Only 4% Of The Active Stakeholders Do Really Care About STEEM? *

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Accessibility drives traffic and growth in technology. That's a proven trend in technology. - Sean Plott

Imagine you had created a new token but nobody would be able to access it. Wouldn't that be quite frustrating?

Access to cryptocurrencies is provided via exchanges, and STEEM is currently listed on 14 of them. Currently!

The good news is that you (all of us) can help Steem to win a free listing on another exchange called Netcoins now.

The benefits of such a listing (promised by Netcoins):

  • Getting STEEM sold in 171,000 retail locations in over 53 countries across 6 continents
  • Press releases and media exposure on financial sites and crypto sites (Nasdaq, Globenewswire, Coinmarketcap, Coincodex etc…)
  • Global OTC (Over-The-Counter) desk availability

And we're not even talking about the viral effect of STEEM winning the listing and the news being spread all over the internet!

So far (10-17-18 2pm UTC+1) 3,148 people have voted for STEEM, which equals ~6.3% of the total amount of daily active users (~50K).

Considering that a couple of the voters are already on their second or even third voting round (which is what I got from corresponding conversations on discord), we may consider that ~2K unique users (= 4%) have voted to date.

I don't know what about you, but that looks terribly poor to me.

C'mon seriously? Only 4% of the active stakeholders consider a free exchange listing for STEEM being worth investing 1 minute of their time?!



About 18 months ago I already blog posted about a personal experience with The Crypto Market And Its Barries To Entry.

My mission was to power up (buy) some STEEM, and you wouldn't imagine how complicated it actually turned out to be.

18 months in crypto are a lot, and today the whole process only takes me an hour or two, depending on the transaction times of BTC.

As mentioned before, access is key!

The lower the barriers to entry, the more market actors. Hence, the sooner we get STEEM listed on the relevant exchanges, the merrier.

It's not just about the immediate sale, it's also about awareness.

Exchanges have a considerable influence in the crypto market and provide their listings with a high amount of visibility.

Once more, attention is the true currency here!

I doubt that the majority of users seriously wants to Make Steem 08 Cents Again... Nicely put, @whatsup! 😉

I wonder how many of those who're complaining about Steem's current market situation have already voted for it? Did you?


You get even paid for it. Ha, now I got your attention!

If it's not for the sake of STEEM, then at least it's gonna be good for your own wallet.


You may have already been stumbling upon a hundred posts with the tag #exchange-blast, since it's actually talk of town since four days.

So what is the exchange blast about?

The community project @oracle-d has been lauching a contest around the Netcoins listing, which means that they even reward you for helping STEEM to win the free listing!

If you wanna apply for their whale vote, go check the official announcement post.

As mentioned before, it'll only take you 1 minute to participate.

Let's go, time is running out!

  1. Go to
  2. Fill in the form on the right, unless you already did.
  3. Scroll down to the list and vote for STEEM
  4. Open the email from Netcoins in your mailbox and click on the link provided.

Congrats! If you've arrived here, you show that you really care about STEEM.

Now share this post with your friends and let's get STEEM to the top!!!

The voting will close in about 89 hours from now.

Much love,
Marly -

PS: Getting back to the ' * ' in the title: Please excuse the clickbait, but apparently it works 🙂

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Thanks for being part of the journey!


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resteemed to my 4600 Followers. Thank you for promoting this. I am promoting it as well.

Yay, thanks for the love! Let's bring this coin to the top where it belongs!!! :-)

We are 50.000 active accounts. It should be an easy win, but it isn't.

I don't think you need to fill those forms to participate(optional though). To make things easier and faster, once you access the website( where the voting is beign held at), just scroll down until you get to the list of the tokens to vote for. From there, input your e-mail address, confirm the "i am not a robot" blablabla thereaftter you confirm your vote in your e-mail.

That's even better and easier then, thanks a lot for the adding! :-)

You are welcome :)

I voted 4 times with 4 real active emails.

Not sure what tools they have to follow this, but please notice this:

"Please be reminded that each user can only vote once per project PER DAY. Any vote that does not comply with this rule will be removed from the count. Netcoins is in the process of removing invalid votes, so please note that the number of votes you see for each project below may not reflect the real number or final count."

I'm always a bit paranoid about technology and I have voted only with one email address, as in the worst case scenario they'll somehow find out and remove some of the votes, which would make Steem to lose. The worst part in this would be if someone would not vote because they think Steem is past safe level.

Also from different IP addresses?

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Thank you for saying exactly what I was thinking!!!! Nice.

Hehe, glad you enjoyed it @whatsup :-)
We're very close to the position #1 on the listing now!!

I seriously never heard about this listing!
Wow, I see no reason why this community should miss this opportunity, especially when it will positively affect the market value!

Well I'm happiest you learned about it today! There is still plenty of time to get Steem to the top, we're already ranking 2nd and only missing ~1.000 votes.

Those facts are shocking because large amount of users are not serious enough.
Did my part of voting long ago. Resteeming yours on mine and @appreciator's blog, to let it gain little more visibility

Oh wow, thanks a lot for providing the shout-out with so much visibility!!!
We just climed up to 2nd and there are only 1K votes missing. I'm pretty optimistic that we'll make it :-)

They say there's a first time for everything :-)

Yup, hope it leads to other good things :)

Voted bro 3 times.

Thank you for doing this! The title was excellent!

Hehe, thank you! I am not sure if I have ever used a more cheeky one...? :-)
Let's bring STEEM to #1!!

