Cloned births of old communities on Steem

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Heading back on the train on what was meant to have eight cars and two levels has instead got seven and one. Two hours to go but thankfully I have a seat and there are no pregnant women I can see. This happens from time to time but when my wife was working in Helsinki while heavily (and very obviously pregnant), not once did someone provide a seat.

This is not what I was going to talk about though.


@acidyo added s post short time back about adding Dapp projects to the r/steemit subreddit. What I was wondering is if it is possible to export communities and clone them on the newly released for trial, @tokenbb forum platform developed by @cryptoctopus in conjunction with @buildteam.

Previously there was no infrastructure that could support the format in the same way but perhaps this could mean that entire subreddit communities could migrate over or at least have their content Blockchain preserved on Steem. @Partiko managed something similar with Tumblr when certain content became inaccessible through the platform.

This cloning could serve various purposes that of course include onboarding but it can also be used to showcase the versatility of the Blockchain if diverse communities are all able to be housed on the same infrastructure.

Not only that, the applications that are able to clone communities are able to essentially immediately populate that community with anyone who comes across. Perhaps a databased place holder account could be created for users that they can claim on verification where they can then Blockchain a new user name that updates their name links on the Blockchain applications interfaces.

One of the major strengths of having multiple social facings on Steem for users is that the work on one to develop a presence is mobile across interfaces. Followers found through one front end move across all front ends and in time, this is going to be a major selling point for the largest accounts as even as new use cases arrive, one is able to immediately have a following on it.

This is also fantastic for the applications themselves as in time they will be able to attract users and, their consumer viewers. Currently this is very difficult to do but if the process is automated, compelling new applications can hit the ground running by attracting talent. This empowers the contributors massively.

In time, a whole host of decentralised clones of the centralised platforms will be created and creators will be able to somewhat pick up where they left off. With SMTs it could even be possible to clone across Karma points and the like to welcome in the most active users and reward them for their past work.

Essentially, Steem has the ability to house most of what appears on the internet as it is just a content management system that provides data for interfaces. The interfaces can handle and present that data in anyway they choose, including the exact look and feel of any other platform if they choose.


Versatility of Steem is something that should be continually pushed to create more and more use cases but of course, infrastructure needs to be developed to do so. Perhaps some of the proposals supported in the Steem.DAO would be to find ways to create connectors for importing from other communities onto Steem. Maybe then an interface could be created so that a user could select their various accounts, click a button and have them migrated across to the appropriate Steem application.

While I don't think that it is immediately possible to do this, it is the ability to grow the community that is going to empower the community at all levels long term. Being able to draw in entire communities easily makes onboarding much simpler and the familiar look and feel will help them settle into their new home.

And their new home could be a much more rewarding home than their last as well as protect them from the evils of centralised middlemen moneytakers.

There are many various approaches we can implement to grow the community, it's ability to serve users and of course it's value but, most of them are going to require a fair deal of development to make them a reality. I am glad that there are people with the knowhow working toward them though and at some point, the scales will tip and Steem will get very sticky in the hands of a very diverse set of users, all utilizing and leveraging the chain in different ways and for different needs.

The future looks pretty bright and the true dawning is yet to happen, even in the minds of most people already on Steem. It is going to take the normies a while more to catch up.

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Given both the flexibility and scalability that Steem has proven to have, I think it is a definite possibility. I think the best example is Steem Press as that now gives access to tens of millions of Word Press created site to deploy a Steem comments section. Imagine the new possibilities with the @tokenbb project! Very bright future indeed.

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According to @reggaemuffin it is at least possible manually to do so which means that with a few connectors, it might be at least somewhat automated. What would be interesting is that while Reddit might not like having the data taken from there, @tokenbb could use a post to reddit function perhaps, then the content can be pushed out from the blockchain.

Growth of a community is good. However it's the fabric of the community that makes it special and unique and personal. So though the idea may be cloned the fabric cannot be cloned. Thanks for sharing @tarazkp


I agree so once a community comes into Steem they can start developing their culture further, learn to play and build anew. For many communities, it could breathe new life in.

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