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RE: Steepshot for the Web alpha 2 release. Search, Endless scroll and more features. Community guidelines.

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Have you got any plans in place to try to stop the rampant plagiarising of imagery as well as the use of stock photography to scam upvotes out of people that we see on Steemit every day?


Yes, we do. The main question is in the definition of plagiarism and in technical ways of tracking it.

For me, there is no reason that any author should be posting anything but their own material on steepshot. Maybe that's not the view of others however. Technically, I know it's very difficult to track this, especially as google have closed down their image search API which is the best way to manually find images that are on stock websites. Im sure you guys will work it out ;) Its one of the most exciting platforms out there.

Couldn't agree more, I want to connect with people posting their own original content on #steepshot

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