SMT release dates announced..

in steem •  5 months ago

The announcement about the Smart Media Tokens was made in late 2017 and since then every steemian has been very curious to know the actual release date of Smart Media Tokens. Finally the announcement was made yesterday from steemit's official account @steemitblog.

SMT Release.jpg

For those o you who don't know anything about Smart Media Tokens, read the definition below :

Smart Media Tokens are a token-launching protocol similar to ERC20s on Ethereum, but with all the state-of-the-properties enabled by the Steem blockchain, like three-second fee-less transfers. SMTs enable anyone to launch their own STEEM-like token with customizable features including Founders Tokens, Token Emission Rates, Proof-of-Brain, ICO Smart Contracts, and more.

According to @steemitblog, the testnet will be released on 15th of January 2019 and mainnet will be live on 24th of March.

I personally believe that steemit should have taken less time for the release of smart media tokens in order to keep up and compete with other cryptocurrencies.

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A long wait indeed...But better late than never.
Steem Blockchain is going to beat ethereum, I am sure of it. Just imagine free token transactions and lightning speed.


It is indeed going to be huge for steem.