We love you Marly! Thanks for being in that 4%. Don't forget, many people have voted 3 or 4 times even!
So the count is less than 4% in reality. But we are just getting started! Hope to see much more participation. Make us burn out our VP more and more. ;-)

Burn that VP, we gonna burn our mana to get the word spread :-))

Just editing the thumbnail to upload my video on Dtube, YouTube, bittube and spread the word all around

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I've voted twice so far, My main motivation is for us to beat Pac coin and Verge, STEEM is by far a better project than those 2 coins. One is just a pump and dump with the most ambitous whitepaper ever and the other just over promices and gets hacked all the time lol! Come on Steemians keep voting, we need this win

Never underestimate the value of a second email address - I did the same :-)

What if you have more than two e-mails ;)?

LOL! use it Work email, personal email, gmail, yahoo mail they all count

Enis! That's a hard question... :-)) Get those snowballs rollin'...!

I voted 2 times already.

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Same here! :-)

Move away Pac and Verge, Steem is coming for the first place!

Let's go!


Vote confirmed!

Yay! Remember that you can get rewarded for doing so (following the instructions in the post from @oracle-d)...:-)

Did this for three days in a row. My 4th vote is due in another 24 hrs. We are leading by 4 votes now. Let's keep those votes rolling in!!

This is truly a great initiative! I think some of the lack of activity is due to some being concerned about putting their emails on a website due to account security... A fair concern but many ways that could be mitigated...

Well how many people signed up to Steem with their email address..?

An email address alone is worth nothing and you can also ask them to delete it from their data base later on.

That shouldn't keep us away from supporting STEEM in this manner.

voted and waiting to do it again. wish i'd known sooner about this and yes, the numbers are put in perspective considering there are many repeat voters.

esteem is also supporting users who vote and post proof through the app.

large active communities should be consistently promoting it in their discord, like dtube, utopian, etc. thanks to @oracle-d for leading the way, hope we get to the top.

thank you
I voted
all voted

Brilliant! Steem is already 2nd now btw :-)

Done ✔️

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Done ✔️

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Ohhh yeah call them bitches off 😉 bam

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Haha, kindly directing your attention to the PS at the end of the post... :-D

I know. I saw it. But I guess the information and what you said in the first part of the blog it is not a lie at all. 😉

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The numbers are actually even worse... Just go theck the comment from oracle-d here.

I just saw it. Well I have just done a post about it and was going to record and upload a video later. But because we only have 3 days I am about to edit the thumbnail and upload it straight away. Gotta get the word out there.

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Again voted


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THANKS, Marly!

You rock, surfer girl! ;)

Now, just see if you can get Steemit to "raise the banner" for this! :D



Haha, I already texted the CEO and suggested it on Twitter :-))

Awesome, Marly!!!

ROCK ON, my sweet surfer friend! <3

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Done ✔️

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I already did my Part

Awesome! We're already in 2nd position on the list, so the impact is appreciable :-)

About to move into second.

We just did!! :-)

I know and pulling away. Now to close in on PAC. Rather have a target to chase than be chased.

Did you just quote Day[9] at the start of the post? When's Funday Monday?

Cool! Remember that you can vote one time every 24 hours :-)

We have voted twice now & we will keep voting over the next days! 🤗

Awesome, make sure that you only vote one time every 24 hours so that your votes are valid :-)

Thats what we have been doing 😎

Hi SurferMarly,
GREAT initiative - I have signed up and voted for STEEM

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 17.37.52.png

Upvoted and resteemed :D

UPDATE: princeemmanuel commented above and is quite correct: "you do not need to fill those forms to participate (optional though). To make things easier and faster, once you access the website, just scroll down until you get to the list of the tokens to vote for. From there, Find STEEM - input your e-mail address, confirm the "i am not a robot" blablabla thereaftter you confirm your vote in your e-mail."

I have now voted a few more times with some other active email addresses :D

Awesome! Yeah, the advice from @princeemmanuel was quite helpful indeed :-) Makes the voting process much easier and faster.

I have also voted with two different email addresses.

Oh my! Be possible to use steem for paying bills directly sounds me perfect!! I was not aware of this voting, but it has already my vote. Thanks for sharing...I will obviously resteem this post!

I voted today:)

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it's just so damn stupid that mainstream media is making bad pub just like governments do and financial institutions, instead of embracing a new technologie that can easily our life in every possible way thinkable . just like steam has a lot of potential but it's not used properly by many people , this is a sad thing

What About the 96% they here to milk the platform, perhaps.

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Well milking is actually smoother, when more milk comes out - isn't it? :-D

Done ✔️

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It's depressing isn't it.

Resteemed. Like so many others of these posts.

At least @Ned felt it was worth writing about. Perhaps he'll stump up the $30K if steem comes second?

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An hour?! I can buy steem within minutes. I might be paying more in fees, though. I buy ltc on coinbase and send it through @blocktrades. transaction done nearly instantly.

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Good for you :-) If your country of Residence is not equal to your nationality by birth, Coinbase doesn't approve your ID as I explained in the related article. This is why I have to go a longer way, e.g. buying BTC via, then transferring them to Bittrex and exchanging them for Steem. If the transaction times of BTC were faster, I could do this is 5 minutes, but ususally it takes at least 30 minutes to send them from localbitcoins to Bittrex. But well, in the meantime one can prepare the next blog post for instance in order to recover the fees you'll be losing on the way :-)

Ah. And you don't have any exchanges where you can buy LTC for fiat, huh?

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