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After the launch of the internal market I'm sure a lot of you have been interested in following the market action. Unfortunately, the market page does not yet automatically update the state of the market so you're stuck refreshing all the time.

That's why I decided to play around with the api and create a live-updating market page. This page also shows the recent order history so you can see when the last trades happened and at what price. The code is written in javascript (React for the front-end, Node.js for the backend) and is available as open-source software here:

To follow the market action as it happens, you can go here: (please ignore the domain name, it's the only one I had lying around..)

Update: I made several improvements following the announcement:

  • A price chart has been added
  • The order history is now color-coded for buy/sell (green/red)
  • The orderbook and the order history now has pagination

Market page screenshot


Man! Its cool! Its much more readable!
Please, add price chart there!

Thanks :) I'm planning on adding the price chart later today.

Added to Traders section of Awesome Steem

I thank for useful and convenient applications for community steem. I hope on further developments of your project!
Благодарю за полезное и удобное приложения для сообщества steem. Надеюсь на дальнейшее развития Вашего проекта!

Thanks @svk that is so much easier to read. Plus it looks a lot more like a bloomberg terminal which gives it a real sense of legitimacy.

Great work!

Well done.

For the order history, could you add a label specifying if it's a buy or a sell?

See my reply to tombstone: I'll add it as soon as it's possible.

This is great. And I see that the price chart has been added now, too. Awesome! The main thing I would do at this point is color code the trade history -- green for trades at the ask and red for trades at the bid. That would be appreciated!

I would if I could, but right now the steemd api does not provide enough information for me to be able to do so. I'll add it once they fix the api.

Looks like you managed to make it happen. That's great! Another excellent enhancement would be a dropdown for the user to choose how many rows to display. Right now it's only 10, but it would be great to allow the user to choose 25, 50 and 100 (as Bittrex does). Thanks for the great work!

Thanks for that, it is quite useful!

Good work, clean and tidy. 1st thing i missed on original market page was order history. Just a suggestion can you add if its buy or sell?

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