Steepshot healthy updates. Promo video.

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Hello, Steemians!

We want to take a moment to thank everyone who has been using our platform. We work very hard to make you enjoy Steepshot and do not face any problems with it. Since our last updates, we got a lot of feedback. Thank you very much for your activity. It is you who help us to grow and become stronger! We are greatly honored to be building Steepshot with you.

Recently some users confronted with the issues. But we did our best to fix them as quickly as possible. And below you can find the information about improvements.


Hot fixes and improvement (Android/iOS/Web)


  • The gallery button now is always visible and accessible.
  • No more white spaces in the gallery while choosing the appropriate photo for posting.
  • Push notifications settings are fixed.
  • The opportunity to use “Share to Steepshot” on your mobile phone is available. Fixed old issues and add new features (e.g. sharing a link on WhatsApp, Viber)


  • Previewing posts show photos the same way as they will appear in feeds.




  • The possibility of deleting and editing posts.
  • The grid in the gallery view is added.
  • Settings for push notifications.
  • All push notifications are fixed. Now they lead to different parts of the application.


P.S. Please note that the update is still waiting for review on App Store.



  • The limit of characters when adding tags in “Create post” is changed from 20 to 40.
  • The number of likes for a comment and the amount of earned money in the screen is shown with the comments.
  • Now you are able to click both buttons to give an upvote when the voting bar appeared.
  • The ability to log in by entering both '@username' or 'username' in username field is added.
  • Problems with displaying comments are fixed.
  • Segments when you adjusting the strength of like is added (when you click on the bar jump to a certain mark (0, 25, 50 or 100).


Previous updates:

If you have missed our last post about great updates, you can read it here New Steepshot updates: image gallery, push-notifications, voting slider bar, etc.


What’s coming next?

A lot of users react very positively to our new feature Image Gallery. In view of that fact we decided to run a contest next week. Stay tuned and we will keep you up-to-date!


It is never too late to join our platform and start to earn. If you haven't been the user of our app yet, you can download it below and sign in with your Steem account.

4 copy 2.png

4 copy 2.png

Promo video

We are really glad to present for you our promo video. Watch, enjoy and share with your friends!

More info:

Social Media

If you have any ideas, questions or suggestions, please, find us on social media. Choose your favorite way to connect and tune in to Steepshot life.







4 copy 2.png


It's a really great app and I use it. I love it very much. Thanks to us for bringing such an app.

Awesome promotion video for steepshot , i will promote it right now in my youtube channel , great job

Thx again for this wonderful app. very good to see the continuous improvements..these kinds of apps can let steem grow.. now they must shorten the onboarding proces and we all have a great future..

The video is really nice and professionally made. The video creates curiosity in the minds of the viewer, how the hell money is falling from the phone. It will definitely benefit steepshot.
Now, it feels like I am looking at a million dollar product of a million dollar company. Lol!
Keep it up, guys!

Nice Video :)

These developments are very nice. Thank you for updates like this.

While I haven't personally used it that much for my own account, you have excelled far beyond the Dtube and Dsound which despite major funding support can't really get their platform to work (hard to use markdown, doesn't upload, doesn't support podcasts/radio shows or something just wrong that makes it hard or impossible to use).

You're marketing really shows too. Slick app for all platforms. If anyone can make Steemit more adoptable to new users it is you and Dlive only.

I am an old user of this app since the beginning of its use and I can say that it is one of the best in our Steem Blockchain. Congratulations to the whole team!

Sexy video Team @steepshot. I want a notification sound just like that everytime someone likes a photo on my profile. :-D Haha!

And some great value updates. Loved all of them.

Awesome job guys. And love the video it is fun and funny

Promo-video is amazing. In my 2 cent opinion it's more appealing and attract masses if we have this video in more platform like Dtube, dailymotion etc. nice features added on android especially sharing a link on whatsapp and viber. Thanks for quick action. All the best for the growth of amazing app steepshot @steepshot

We are glad you like the video! And by the way thank you for your suggestion, it is really a good and useful feature.

Just downloaded it and loving it already!

Thank you @steepshot you're always the best!! Cheers

Brilliant app and absolutely great interface and easy to use. Great job.

Right on! I have been very impressed with steepshot so far and I have noticed with the recent update the iOS app is also more stable!

I have suggestions, mainly around image editing with inapp filters and captions it would eliminate the need to edit outside of the app this reenforcing use of just steepshot

Can’t wait to see the day steepshot is known as a household name! 🙏

to the steepshot team, thank you for creating steepshot. Appreciate all you are doing.

thank you for using our app!

