Steepshot new desktop version: new login, bug fixes, and push notifications!

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Hello, Steemians!

Welcome to our new post about updates. Today we would like to perform you our new desktop version with new login, bug fixes and push notifications.

Here you can see how the start page looks now:



Bug fixes and new features.

  • Push-notifications. You can turn them on in your settings. Just click on "Subscribe" and go on.


  • Several improvements in the settings screen.

  • Drag'n'Drop. Now you are able to choose the photo and “grab” it directly to Steepshot webpage.

  • Correct displaying the error messages.

  • You can get notifications from any user you like by clicking the bell right to the profile picture and be up-to-date to his or her new posts.



It is never too late to join our platform and start earning. If you haven't been the user of our app yet, you can download it below and sign in with your Steem account.

4 copy 2.png

4 copy 2.png


Social Media

If you have any ideas, questions or suggestions, please, find us on social media. Choose your favorite way to connect and tune in to Steepshot life.







4 copy 2.png


What percentage does steepshot take?

I was encountering "Gateway Error" when posting with Android. Reinstalled the app but I get an "Unexpected Error" when trying to log to my SteemIt account. Any clue? Thanks.

Have the same problem

Thanks for your feedback.

Another one in here. I've been getting the Unknown Error. Try again. Been like this since Saturday. I just checked if there's an available update, but none. Hoping @steepshot could help us out on why? 🙂

Same problem here...I can't log in on Android, but can log in on desktop. Any suggestions, @steepshot?

Edit: After joining the Steepshot discord server, it seems that this has been an issue for several days. Anyone have any feedback on if this will be fixed soon? I'm not seeing any answers in the discord server.

Hey, friends! We are working hard to sort out this issue. The thing is that we started the transition to the new API from Steemit. However, it is unstable and constantly changing. So now we are rolling back to the old version. This is exactly the case when the error does not come from our side.
We will publish an announcement on the progress of these changes. Stay tuned!

Wonderful! Thank you so very much for your communication! Look forward to seeing it up and running again. :)

Just dropping in to say thank you @steepshot. 🙂

Да, спасибо за устранение проблемы .

Try uninstalling the app and reinstalling... I know a pain in the .... I haven't had to do this, but on instagram this week that worked for me. Just an idea.

I've had a couple of times in the last week/

My app is saying that I cannot post due to a ‘plagiarism error’ in my posting titles. I’m really disappointed in the app performance.. there’s such a need for a blockchain based media outlet with a user friendly interface. Steepshot could be exactly that with a little work!

Awesome! You guys are really hard worker who loves to make the product bug free and up-to-date. Love to use desktop version as well

i have downloaded the app.
I have posted with it.
Kindly support my growth

Awesome i really like your app and using it on daily basis!

This new look to steepshot is tempting to use.
Ama give steepshot a ride with my post with this new features I'm seeing here.
Well done development team.

You're always the best, I really enjoy the app, thank you

Great news for me @steepshot and I wait for this .I think it is very helpful for me

App is only working partially or not at all.. it's quite a pain in the b... using it at the moment.. sorry guys, but that just had to be said... :(

its a great news..we use steepshot more easily.
its an amazing version..
thank you @steepshot
go ahead..
love you @steepshot

Hi there,

  1. I love steepshot, but please fix the way it shows error messages in Android, is really annoying having to click "ok" 38483 times when the app give you ten times the same error, in my case "503 Gateway". I would show the error message without the need to press "ok" to comtinue navigating throught the app.

  2. And why there isn't a notification page inside the app like in Instagram?

Thanks & Great work! Will try the new desktop site asap!

Post awaited for loyal users "steepshot" application. An exciting and powerful desktop version display, and features with new logins, bug fixes, and push notifications.
Very impressive, with extra features that are so very satisfying.
I myself @ghazalifahmi helped support the work of @steepshot team is extraordinary, which always informs a very good post and very useful for "steepshot" application users.

