Does Steem encourages self-censorship - how I lost 9 points in reputation

in #steem3 years ago (edited)

I did a witty comment about bitcoin, and asked a steemian in which color he would like his tulip for his home.

Screenshot from 2017-09-14 07-28-47.png

When I scroll across posts, it's really rare to find genuine negative comments. Most steemians seem to prefer to stay on the side of caution. I understand why, because this single downvote resulted in a loss of 8 points of reputation.

I think it's an individual choice, self restrain or self censorship or not. I came to the conclusion that for me it wouldn't last. I better write what I find funny rather than self censor and become trapped in a false dystopian narrative.

How many times did you self-censor here?


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Right on dude, so many oversensitive nancies on here ready to bring the downvotes. I'm worried about the potential for higher-tier users to start bullying the fish like us on Steem with downvotes because they've got a chip on their shoulder about something or another.

Yeah I agree with you ! The nancies, what a funny expression ;).

The weakness is the so called witnesses, I mean that it's easy for to own them all and then as you say with the SP they can pretty much control who gets what.

Will see how it evolves. I hope it will stick to a strict interpretation of freedom of speech...