Winner from last post & introduction of new way to choose winner

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Here is the winner of my second blog after starting the unique competition if you don’t know what type of competition I have started then go and read this blog

the change

The only thing I am changing in this competition is the way of choosing the winner in the blog until now I am choosing the comments which I like but in last blog I got more than four great comments but I choose two which was not applicable in blog after that because that is first that kind of competition so I choose two winners but from now there will be only one winner.
So now the main point comes, how I am gonna choose winner.
So I am using a random comment winner using website

Using this website I will verify the participant is legit or not if he follow all rules then I will declare the winner.

So the winner from last post is....


According to the website the winner is @amit1995 is an legit participant of the competition so I am sending the reward amount of 1 steem

If you have any more suggestions regarding this competition please share your thoughts in comments section.

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Thanks you brother. Pleased to know that I am winner. New way is great

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Congratulations brother

New way of choosing winner is great



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