Success always to @steepshot

@steepshot is the best

gracias por la imformacion tan importante y tus fotos,espero contar con su ayuda y apoyo ,soy venezolano y busco aqui un poco para una vida digna cuento con su apoyo, saludos desde aca.

¡Gracias de nuevo! Somos de Aceh, y también saludamos con la aplicación "steepshot", y esta aplicación también me facilita publicar las fotos.

@edgargonzalez !!

already signed byteball !! if not register try join here. steemit bonus revenue.

  • For the steps please plead to me
  • My Contact Whatsapp : 0852 6230 8546

Regards @ghazalifahmi

Enjoying Steepshot at the moment!

Although, not sure how to approach it.

Is it better to post general day to day stuff or to focus on something in particular?

Luppers :)

Hello, it's up to you, the most important thing that you post only your own photos.

@steepshot thanks for updating this version that we always waiting for success always for steepshot hopefully kedepanya will be useful and better for us all

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Great! Evolution 👍🏽

Beautiful illustration on how to use steepshot.i will try it out.

Wow! Renewal that is aligned with needs. Certainly very fun. Steepshoot...IMG_20180514_022312.JPG

Great news, way to go!

it is always great.

thanks a lot


Why is this problem showing in the
steepshot app on my mobile? Please tell
someone else to get rid of this problem. @steepshot

Hello! I suggest you to check the permissions of you device to Steepshot. it might happen because you can not set the rights of your device to Steepshot (rights, camera, storage).

thanks for your helpful information @steepshot

Your webpage doesn't load at all. I just see a blank white screen

Has never worked for me.

You should have a webpage that works properly before you have an app.

Walk before you run.

new imformation for me,thank you for shering.

Hi friends, i have a problem with your application will not let me in

I really hope we get to edit the photo on the mobile version beore we can post. :) More Power!

Excelente información, gracias por compartirla, @steepshot.

Привет! Я хочу скачать приложение на айфон. Я напшла в апсторе Стипшот, но там указано, что это сделал Павел Мартынов! Это действительно это приложение?

Да, это действительно это приложение.

Спасибо)) Уже скачала и осваиваюсь

i face this type of problem..
i try my best to post by steepshot...
i try & try again but failed..
how can i solve this problem? @steepshotScreenshot_20180605-133528.jpg

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Hello @Steepshot I love using steepshot to post up my photos in South Korea. The only problem I mainly have is the loading speed of the photos.
Do you guys have any plan to use the photo storage server that are faster load up? For instance, Intagram has almost no ping when loading bunch of pictures.
Can you guys also improve on this? It's too slow to have more fun with it.

the better and more recent looks @steepshot


Where is the update for iOS?

I love @Steepshot! The only issue is I can't seem to load it on Chrome! Is it just me or is anyone else experiancing this?

that's awesome analysis. I would like to use steep shot and your new version good work!

I just downloaded the app in my android phone and i cang upload pictures it always crashes and freezes. Can i download in steemit and tag it in steepshot?.

What does this mean? The Steepshot, and

And why is the site FAQ not clickable?

@Steepshot has had endless problems in the past few months, it crashes it loses posts errors popping up constantly, it is so frustrating and annoying especially when you completely setup a post and it disappears or it would post to steemit and not on its own platform.

I hope it gets sorted out soon :-(

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Hi @steepshot
when i try to browse the web the site is completely buttons, login screen, nothing...
I'm using latest Firefox, I hope you guys can fix it soon TY!

bonjour, j'ai un message d'erreur à chaque fois que j'essaye de publier, les 2 seules photoq que j'ai réussi à publier se sont mises en même temps. N'avez vous pas la possibilité comme sur d'autres applis de les mettre en mode brouillon, et de les publier quand on le souhaite? Merci à vous et bonne journée. Désolé je parle très mal Anglais, j'espère que vous me comprendrez

Hi,some hastags are written with mistakes if you click on wrong tag and upload photo you can not change it after .Can we remove all wrong hastags from application?

Where can I download the desktop version? I dont see it on the github page.

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