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This year we started working on a new functionality, and in the near future we will present you the updates.

In parallel, the work was started in many directions: faster browsing, videos, image galleries, push notifications. (See the full list in the bottom of the post.)

We hope you'll love new features in this update too. And yes, stability is the king. The number of crashes in Steepshot app on Android decreased by 80-90%!


We present an updated logo. It looks smoother and friendlier.

You can always find the latest updates to our promotional materials for using in your posts in our Discord channel.

Promo banners


Ok, let's talk about what was done in January with regards to the Android app:

Steepshot Android app

New Tab Bar

New tab bar.JPG

Power of Like around the Avatar

If you go to the Google Play Store, you will see on the second slide, the words "Power of Like".


It works like mana in online games. Each time you press the heart button, you spend a part of your voting power. It is constantly rebelling (recharging). The value of each of your likes depends on the Power of Like and your amount of Steem Power combined.

Do not regret giving your Like Power to someone, but think who is more worthy of it!

Power of like on the profile page:


Click on the avatar to display the current amount of power in % of the max value:


List of Likes

The "List of Likes" screen displays the amount of money next to each user showing to you who your supporters are.


Timer on the button "Publish photo"

There's a blockchain level restriction of 5 minutes between posts. We've visualized that restriction in Steepshot UI. Now you will always know how much time remains until the moment when you can publish the next photo.


Delete, edit post options

Yes. It works. Now you can delete or correct text to your photo directly from the application.


More fixes

  • Fixed a bug when duplicate posts are displayed in feed
  • Updated Boot Loader
  • The Profile page is updated when you come back from the Followers page
  • Zero likes, zero balance on the Comments screen are no longer displayed
  • Fixed a bug when some users' avatars are not displayed
  • Fixed a bug when posts are viewed as low rated but they aren't low rated
  • Fixed app crash when user tries to publish his/her first post

Steepshot for the Web

Much faster!

It took us some time, but now we have finally improved the framework in the right way. The download speed has significantly increased. In the near future we will also make a number of improvements to ensure even faster loading of pages and maximum comfort of use.

Improved UI for mobile devices

Now it's even more convenient to use the web version on mobile devices.


Likes work correctly and the amount is updated quickly



Now the number of comments can be seen directly below the photo on the page you are viewing.


List of likes


Now shared links are displayed as a separate page

Now that you have shared the link, it will open in a special form.



For fans of the GIF-format images, it will be a pleasant surprise to know, then we also support it!



Now in the pop-up window you can see the previous and the next photo of the current page.


Action box

We took the 1st step to add future options for actions with photos. Soon there will be features to share photos in social networks, delete, edit. These features are already fully working in the mobile version!


HTML in comments

Viewing the comments has become more convenient with markup recognized as it is displayed on Steemit.


More fixes on the Web

  • Fixed a bug when user can`t upload a photo on Safari
  • Fixed a bug when user can`t close a popup window
  • Fixed some issues with redirect
  • Now when you click Browse or Feed the page is reloaded
  • Fixed a bug when dupicates are displayed in feed
  • CSS refactored, improved loading performance

New footer for posts on Steemit

Steepshot_footer2.PNG Steepshot | IPFS | Google Play

We received feedback that the footer is large enough. Аfter this update it seems to us that everyone should be satisfied.

New footer:

  • Now you can view the post on Steepshot by clicking a photo
  • Now you can copy IPFS direct link


We plan to relaunch community management there. Any volunteers are welcomed.

Coming soon / In development


95% done for the first launch of updated app.
Let`s cross fingers and wait while Apple approves.

Upcoming features

  • Faster browsing
  • Post sharing
  • Wallet
  • Image galleries
  • Videos
  • Like power management
  • Push notifications
    and more...

More info








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You've build a nice app! Keep going!

When will stable release be out?

amazing update !! thanks for following me and this nice opportunity !

This app no doubt has tremendously helped alot of persons particularly myself @steepshot I appreciate this, try and come up with the video uploads.
Thanks alot

I can confirm that the app on Android phones is stable. I have rarely crashes.
I like the new features especially the "List of Likes". Well done, Steepshot team.

Updates keep getting better toward perfection. Good work, thanks @ steepshot

Like button ❤️ should be customizable. Currently it is burning 100% of power.

Would be nice to have it in settings as an option - 100% or let say a step of 5%. One click - 5%, two - 10% and so on. Or whatever you think of.

Hello. This feuture is currently under development.

That's fine with me.

However, it is wise to reconsider the priorities of what are your audience. If you target only minnows with $0.02 power it is one thing, but in case of those whose power is $1+ it is very important to have this feature.

really a brilliant app and its more good to hear its more updates
the upcoming features and updates are more good and hope after this @steepshot will be more attractive

Hi, I think the android app works better after the update and the interface has improved too. I like the feature that you can see your 'power of like'.

now, it works quite well on my mobile phone and i am particularly happy about that. at least i can get to steep and snap and upload anywhere and everywhere i go.

