints.

This is correct. Everyone is basically at 20%-25% even if it says 100%. The old system is now undefined.


thanks :)
Btw, you were tlaking in a post i haven't finished reading (side-tracked) and mentioned selling RC delegation. @ned mentioned this i think in a 'cryptic' post a couple months back.

Yes, the voting power display on Steemworld doesn't refresh until an account takes a post-fork action, and then appears to be wrong anyway. (Or at least inconsistent with Steemd.)

If Steemit Inc. wanted to they could instantly refresh the VP of these accounts by undelegating from @misterdelegation and redelegating from @steemit, which has plenty of mana to hand out some big delegations. I think that would be a good idea, but probably a lot of people wouldn't.


I think that would be a good idea, but probably a lot of people wouldn't.

Yeah it has been mentioned but I am of the mind that it wouldn't. Once it happens, it is always expected to happen and then we are moving in the wrong direction for decentralization.

By the way, I try to add Z for Americans and S for Europeans but sometimes I mess up and mix or forget. Does it effect your reading ability at all to see English spellings? This is just out of curiosity as you are likely someone who might have considered this at some point but likely don't care either way now.

No rush answering, I am off to bed :)


Half the people I talk to are Canadian, so I'm bilingual in English.