Steepshot Web updates. SteemConnect. Claim rewards.

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Hello, Steem community!


Every day Steepshot team works hard to make the using of the app smoothly and pleasant. Below you can find our new cool features that you can start using right now.


  • Steemconnect
  • Claim rewards

What is SteemConnect

First of all, it is important to say some words about what in general
SteemConnect is.

SteemConnect is a simple identity layer built on top of the Steem blockchain that allows you to connect to authorized apps in a secure and convenient way.

Securely manage your wallet, check your activity, and connect to services without giving up your password

When using Steem blockchain you have several options. You can use your posting key, active key or owner key and they give less or more permissions.
More often people log in exactly with the posting key. With this key, you can only upvote, comment and post content. And you can not transfer any funds.
This is the most secure way to login in because when this key gets compromised in any way the other people will not be able to transfer any of your funds.

SteemConnect and Steepshot

If you still do not login to SteemConnect you can do it by clicking here
Here you need to login with your Steemit username and posting key.
Since that moment when you will visit Steepshot login page, you will be able only by clicking the button “Login with Steem Connect” start to use our app.



Claim rewards

All Steepshot users who are using the Web version know that recently we have added the Wallet. Here is the link to the last Web Updates. So now when you visit it you will be able to use the button “Claim Rewards” to collect payouts.


If you believe Steepshot can help the Steemit community, please vote @steepshot.wtns as Witness


Social Media

If you have any ideas, questions or suggestions, please, find us on social media. Choose your favorite way to connect and tune in to Steepshot life.









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Ребята, вы ахренительны!

лучший комментарий!)

Guys, you are doing really well.
My witness vote for you:

Steemconnect, finally!


Steemconnect is very easy to all steemit user . so, very good update all Steepshot user

This is great guys. And i love to hear that you guys are going for witness. :) hope you guys will get a good position and that way you will be able to hel more the community.

You are doing a great work @steepshot .. We are really impressed..

I’m happy to hear development news

Keep up the good work:)

Keep up the good work!

Great news to allow access through steemconnect.
Thank you all

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First of all, I want to thank the Steepshot team for creating such a great app. I’ve just started using it recently and it feels like you guys created the app I was looking for for a while!

I also had a few questions I hoped you could answer:

  • Why do some tags show me “no results found” when I look for them on the search bar, but are accessible if I click on the hyperlink of the tag in one of my post? Is it because the tag is not popular enough? (In my case, it does it with #colourfulphotography and #analog)

  • Will there be a way for us to choose our default payout option (50/50 SBD/SP vs 100% SP) when posting on the mobile app? For now, it seems like it defaults splitting SBD/SP !

Thank you again guys for this wonderful app.

Thank you very much for such a nice feedback!
It is very pleasant for all Steepshot team to hear so kind words!

  1. Yeah, you are right, it happens because these tags are not so popular.
  2. Steepshot is very connected to Steemit platform, so all payouts depend on it's settings.

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