Hey there cool promo! Love it :)

Got another problem, maybe you haven't heard of. If you put in a tag for example travel (first) and travelblog (second), it will only put in blog as second tag without the travel infront of it...

Happy you love it!)
Thank you very much for your feedback. We will check this issue.

Being able to post multiple images on same post is a big update. Did you guys see my comment on your new YouTube video?

hello! yes, we saw it, thank you for it!

Woohoo! Im downloading it now, what a thrill♥

Awesome promotional video for steepshot, I will promote it right now on my youtube channel, great job

Thanks for this update

Awesome Video, I use this App sometimes, this is really fantastic. Great features!!

I'm very pleased to know about the improvement specially for android as i'm a android user. Hope next time we get more awesome features. People have a lot of interest to use steepshot. My consultation, guys you don't waste your time on Instagram because steepshot is better than instagram

Thankyou so much for upgrading and updating steepshot, it's been a while since I experiencing hard time to post in the app. May we still keep on doing what's best in our community.

Thankyou so much once again!

Nice one @steepshot
Thanks for the update

The application is excellent and makes the difficult easy thanks and follow the improvements.

This how my steepshot works for me!

Thank you @steepshot


my husband @panoramicview is a fan of your app...

i new to steepshot , but i adore it . it’s enlarge your audience , reachable and easy to use . i’m not in a advanced level for now but i have faith in myself and in steepshot ..keep the good work , we love and we support you 😊


Welcome to Steepshot!)

Just taking the time to say thank you @steepshot for coming up with such wonderful app, also the updates and time you all put into it. Thanks as well for taking the time to read our comments and responding specially when we needed help. 🙂 I've already commented twice on some of your posts for help and I appreciate the response.

I really like the app, great idea and also great way to earn some money. Thank you for this... also great video

You guys are really trying, improving the app and responding to feedback from users

Steepshot really you are a boss. I'm very pleased to know about the improvement specially for android as i'm a android user. Hope next time we get more awesome features. People have a lot of interest to use steepshot. My consultation, guys you don't waste your time on Instagram because steepshot is better than instagram. Thanks all.🌹🌹🌹

I use this App sometimes, this is really fantastic !!

Awesome Promo Video!👍

Steepshot best photography! Very amazing!👌

Thanks Steepshot!👍👌

lucky that we found such type of app..
thanks for your update information.

If the iOS App was available before end of May I'd love you to the moon and back :-) I'm planning a vacational trip and would very much enjoy to use the app then...

Great storytelling in the video - well well done!
Loved and resteemed

@steepshot . First I like to thank you all the team working hard to bring best & unique features to steepshot.. I like to have a few suggestions it misses out certain features like filters like it's competitors apps like Instagram does. Can you please add an option to upload a video under 60 sec???..

Posted using Partiko Android

This feature is already in progress of development

@vitality waiting for it :)

I love the simplicity of using Steepshot. Great app👍😎

Thanks Steepshot!
Awesome Video, @steepshot you're the best!! . Great features!!

Haha love the video of your application,all the best i wish you a bright future team @steepshot 😇👍

Love Steepshot guys, it really helps me to continue engaging with the STEEM blockchain when I'm away or short on time. Keep it up!

Hello and thank you for the update and the great work!
I notices few glitches: sometimes when posting from Steepshot web, the photos does not appear at all in my profile, even after hours. It could be visible on Steemit instantly so it is in the blockchain, right?
The new web version, when I try to enter certain keywords, it changes them to other. For example, try portraitphotography or travelphotography. Steepshot changes them to portrait and travel, correspondingly. Is that intentional? I hope those issues will be fixed soon. :)

Hi. Thank you. At the moment we are working on fixing these bugs.

Your hard work and dedication are much appreciated! 🍹👍🍺

Salute to @steepshot have been using for the past few weeks and I love the platform... congrats on the additions and much grace to all of the future endeavors!

it seems like I should follow this post continuously. I want to follow the contest

Others use Instagram
I use steepshot❤🙂
Love you guys

Awesome promotion. I want to try these
app. Nice update. I will use it to maintain my good photographic style.

@steepshot you are the best! Keep up your good work. The latest fixes make steepshot more romantic simply put.
I love steepshot

For Android: how long ist character limits for post? It is just for few words and not enough to describe my photos, could you make it longer?

never mind, just updated and works as i want, excactly what i want, but hey... why don't you upvote my post on steepshot, dear steepshot team?😀😀

Awesome it's a great apps I daily use this apps thanks for new updating

Does this have auto-update enabled from the Play store? I need to have these bugs and fixes applied to the latest version ASAP!