Bravo guys.

together we can

An amazing update where it's long overdue, so hope this app. love slider and better UI for mobile device. hope the future of udpdate is more cool again

Amazing updates that where long over due, so love this app. do love the slider and better UI for mobile devices.

The updates keep getting better and better towards perfection. Good job

Great to see so many updates at once! I really like the idea of "power of like". Explaining it like it's mana is way easier to understand for new people that have no idea how voting power works.

I'm amazed by the updates, the video feature in particular will be very interesting and I want to say thank you for your support!

I love this app, congrats guys! ❤️👏👏

Hey everyone be sure to check them out on Twitter and Facebook under @Steepshot and join their Facebook group too. They'll like your Steepshot posts you share using #Steepshot :)

I'm really looking forward to these changes.
Especially the one where you can edit your already uploaded posts....

I made a post earlier and sadly I couldn't edit it anymore....

Looking forward to a bright future with this new additions....
Well done @steepshot

Well done. The interface is great...and getting better.

Do you recommend it? I own an Iphone... What is it suppose to do? Thanks in advance, my friend!

I like it, but have only used it for a few posts from my phone so far-

It is a lot like Instagram, so good for those types of shares (photos with minimal text). Steepshot does take a small percentage of the rewards for the post, so that is something to consider. The post is visible in Steemit and on the Steepshot app though, so you get a bit more exposure. They also allow you to use more than 5 hashtags, which is nice. I am using it on Android, so I don't know about the Iphone version. I would imagine that the interface is similar though, and I do think it is visually pleasing and easy to use.

Thanks for the explanation, my friend! I will try to get it on my Iphone and post through it sometimes. Seems a nice alternative to IG. :))

Hi @steepshot thanks for the nice update i used the app on android from the first beta version and everytime is better! Sorry i saw only now that the discord chat isn't available now and you are looking forward for community manager, i would like to apply for it, how can i do it?
Best regards, and see you soon on steepshot! 📸

same here i am also interested to create an to join any contest that needs your app. ☺☺☺

Hello. Yes, we are looking for CMs and any volunteers. Plz, contact me via private message in Telegram or Discord.

awesome! can't wait for iOS :)

Yeah, me too. Funny, I saw the iPhone X mock-ups above and hoped the app has finally arrived for iOS.

hi good morning!! when do you think it will be available for iOS?

@steepshot Hi, i can help for dicord channel, i'm mod on turkey discord channel.

Jippie finally you did it and we can edit our posts! :) I love the new app features.

I just tried the web version and I like it, it's much better looking thing than steemit. Are there any plans to make it possible to upload more than 1 image or does that go against the idea of the thing? I'd probably use it for posting all my stuff if I could.

Thanks guys.

i love the updates, and this would encourage a lot of people to be drawn to the platform. and since the mobile bugs has been fixed, more mobile users would be attracted.

i love this.

images (1).jpg

me encanto la aplicación

Thanks for this! I'm really looking forward to the iOS app :-)

very just right 🤙🏻

Wow this is a big improvement, hopefully our loyal visitors are always satisfied with the service from steepshot

Why is there no app for IOS in Austria?

I am doing an ios app and want to login with steem account information. However, I encountered some problems. Can you take some time to help me solve it?
About Login this part, the user fill in the user name and key, how can I verify?
Looking forward to your reply, I have been waiting.

I love application @steepshot because simple dan perfect perfomance

nice app......i love it.

Not bad but I don't have upvote why?

Sounds really great

really great that...It used to be very slow from my cel

hi @steepshot...i was new here i was wondering how to register a steepshot account? i am just interested to create one...

This is really a nice app. Its only a matter of time i will have to uninstall instagram

can i use steepshot on my laptop - it is windows 7 with google chrome ? Or should i buy a android phone , i have a iphone 5 can i use it on that ? thanks for your help in getting me started

Wow! Thank you for the update, nice job! :)

very good article friends, thanks for sharing

@steepshot, I want to join to the discord, will link has expired. New link please.

nice job, im don't know steepshot have android app. im go download it now and show to all my friends :D

a very good post

I just downloaded the app and loved it. Want it on iPhone too for my wife to use it.

Saya tidak bisa login dengan handphone saya padagal paswordnya sudah benar????
Mohon solusi

Solusi nya bisa dilihat di blog saya, cara login ke steepshot butuh tahapan

This application no uncertainty has enormously helped alot of people especially myself @steepshot I welcome this, attempt and think of the video transfers.

Much appreciated alot You've construct a pleasant application! Continue onward! At the point when will stable discharge be out?

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