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RE: Steepshot new desktop version: new login, bug fixes, and push notifications!

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I was encountering "Gateway Error" when posting with Android. Reinstalled the app but I get an "Unexpected Error" when trying to log to my SteemIt account. Any clue? Thanks.


Have the same problem

Thanks for your feedback.

Another one in here. I've been getting the Unknown Error. Try again. Been like this since Saturday. I just checked if there's an available update, but none. Hoping @steepshot could help us out on why? 🙂

Same problem here...I can't log in on Android, but can log in on desktop. Any suggestions, @steepshot?

Edit: After joining the Steepshot discord server, it seems that this has been an issue for several days. Anyone have any feedback on if this will be fixed soon? I'm not seeing any answers in the discord server.

Hey, friends! We are working hard to sort out this issue. The thing is that we started the transition to the new API from Steemit. However, it is unstable and constantly changing. So now we are rolling back to the old version. This is exactly the case when the error does not come from our side.
We will publish an announcement on the progress of these changes. Stay tuned!

Wonderful! Thank you so very much for your communication! Look forward to seeing it up and running again. :)

Just dropping in to say thank you @steepshot. 🙂

Да, спасибо за устранение проблемы .

Try uninstalling the app and reinstalling... I know a pain in the .... I haven't had to do this, but on instagram this week that worked for me. Just an idea.

I've had a couple of times in the last week/

My app is saying that I cannot post due to a ‘plagiarism error’ in my posting titles. I’m really disappointed in the app performance.. there’s such a need for a blockchain based media outlet with a user friendly interface. Steepshot could be exactly that with a little work!

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