It's only depends on your phone's settings. BTW you can update manually.

Steepshot is all about what i will love learn more,thank you

it's been a while since I experiencing hard time to post in the app. May we still keep on doing what's best in our community.

Wonderful updates from our great steepshot, i use this all the time for my posts.

Thanks guys.

I have already added a few photos but are not visible in my profile.Why?

Hi, please, send the URL of your Steemit post that is not still showing on Steepshot to this Telegram channel @steepshot_en

I can see my photos already in Steepshot. The quality of the photos in App is not good

What device do you use to upload the pics? Android, iOS or Web?

I use android

Great app.i am using it after seeing this post.

Nice application..@steepshot
Looking forward for better

For the win! 🍻


Nice promo video @steepshot what thrilled me about the bug fixes is the new shere to steepshot option, I so love the idea. Steepshot all the way.

Hi - very new to this, so apologies if this is not the correct place to post this - any idea why, since the update a new post from the iOS app is appearing in my "Steemit" blog but not in my stream on Steepshot? Many thanks.

check it now, please!)

Thanks @pasadomata - still not showing in my profile on the Steepshot app. Appreciate any help!

Please, send the URL of your Steemit post that is not still showing on Steepshot to this Telegram channel @steepshot_en

i hope it out performs instagram


Use steepshot for web. here:


Just downloaded the app I hope its worth it

Steepshot and DLive are easily the two best platforms we have available on the Steem blockchain. I believe that Steepshot is truly leading the charge to bring new users to Steem, and I am so excited to be a part of it all! Thank you so much for all your hard work and for all the constant updates with new features and bug fixes. You guys are seriously the best!!!

I must tell you...guys this app is amazing. I already have the steepshot app on my mobile device. See guys

I really love this app.....

thanks guys

i am a new member in steepshot app, this one progress for me, thanksIMG_20180515_162148.jpg

Hi @steepshot myself and a few other users couldn't upload via web. Has this been fixed? Thank you to the coders for all your hard work.

Hello! What was the problem? Could you please describe it.

After I clicked open on photo to upload I could not complete the process past this point. I had enough bandwidth and the internet was working. This happened two different days this month.

btw what device do you use? android or iOS?

This was for the web version. I was uploading with Windows and Firefox.

got it, we will check this issue, thx you for your report!

All clear. I can upload now. Thank you so much!

52.8.0 I can upload now so the problem may have been fixed

Hello again. Could you please tell the version of Firefox?

excellent work I hope to have your support follow me and I follow you!

You got a 20.24% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @steepshot!

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I sure will try it even more.

The updates does indeed looks great and user friendly as well.

Thanks to the surfgirl @surfermarly for sharing. I can now have a look at how this app feels like... i loved the promo video bcoz its hilarious and connects well...

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Congratulations for so good application.!!!
I really enjoy using Steepshot!!!
I would like to thank you for your quick response when I needed help.I would like to thank you that you created something to connect people from all the world in so pleasant way!!! Unbelivable good !!!

Here is my first post on Steepshot! I think and it's really easy to use!

Special thanks to @greek-trail & @otsouvalas


Can u plz tell my why i cant "copy & paste" my hashtags and why it is not more possible to use for example "nature" and "nautrephotography" or "photo" and "photofeed"?

Hello! The problem with "copy&paste" will be fixed soon, what concerns hashtags i can suggest you now to write first "photofeed" and then "photo", it must works this way. We will improve this feature in the next release. Thank you very much for your report!

I'm loving steepshot. some people that don't know about it see us posting pics and think its inefficient content but we have to teach them:)

Resteemed and recommended to all of my students. Execution was spot-on!

I have been posting images on steepshot ... they show up on steemit but not on my feed for steepshot . Any ideas why ?

Hey, please, send the URL of your Steemit post that is not still showing on Steepshot to this Telegram channel @steepshot_en

I don’t know how to send something to a telegram channel . Can I post them here ?

Dear user, I have found your links, we will fix this issue asap.

Nice update. I love Steepshot


I love steepshot is very cool take pictures with it

me i use steepshot of when i join on steemit i like it verry much is like instagram and is lovley and easy for use it

I luv it. Time to rule the world and kick Facebook from it's throne!

This is amazing!!!!!!!!!

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