New Steepshot alpha version for Android app. Swipe in the comments, Transfer Button, Fast Browsing, and etc.

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Hello, Steem Community!


Today, we're unveiling something we've been working on for a while and inform you that our next release of Steepshot app is ready for download.

What’s new:

Swipe in the comments

Now you can assign the right swipe to either flag the other user’s comment or edit, delete or like it if it yours.




Transfer button

The opportunity to send another user SBD or STEEM through Steepshot.

  • You can do it from your profile.


  • Or right from the profile of another user by clicking on the button " Send Tokens ". Just put in the amount you want to transfer in STEEM or SBD.


  • Mind you can also add a comment to you transfer by clicking "+ message ".


  • It is going without saying that such a feature as the Transfer works better with a Wallet. That allows you to see all the transfers you have done. Soon you will be possible to be up-to-date with your history of transactions without leaving the Steepshot because now we are working hard to present your our Wallet. Stay tuned!

Increasing the speed of loading photos in the feed


The link to SteemCreate is added on a login page


Other updates:

  • Improvement in the displaying of money and Likes (the caching module was created).
  • Some UX and UI changes.

iOS TestFlight

Unfortunately not always the App Store approves our updates in time, and this day is not an exception. It means that now iOS Steepshot app with the latest features is still under review.
But we continue updating it and for those who are interested in TestFlight, please send your requests with the words "Please add me to iOS TestFlight " to our email [email protected]


If you haven't been the user of our app yet, you can download it below and sign in with your Steem account.

4 copy 2.png

4 copy 2.png

More info.

Social Media.

If you want to participate in Steepshot life, have any ideas, questions or suggestions, please, find us on social media.







4 copy 2.png


Thanks for the update, I used steepshot for the first time last month and it's a cool little app.

@steepshot the voting slider doesn't work please fix. Every single vote becomes 100% even though you have enabled it in the settings. The voting slider should be viewed visually so you don't risk spending 100% in upvote.

Nice update of app.
Really interesting alot of the functions are very important
I just made a post through the @steepshot app.
I love steepshot

Wow!! great work @steepshot that's why we love you... great team and beautiful people, cheers

Happy to read it! Thank you for your kind words.

Congrats on the Android Alpha version - Here's a review I put together for your iOS app. Let me know if there are any significant points I missed or if there are corrections I need to make. Thanks

I love it!
Great works guys!
This is the best version so far and i tried all from the first one 😄
I'm already exited for the next version 🙈

Thanks for being with us from the start!
Further - it is more!

Shared on twitter promoting #Steemit and #Steepshot. Stephen

#Promo-Steem #steemtalent #JoinSteemit

New Steepshot alpha version for Android app. Swipe in the comments, Transfer Button, Fast Browsing, and etc. @steepshot #steemtalent #JoinSteemit #Steemit @Steemit

#steem #photography #steemdev #steepshot #cryptocurrency


Wow! Great, thank you very much for sharing our post on Twitter!

No problem. It's my pleasure. I think it's time that more people are made aware of the great Apps that are now available for the #Steem #Blockchain. Stephen

Preemptive Pile.png

You've received A Preemptive Strike from real simulcaster @shawnsporter on The Steeming Pile!

I'll be sharing this post on tonight's broadcast at 9:30pm EST on @dlive.

Again, Great work & see you at The Pile!

Thanks for the update @steepshot! It comes at a great time :)

We built a selfie station that will feature Steepshot within our exhibition "The Crypto Renaissance" in Brooklyn. The opening is tonight! So we'll have some fun selfies rolling in.

Thanks again for creating such a great resource!

  • Sndbox Team

Awesome! We only need one function to create stories, direct messages and so on :) Congrats to all of Steepshot, one of my favorite apps on Steem!

A lot of good things will be released soon!
Thank you for your feedback.

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