SWIFTCASH UPVOTE: Minimum ROI(After Curation Rewards): +1%

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SwiftCash is now accepting delegations from STEEM POWER investors to sell upvotes to steemians. SwiftCash will not only give 100% of the liquid profits/revenue generated from selling upvotes to investors, but will also give appx. 100% of its curation rewards to delegators in the form of SwiftCash! Liquid and curation rewards through upvotes on @swiftcash comments will also be distributed among delegators. Curation rewards will first need to be powered down and then sold at the market rate and converted to SwiftCash, and then added to delegators' STEEM accounts via @swiftbot! This should happen on a monthly basis.

Whenever @swiftcash's STEEM POWER goes above 500 SP, it will power down in order to pay the curation rewards to delegators. Payments to delegators will occur every day at 02:00:00 UTC. Those who delegate or undelegate their STEEM POWER during the day will not get paid anything at the end of that day. Therefore, the best time to delegate STEEM POWER to @swiftcash will be just before 02:00:00 UTC every day! And the best time to undelegate will be just after 02:00:00 UTC every day!

Minimum amount to delegate in order to get paid is 100 SP and delegators will get the liquid profits in STEEM as well as SBD depending on the purchases that @swiftcash receives, and will get the curation rewards in SwiftCash aka SWIFT. Buyers can send their bid in STEEM or SBD and they get 135% of their bid back in an upvote on their post(excludes curation rewards). Deducting the maximum curation rewards of 25%, the author is gauranteed to get a minimum of 101% or +1% back in SBD and STEEM POWER. The bot will refund the bid in whole or part, if giving a 135% of the bid back in an upvote is not possible, or if there are other issues with upvoting, such as the link being broken or wrong, or the post being younger than 15 minutes, or the bid being too small or if the post has already received an upvote from @swiftcash!

As you can tell, this is technically a non-profit bot which will return all the profits and revenue to investors and customers. The development and maintenance of this bot is and will be funded by SwiftCash, a decentralized Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrency, and the main purpose of this bot will be to help @swiftcash build a strong presence on steemit or the STEEM blockchain to be more accurate!

Don't know anything about SwiftCash yet?

Read the whitepaper!

Don't know how to delegate SP to @swiftcash?

If you comment anywhere and ask a specific question about how much SP you want to delegate to @swiftcash, you'll get a response from tipu with a direct link to steemconnect:



Excellent initiative! Upvoted & RESTEEMED.

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I have 15,000 SP that am willing to delegate.
May I know what’s the average ROI and also are you offering some extra Steem-Engine tokens as incentive?

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Upvote buyers get 120% of their bid in upvote and if they send more they get the changes back. But not all of the upvote is paid to authors. About 20% is paid to the curators I believe. As with delegators, whatever liquid revenue is made is split between delegators everyday. The extra ROI for delegators will be paid in SwiftCash funded by curation rewards. That won't happen until @swiftcash SP reaches 1300 first.

But right now I'm the only one buying upvotes :(
So I would advise you not to delegate unless you plan to buy upvotes. We really only need to sell 10x 100% upvotes everyday to make the best of the delegations. Right now, if you look, it's just me buying upvotes for random posts to promote the bot...

any direct link to delegate with steemconnect?

If you mention in a comment how much you want to delegate to @swiftcash, I believe a bot will respond to you with a direct link on steemconnect!

sent you some, lets see

Thanks! Most important thing though is to get people use the service. I got it listed on https://steembottracker.com/ but still not any user. I've been mostly buying upvotes myself for random posts and still no one is using it. You should use it for your own posts. It always has to start with ourselves lol...

@tipu I want to delegate 250 SP to @swiftcash

Hi @ashwim! Special squad of highly trained hamsters prepared this delegation link for you:
steemconnect 250.0 SP delegation to @swiftcash.

done delegating

Thanks! Please consider using the service too on your own posts :]

Thanks for the important update. Resteemed...

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

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Hell yeah! Lets get that bidbot reward pool distribution percentage to 40%!
We are getting close.

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What's bidbot reward pool distribution percentage?

Apparently top 5 bidbots allocate 27% of the reward pool.
That is not counting the vote selling services.

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This seem to be a profitable option. Will give it a try. Thanks

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Go for it and don't worry about sending more since the bot returns the change :]

This post is supported by $41.0 @tipU upvote funded by @msg768 :)
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this is a great idea! upvoting and resteeming!

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@swiftcash whats the minimum SP delegation allowed?

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@tipu I want to delegate 100 SP to @swiftcash

Hi @justatouchfey! Special squad of highly trained hamsters prepared this delegation link for you:
steemconnect 100.0 SP delegation to @swiftcash.

Thank you @swiftcash for coming to my blog and really appreciate your help.

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Buyers can send their bid in STEEM or SBD and they will get 120% ROI back in an upvote on their post(excludes curation rewards).

Hello @swiftcash, the ROI of my bid is only about 50%! Please check and update your configuration to achieve an expected ROI of 120%.

You've only sent 0.01 STEEM which is less than 0.005 SBD and you've got 0.001 STEEM change back in a transfer. How exactly did you calculate the ROI? Try a bigger amount like the one I've bought here which is $0.27 for sending 0.3 SBD and getting 0.074 SBD change back so for spending 0.226 SBD, I've got 0.271 SBD in upvote which is 120%.

Hello @msg768, even your bid turn to a lose of 10% for the author rewards! FYI, the author get 75% from bot rewards if the post is at least 15 minutes old.

The author rewards and curations rewards can vary depending on many factors. That's why the bot says ROI is 120%(Excludes curation rewards). The ROI is in an upvote form on your post and I specifically mention in brackets that it excludes curation rewards.

I want to delegate 100 SP to @swiftcash

Hi @sevendust04! Special squad of highly trained hamsters prepared this delegation link for you:
steemconnect 100.0 SP delegation to @swiftcash.

@tipu I want to delegate 40 SP to @swiftcash

Hi @lostprophet! Special squad of highly trained hamsters prepared this delegation link for you:
steemconnect 40.0 SP delegation to @swiftcash.

What is the minimum bid?

Currently 0.01 STEEM or SBD.

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